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  1. You utter cowards

    Totally agree. Don't get this 'they're not trying' s..t... course they f......g are We were really sloppy in defence. Otherwise I thought the two sides were much of a muchness.
  2. Bedwetters of the world unite....

    People are free to react how they want as far as I'm concerned mate. I think that many would argue that despite a better finishing position, last season was a let down considering how exciting we were to watch the season before and based much of the criticism on that. Anyway, it's been done to death as far as I'm concerned...
  3. Bedwetters of the world unite....

    Just think that most of the argument is down to perspective. Everyone just wants to see us doing as well as possible I guess... and many don't think that we are...
  4. Bedwetters of the world unite....

    Serious question Finlux... at what point is it reasonable for fans to be critical of the side/club?
  5. Carlos Out!!!

    Aye.... and that one at Cardiff is an all
  6. Foresteri

    Oh I'm no expert mate (unlike most on here!!) so not sure at all how we'd be best set up given the players we have. I do think that a player as good as FF could be very effective whatever if the team is more settled and a real familiarity develops between the players. Small margins and all that....
  7. Foresteri

    I know you're a big FF fan mate - like many others I prefer to see him wide left playing in a slightly deeper role but for me should be playing regularly. I do think he could be a reyt asset but I think that he really needs to be part of a settled side and not one that's being chopped and changed all the time. Said it last night, seemed like a bunch of blokes who'd never met each other before at times yesterday.
  8. does anyone know

    Exactly what I thought with respect to the formation. Thought they were playing 433 withh FF out left. Then with Abdi dropping deep, Bannan trying to cover across midfield and Wallace also seeming to not know where to be the whole thing looked a bit of a shambles. We certainly never seemd to control the middle of the park. Never really criticised the manager before but didn't appear well set up at all last night to me.
  9. Keeper

    That was a scary moment! When he's had a run in the side in the past due to injury to Westwood; I've thought he looked solid. Last night I thought that he looked as though he lacked a bit of confidence.
  10. That we should be looking up not down mate
  11. Dunno mate but they're playing like a bunch of blokes who have only just met each other at times
  12. This Players don't seem to know where they are supposed to be playing at times. A reyt mess of a game
  13. Crikey... you're quick off the mark. Nice one! 2-0 Us
  14. Captain Bannan

    Not sure how much he's likely to play given his record with injuries.... also, if Pudil carries on like he is he may take some shifting!
  15. Jones - the enigma

    Bang on.