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  1. I shouldn't imagine we've started with the same line up in successive matches many times since CC was manager.
  2. Enjoyed that. We had a good game away at Charlton an all iirc
  3. It was a decent watch wasn't it mate. Really hope he's more of a success than many are expecting and hope we give him enough time to turn things around.
  4. Thank you. Enjoyed those reads. Right bloke, right time for me. Only time will tell!
  5. Hope you're right. We really missed Fletcher when he got injured last year. Can see why we might've thought better of offering him what he wanted at the end of last year, (though he's got 4 up to now this season,) but we should've pulled out all the stops to find a replacement.
  6. Possible I suppose... ...but unlikely as it may be I'd prefer it if he absolutely smashed it to the extent that he's with us long into the future
  7. This may well be true but sadly, last season he was still our best midfield player.... the only one who actually knew what to do with the ball when he'd got it and knew where to be when he hadn't. Terrible indictment on our management for me.
  8. This.......probably. Like you, wouldn't even have JP on the bench.
  9. Don't agree with the sentiment of the last sentence - someone (?!) saw fit to give those lads a contract. Totally agree with your view of their ability - all 3 have (frequently) the kind of mistake in them that costs us points. None of them are really championship level players at present, (maybe Odubajo was in the past?) If we have to play with these 3 in the side we would go down regardless of the points deduction imo.
  10. Good luck and get well Tinkerbell. Enjoy your posts/enthusiasm. Hope you're well enough to start posting again soon.
  11. Very harsh that. A more committed and honest player I've never seen. If he's anything like the person off the pitch that he is on it, he will have been working his bo..ox off to get back to fitness and in to the side and contribute in that unassuming, brilliant way that he always has. Total class that lad.
  12. Know this won't be popular but even in his twilight years, KL still had better movement, a better eye for a pass and better positional sense than any of our other midfielders (Murphy aside,) last season. I'm not sure that he couldn't still provide very good service with the mobility of Kachunga, Brown and Windass around him. As has been said before, why the fk we re-signed JP in front of him I've no idea.
  13. Didn't catch all the match. Was Penney better than Harris? (Wouldn't be particularly surprised with that,) would be surprised if Lees was better than Borner tho...
  14. Could hardly fail to be unimpressed last season but I remember watching him walk out before that horrible game away at Barnsley and he cut a very lonely figure. Hopefully with the support of his own coaching team he'll turn things around.
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