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  1. Bleeder

    Why the urgency?

    Agree with everything you say. Didn't mention size at all mate.....
  2. Bleeder

    Why the urgency?

    ....thing is, although we lacked the cutting edge that Hull did yesterday, our performance v Birmingham wasn't that dissimilar to Hull's yesterday. Fast, free flowing one touch football the likes of which we haven't played for a couple of years now. Against quicker, more powerful sides we do struggle though. Our lack of physicality in key positions (well actually only Hutchinson of yesterday's midfield can put a tackle in and neither fullback are erm... 'particularly' strong,) lets us down again and again and must be addressed if we're going to improve.
  3. Bleeder

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    Thought Palmer had a decent game...7, Hutchinson, Westwood and Hector.... maybe 6. Everyone else seemed well off the pace. Having said that I thought Hull played really well, good one touch game, lots of movement..... we were on the back foot from the start.
  4. ...and another.... 62%
  5. I thought Palmer was better than Fox aswell. Neither outstanding but thought his final ball was better.
  6. Just played a lot of loose balls. Far more than usual.
  7. Palmers been decent aswell
  8. He is unfortunately.
  9. Nice bloke, Chris Kirkland
  10. This. Yer can't just choose not to rock up at court (even if 'Owlstalk' believes it's a load a sh**e!) Simple as that really
  11. I did..... for 3 years.... made me the man I am today A reyt miserable f.kk.r
  12. For me they've looked confused because of all the chopping and changing. Thorniley maybe at left cb with Hector forward into Hutchinson's role but Pelupessy too often a passenger, Fox not good enough, the other youngsters not yet good enough and Nuhiu inconsistent at best.
  13. Same as this for me but possibly Fletcher instead of Joao..... unless of course Lee and/or Hooper somehow became available...
  14. Bleeder

    Booing of Fox

    Agree..... he showed nothing but contempt at times.
  15. Really don't think you should ask that question on here mate! See you tomorrow