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  1. This. Our managerial merry-go-round needs to stop now. We've been thrashing around for far too long. We have a bunch of average to half decent players, all of whom have no confidence whatsoever, looking as though they've never played together before. To use a football analogy, somebody in management needs to get the ball down, put their foot on it and f.kin well look up.
  2. And now that one from Reach. So lacking in quality and confidence.
  3. Agree with you here Ronnie. Great news that Bannan has signed a new contract but he could've been far more effective with a similar sort of player to Palmer alongside him.
  4. Ayup Big D. Perhaps said PL clubs didn't take a punt and approach him??
  5. Couldn't agree more. Both like to drop for the ball. Leave us with no link between defence and attack and give the opposition the freedom of the pitch. Always hated to see us set up this way.
  6. Dint say he was. Dunt rate him at all for lots of reasons... all been done to death. Notice you didn't include him in your eleven.
  7. So people aren't allowed to think that he's a very poor footballer and say so? But they are allowed to criticise Reach and/or Luongo? Is that reyt or have I missed summat?
  8. Couldn't agree more For all his endeavour, it is like having a little lad in midfield, (actually two, but at least Bannan can play football.)
  9. Always dropped far too deep for me when supposedly playing in midfield. Probably most comfortable and effective playing in central defence.
  10. An 'agenda'? Seriously? Nowt wrong with saying if you dont rate a player. Like others, I think he often marks space, often reluctant to show for the ball and incredibly limited when he has it. No where near good enough to play in central midfield.... but we have very little choice. No agenda.
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