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  1. Watson used to annoy the f**k out of me. Got in some great positions without the finishing to match.
  2. My memory is dire nowadays but I remember that almost as though it was yesterday. It was at that awkward height where he could just as easily tried to use his foot... fortunately he didn't - he was far better with his head. Absolutely rammed in that away end... couldn't believe how exciting it all was as a young kid.
  3. My first away game that - amazing - 15 years old, thought they were all going to be as good as that.....
  4. He still lives there. And yes he does unfortunately... still a reyt character though.
  5. Know what you mean but I wouldnt bracket KL with the other three. Not given anyone cause for concern re his commitment and professionalism as far as I'm aware
  6. ...played 3 new loanees who'd never played together at Barnsley... didn't work, (what a surprise!) then promptly dropped 'em again. Same match swapped his midfield 'lynchpin' (JP!!) at half time. Couldn't formulate a plan if his life depended on it. Terrible manager.
  7. Wouldn't know about that mate. Too old to give much of a sh it about other people's perspective being different to mine and things seem to be getting so Machiavellian round here that I probably wouldn't be able to tell the truth from a load of old bo***x if it kicked me up the ar se.
  8. No mate. It's called an opinion. That ok? For a long time now he seems to have been dropping so deep that the midfield has been ceded to the opposition. His defensive positioning has always been sound, his distribution is good and he always seemed more composed when playing there.
  9. With Borner injured and Lees in the worst form of his life, this is exactly where he should be. (In contrast to most, I don't reckon a lot to him as a midfielder...)
  10. Granted there are bigger issues facing the club but come on, Monk's decision making is all over the place.
  11. ..thing is mate, there is a way out of it. Things were (and possibly still are,) in a reyt tangle across the city behind the scenes. ..and they had no money ..and a bunch of pretty average and/or ageing players ..and a series of pretty sh it managers.. but finding the right manager, who has instilled a sense of discipline, has organised them properly and has got them very fit has turned them into a very effective unit.... ....think I'm gonna be sick now....
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