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  1. Bleeder

    I just go

    I know we've been around a while but I'm not sure Juvenal had Wednesday in mind when he wrote that!
  2. Bleeder

    Reach as LWB

    Wouldn't disagree. As always, put a reyt shift in, always maintains a high tempo, never hides and puts the opposition under pressure.
  3. Bleeder

    Reach as LWB

    Although not a great midfielder, in the absence of KL, he gives us the drive to put pressure on the opposition that none of the others are able to do. The midfield 3 that started against Villarreal and then again at Wigan left us so bereft of energy and forward intent that we could hardly get out of our own half.
  4. Great attitude from FF. If he is able to maintain an air of positivity he will carry others with him. His industry along with that of Bannan and Reach will hopefully set the tone for the season. If the Nuhiu of the end of last season had been playing we would have been celebrating a great team performance and a thumping good victory.
  5. Bleeder

    So we've wrote this season off?

    I've seen you mention these 3 as being our 'weak llinks' a number of times and totally agree. If Jos can be inventive enough to mitigate this then we could be fine. Shame we can't get 2 fit Kieren Lees back cos he would do well in centre mid or right wing back IMO. (Actually, 1 KL back would be brilliant news!)
  6. Bleeder

    This is what annoys me

    I don't think that he was prepared for all the hysteria that goes with football in this country. He looked confused by all the adulation that met his arrival and appears equally so by the criticism he's now receiving. As Bulgaria said, I think he is a well meaning but very naive and poorly advised man. He needs a knowledgeable and trustworthy group of people around him and a thicker skin if he's going to be able to run the course as the owner of SWFC.
  7. Bleeder

    Front three

    Hutch looked totally lost when played in a more advanced role against Villarreal. Not sure why Jos thought he would suddenly figure out how to play there by the time the Wigan game arrived. Horses for courses..... needs playing in central defence
  8. Bleeder

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    We're pretty sh.te in midfield as well to be fair mate...
  9. Thanks Lord S 53 years old but still excited like a kid at Christmas. Love the start of the new season. Hope I still feel like this come 5.00. 2-0 us
  10. I only usually post about the games/players and claim to know little or nothing about the machinations of the club and take much of the cant on here with a pinch of salt. Today's announcement re the BBC however, if emblematic of what is actually happening at boardroom level, suggests that the club really is being run as poorly/stupidly as many believe.
  11. Just hope Nuhiu and Joao can continue with the form that they showed at the back end of last season.... if so we'll have a great year... 0-2 f..k knows why but feeling optimistic
  12. Definitively...... Westwood Hutchinson Lees Pudil Palmer Reach Bannan Boyd Forestieri Nuhiu Joao .......probably
  13. To be reyt about it, Hutch would probably injure himself in the process...
  14. Bleeder

    Best Back 3

    Agree with every word. Understand why many wouldn't choose Reach in the middle but without Lee we lack any drive in there other than him. He's also got goals in him. Simply cannot trust that Hutchinson will be reliable in midfield..... either with respect tof injuries or discipline. Much more reliable in central defence.
  15. Bleeder

    Best Back 3

    ....agree with this...... looked so limited yesterday. Can't see many goals coming from midfield if that's how we set up.