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  1. Sadly it's quite comical at times!
  2. Our passing has been absolutely f.kin dire. The only reason we're not getting hammered is because their finishing is just as bad.
  3. How rude Mate, everyone on here knows what BB is capable of. The good and the poor. There's plenty of both in his game and for all his talents he has many limitations.
  4. Massive fan of KL but do know what you mean. However, he was, and still is the most intuitive, intelligent midfielder we have unfortunately. No one else makes the kinds of forward runs he sees and makes (with and without the ball,) or those short penetrating passes that he can see and make to unlock a well organised defence. Without a player like him in the side we struggle so much to link defence and attack. Hutchinson and Bannan, both very good players in their own right, have us playing impossibly deep at times when playing together. Luongo looks decent but is nowhere near as good as Lee at what he does best. Really difficult conundrum.
  5. Agree. Can't be good for morale having someone in the squad who doesn't seem as committed as the others.... and as the other lot have shown us, self belief, morale and hard work go a very long way to producing a successful side.
  6. Problem is tho mate, we've become a bit of a long ball team due the positions that Hutch and BB have been taking up, (not helped by Tom Lees' erm 'limited' distribution.) We won't have to play long ball today, (hopefully, ) and will be aiming to play football with it! Anyway, it won't 'stick' whoever is up top with two CMs playing behind the half way line most of the game. .
  7. Bannan, Lee and Luongo for me....(but I wasn't there... did Pelupessy actually look as though he wanted the ball and was he comfortable on it?)
  8. Please keep Iorfa and Borner together at CB. Please don't play Hutchinson and Bannan as a CM pairing. Go into the game with at least a degree of attacking intent. 2-0 us
  9. I know... quality eh! (It was his spelling of friend wot did it!!)
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