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  1. Not too far off the mark unfortunately..
  2. It didn't look right at all... but given that our midfield comprised 2 limited and pretty lightweight players, 1 striker played out of position who looked like he could barely be ars.d most of the match and 1 player returning to the starting line up after a very long lay off I guess it way always likely to be so...
  3. Too right He deserved it an all
  4. We were on row 2. He celebrated right in front of us. Seemed to me to be enjoying the goal and asking the fans to give it some. That's all.
  5. Wholeheartedly agree. Don't know who said it but was discussed on here maybe a couple of months ago. Brave decision to return to competitive football if true!
  6. I know it is mate. But as you point out, his effort and professionalism set him apart from many others. The nature of his 'injury' is also relevant. There have been many rumours about it. One of the 'stories' on here recently was that he wasn't injured as such but had degenerative joint disease. If he has had a BHR as has Andy Murray, it will have been a careful and well informed decision on his part to return to any kind of football (other thank walking football!!) Certainly not something he could afford to take a risk with. Very interesting back story to this. Would love to know what has actually been happening to the lad over the last couple of years.
  7. Lee himself seems to have a great deal of integrity and honesty about him. It may be fanciful but I'd be surprised if he was the sort of person who would step out onto the pitch in the knowledge that he might let himself, his team mates, his club and the fans down. As Enchanter says, I believe Bruce will make the right decision for the club... but I also think Lee will do the right thing in any 'negotiations'
  8. Might have been about right about us an all had all fit players been allowed to play all season... (wishful thinking I know..)
  9. Steward in front of us said exactly the same. Tried to b....ck my 18 yr old son who'd never been to Preston before.... all the same us Owls fans....
  10. My honest thoughts? I don't know what to think anymore!!! In the 'scapegoats' thread some seemed to think he did well, others thought he was awful. When I watch him I see a lad often struggling to keep up with the physicality of the game... yes a couple of decent challenges today but as usual, times when opposition players simply run past him, occasionally to be brought clumsily down. His passing game was perhaps a bit better today but for a central midfielder sees so little of the ball really. As I said before. An opinion. Only that... and as the old saying goes, just like ars...les, we all have 'em
  11. That's very true but not everyone's vitriolic about it and don't really intend to 'bash'. I guess it's just talking b....x about areas of the team that could be improved upon to see us do well that's all.
  12. Not 'bashing' at all. No big deal really. As I said. Just opinions on a discussion forum.
  13. Sorry mate but really don't understand this. It's not about criticising him as a person, (as many have said he seems like a really positive lad who does at least try,) It's people simply discussing his abilities as a footballer and whether or not he makes a positive contribution to the side.
  14. Often agree with what you say but not in this instance. Semedo had two qualities that Pelupessy simply doesn't. He was physically strong and he always tried to make himself available to receive the ball. For me that made him a much better player than JP could ever be despite him being a 'trier' as many believe. Perhaps three things. Semedo's positional sense was decent
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