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  1. Agree. Luongo is no superstar but we've had no one to support BB in CM all season. Even managing to hold on to Nuhiu might well have swung it. Agree that things needed changing but that should only have taken place when we were in a position to strengthen, not weaken the squad. The margin between success and failure is so fine. Even in the last few games, dropping points from winning positions v Bristol and Derby has cost us dearly.
  2. Rotherham unlikely to win. T oss up between us and Derby. Be hilarious if we actually stay up.
  3. FWIW can't help but agree with this. Average players - keep it simple, maintain some consistency and take advantage of the small margins gained by players being familiar with each other and the system played. How many times this season have we started consecutive games with the same team? FFS, we aren't exactly Manchester f kin City. With all the personnel changes this season it's a wonder we've picked any points up at all. And only 1 person responsible for that unfortunately.
  4. Square pegs in square holes, round pegs in round 'uns innit..... or maybe that's just round 'uns!
  5. Would've still been the best player in our midfield if we'd kept him by a country f.kin mile. Can see why the decision to let him go was made.... but it was an absolutely awful one.
  6. Couldn't agree more... the idea that any team can afford to carry a central midfielder that isn't comfortable on the ball and pass the f.kin thing more than 5 yards or backwards, whichever is the easiest, is ludicrous. Said it before, him standing no more than 10m from BB for most of the game, to whom he almost invariably plays the ball is like having a 1 man midfield.
  7. I don't know.... but... If next season me and me lads can go and sit in Hillsborough and enjoy watching a side putting a shift it with half a hope of winning a game.... and We can take off on a weekend and enjoy the atmosphere of an away game and all that it entails.... and DC gets his act together and starts running the club in a more professional and sustainable manner... Given the awfulness of the last year within the club, but far more importantly beyond it... I don't give a f.k (Having said that, I think the chances
  8. Ey! We've seen enough of 'em given the boot over the last few years to know that some of 'em don't know a reyt lot!!
  9. Crikey mate! Who'd a thunk it!! But pragmatically, you know very well that the data proves nothing whatsoever with so many factors to take into consideration.
  10. I certainly agree that we can't afford not to play JR!!
  11. .... and I hold my hands up, I am a strong critic of JP, but if this is so, we'll done lad...
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