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  1. Googled 'premier league average away attendances' and didn't get a clear result. Just wondered where you'd got it from. Thanks for your help
  2. Was looking for the prem ones and couldn't find them. Link?
  3. Liked that song when we had Fletcher. Follow, follow, follow We've got the greatest midfield dunt tha know Dele Bashiru Byers and Pato Bazza and Mass Luongo... (Now where's that coat )
  4. We're playing Crewe. And I'm REYT looking forwards to it. (Is that possible or am I having some kind of aguey bout?)
  5. I'm a miserable b astard so I definitely waint.
  6. Not at all. I make most people feel like that to be fair!
  7. Have you got on the sharp end yet? Been down Moat Buttress again this morning, (away by 9.45, barely saw a soul.) Working one of the sections of Against the Current... brilliant!
  8. Not for everyone... but it is for me.
  9. Well done mate. It's a strange mentality int it that drives you on to keep bashing away at something which is ultimately so unimportant yet at the same time so utterly absorbing. I've had a couple of hours off work this afternoon and thought nothing of a 45 minute drive and a (beautiful) 30 minute walk to get to a crag to spend an hour or so totally focused on a 30ft section of rock never more than 3ft off the floor. (You'd love it there by the way, incredible peace punctuated by the sound of wildfowl and other birdsong - brilliant place!)
  10. If we'd held on yesterday I reckon Plymouth could've kissed goodbye to their play off chances. As it is, I suspect it'll be between us and them.
  11. What a difference a goal makes! Before our second went in most around me were complaining about how poor we were. It was certainly a difficult watch but Wimbledon, fighting for their lives, set up really well and could easily have got more from the game. Bannan MoM for me. Instrumental in most of our good play. We'd struggle to create much without him. So pleased for Hunt - he's getting in some great positions. As others have said, please Darren, stop messing around with ML. Can see your thinking but he's not a striker. Use him out wide or not at all. Many more poor performances from him will ruin his confidence.
  12. Mine came the day after I'd ordered them. Hope yours turn up.
  13. A morning at Lorry Park. Grim location, brilliant rock. My son having just geared up Dark Energy. I got battered by The Squealer... shredded fingertips.
  14. My day... Moat Buttress, Water cum Jolly. Session on Coming up for Air. Should go this year
  15. Good effort lad. Keep getting the mileage in and at that grade make sure that you're using your feet properly and it'll come.
  16. .... and we all know what the best form of defence is. Stupid decision.
  17. Glad you're still on it. You'll get a real buzz when you do get outside - I'll pick some decent/safe stuff when you do make it up here - would need a conversation about what you'd like to do, grades etc. Just drop down your grades when you start to lead. If you're not sure and haven't got anyone to teach the pair of you I'm happy to help. (Alan btw.)
  18. It was. Really nice to get out. Spring's here!! Crags are drying out, still very few people out and about, (other than bouldering on the grit.) Water cum Jolly on the weekend hopefully! You OK John? (Is that your name?) Been doing owt?
  19. First trip outdoors of the year and first 7 ticked already. Rakes Progress, Deep Rake. (1st Redpoint) Dry and clean but tricky to read - no chalk on the crag at all yet. (My son on Couch to 8a, Fr7b) Lovely day out.
  20. Judging by his performance the other night, Hutchinson, (who I've been very critical of in previous set ups,) would be my preferred choice in there as long as Bannan continues to play higher up the pitch.
  21. Couldn't agree more. Had obviously been told to protect the back 3 but he was totally static. Very difficult to move from a position you know like the back of your hand to one so unfamiliar. Hutch played really well in there and made us a midfield 3 again
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