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  1. Really good resume.... and I know it's not popular to criticise players on here but agree totally on Joey. The way that he allowed his player to simply drift away from him for their first was ridiculous. Absolutely pivotal position... as you say, he's a trier but we need so much better.
  2. Love your positivity mate. The sheer contrast between Jos's bizarre incompetence and the results it delivered and the turnaround since Bullen took over and Bruce's tenure have transformed a dire season into a pretty exciting one. Can't really see us going up this year but am now really looking forward to next!
  3. I really don't get this though quite a few 'agreed' with it. Do people really believe that some our fans would prefer it if certain players played badly? Seriously?
  4. It's just great to be looking forwards to watching us now. Used to feel like taking summat to hide behind when Jos was in charge
  5. Pelupessy hasn't got a f.....n clue where he's supposed to be
  6. I've not seen Fox do a reyt lot of 'chasing' to be fair. Jogging, yes, chasing... mmm
  7. Agree with this mate. Fox's lack of pace is scary. Against a side like them lot I think he would really struggle.
  8. Thought Palmer and Reach were combining really well in that first half. He was uncomfortable at right mid as was Reach playing more centrally. Changed the whole balance of the side and the game. If Bruce had wanted to see if Iorfa was better than Palmer it would've been better to do a straight swap IMO.
  9. Ah.... I get it. Just over 100 years ago millions of people including steelworkers from Sheffield and Germany and farmers from both countries were blowing each others heads off over a few yards of ground. One lot 'harder' than the other. Don't think so or that it matters one bit. Perspective. (Sorry, I'm being a t.at now.)
  10. We'll win 6-0...... Nah where's my f.....n pills....
  11. ....no worries.... 3 home wins on the bounce coming up.....
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