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  1. Only messing mate. Better players than Carlton or Lee I guess but both just had something about them that made me really enjoy seeing them in our shirt. Next on the list would probably be Des, dunno why.
  2. Googled 'premier league average away attendances' and didn't get a clear result. Just wondered where you'd got it from. Thanks for your help
  3. Was looking for the prem ones and couldn't find them. Link?
  4. Liked that song when we had Fletcher. Follow, follow, follow We've got the greatest midfield dunt tha know Dele Bashiru Byers and Pato Bazza and Mass Luongo... (Now where's that coat )
  5. We're playing Crewe. And I'm REYT looking forwards to it. (Is that possible or am I having some kind of aguey bout?)
  6. I'm a miserable b astard so I definitely waint.
  7. Not at all. I make most people feel like that to be fair!
  8. Have you got on the sharp end yet? Been down Moat Buttress again this morning, (away by 9.45, barely saw a soul.) Working one of the sections of Against the Current... brilliant!
  9. Not for everyone... but it is for me.
  10. Well done mate. It's a strange mentality int it that drives you on to keep bashing away at something which is ultimately so unimportant yet at the same time so utterly absorbing. I've had a couple of hours off work this afternoon and thought nothing of a 45 minute drive and a (beautiful) 30 minute walk to get to a crag to spend an hour or so totally focused on a 30ft section of rock never more than 3ft off the floor. (You'd love it there by the way, incredible peace punctuated by the sound of wildfowl and other birdsong - brilliant place!)
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