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  1. Att could quite possibly be our next manager!
  2. It's going to be really difficult for me financially next season but would probably have scraped the money together for me and my sons if we were 'at it'. If things don't improve then probably will give it a miss (albeit with a very heavy heart.)
  3. Pudil hardly put a foot wrong in that position
  4. FAO Season Ticket Holders

    .... keep going in the hope of a decent performance... cant imagine not doing no matter how bobbar we are
  5. Wow... what sort of defending was that!!
  6. Agree... at least he is looking to get forwards with a bit of intent
  7. Sorry about the plus.... but it does make sense
  8. Rhodes haters

    Unfortunately for Jordan Rhodes, because we have a number of other decent options up front (including SW until his loan move to Derby,) many saw his recruitment as a poor use of resources. (Which may yet prove to be the case - who knows.) That in itself has been quite a burden for him to carry. Despite all the criticism of our midfield we are creating plenty of chances. Good luck to the lad. If he really does find good form we are only going upwards....
  9. Is this a joke or am I being thick? Serious question.
  10. You utter cowards

    Totally agree. Don't get this 'they're not trying' s..t... course they f......g are We were really sloppy in defence. Otherwise I thought the two sides were much of a muchness.