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  1. .....unfortunately, two of the players (along with Murphy,) who in their different ways are most able to put the opposition on the back foot. Their absence turns us from a team who have a decent chance of winning in to one that has little chance of winning.
  2. Any talk of him not being worth another year (at least) given that we've just re signed Joey is bizarre imo. He makes us tick like no other player we've had for a very long time... ...and he's clearly able to get himself fit.
  3. We looked a better balanced and organised side than at any other time this season. A pity we haven't got Fletcher alongside Wickham
  4. I know more than I could possibly say on here. Did you see any of the pictures of our 'elite athletes' last season? A culture which permits it's athletes to actually be overweight is no where near professional or serious enough to be called elite. To be fair, they do look in better nick this season.
  5. 'Elite' athlete? They will certainly feel the effects of fixture congestion. Part of that is because some of them are no where near being elite athletes.
  6. There is clearly a clinical presentation. Whether or not it accounts in the medical sense for what is 'wrong' is a different matter. From the sound of your experience you'll know that as well as I (?) I am not saying that in the case of Lees this is a factor btw.... know nothing about it.
  7. Our back 3 was much less effective without him - a match we may well not have lost if he'd been available.
  8. Saw that on an email notification... did the thread get pulled? (Who was it about ?)
  9. Need to start with Lee. Midfield so static and one dimensional without him. Hopefully Borner recovered.
  10. So are you Fedor then wi his surname instead?
  11. Agree with this an all (sorry Reading 😉) Harris is ok but for me flatters to deceive. Reach usually has a better end product and is certainly capable of getting up and down the pitch for 90 minutes. I know he's a bit soft but let's face it, Harris is hardly Norman Hunter!
  12. Agree with this. Looked absolutely devoid of confidence before lockdown. Think Monk has found the right defensive formula and the right players. Hope he let's it settle, (injuries permitting.)
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