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  1. Bleeder

    What a day!

    Happy birthday lad
  2. Yep. Me and me two sons.... over a grand....ouch!
  3. Bleeder

    End of season clear out

    Shouldn't laugh but couldn't help meself.... ta
  4. Bleeder


    You may well be proven right mate. I just find Joao incredibly frustrating. That through ball yesterday to Reach (I think,) was brilliant... but much of the time he couldn't pick a pass if his life depended on it. He seems to think and see far more slowly than he moves.... ironically, probably the exact opposite of Nuhiu! As a foil for the likes of Hooper and FF I think Nuhiu is possibly the better option.
  5. Bleeder


    Not that much to choose between them mate
  6. Bleeder


    Prefer Atty to Joao to be honest. Not as tricksy but a better footballer for me.
  7. Bleeder

    Well done Wednesday.

    Fair play JV.
  8. Bleeder

    We're in good shape

    You know very well he isn't. But he did a very decent job with scant resources. Like many others I would have loved to see what he could have achieved with the backing CC had.
  9. Bleeder


    Aye..... but even she's going to cark it one day!
  10. Bleeder


    ...as I said, thought that he looked more confident today and much of his decision making was good. Still appears incredibly static at times and allows players to almost drift past him without challenge leading us very exposed. It happened a couple of times today but fortunately came to nothing. We need better IMO. ...... (meant to quote a_weishaupt re Fox...)
  11. Bleeder


    Had a much better game today but for me still far too lightweight and easily beaten
  12. Bleeder

    Sam Hutchinson

    I suspect the nature of his injuries go beyond the merely physical joc. The only person that can get Sam reyt for playing is Sam himself. Agree with what you say... hoping for him to return and make any sort of contribution is just fanciful
  13. Bleeder

    How you feeling tonight?

    Me an all. Feel like sssh1te. Dint go tonight... kin marvellous!!!