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  1. Beautiful..

    Aye..... but even she's going to cark it one day!
  2. Butterfield

    ...as I said, thought that he looked more confident today and much of his decision making was good. Still appears incredibly static at times and allows players to almost drift past him without challenge leading us very exposed. It happened a couple of times today but fortunately came to nothing. We need better IMO. ...... (meant to quote a_weishaupt re Fox...)
  3. Butterfield

    Had a much better game today but for me still far too lightweight and easily beaten
  4. Sam Hutchinson

    I suspect the nature of his injuries go beyond the merely physical joc. The only person that can get Sam reyt for playing is Sam himself. Agree with what you say... hoping for him to return and make any sort of contribution is just fanciful
  5. How you feeling tonight?

    Me an all. Feel like sssh1te. Dint go tonight... kin marvellous!!!
  6. Oli McBurnie

    Kinell. Thought that must be his missuses hand - dunt look like hes done a reyt lot of work
  7. To be fair mate I'm not sure many British people could name one EU official never mind three. And as for John Stuart Mill.... who does he play for? (Only messin...) As for the game.... a very hopeful and optimistic 2 nowt us...
  8. Moaners

    Whilst I agree wi this...... I love a good moan.....
  9. Agree wi that an all. Be a way behind Lee, Bannan or Hutch for me.
  10. Kieran lee

    Be interested to know the nature of his injury. The hip's a pretty robust joint really and doesn't tend to lend itself to the sort of problems that the knee does. It's a crying shame the amount of time he's been out anyway - if he did have to finish it would be a disaster. Despite his limitations (which are very few at this level,) a more honest. hardworking footballer I've never seen. My favourite player for many a year.
  11. you might be right mate but we got very lucky (notwithstanding Wildsmith's heroics) to keep a clean sheet at 'Boro!
  12. 'Kin bizarre.... never taken the slightest interest in Mansfield Town results but will be watching them closely for the rest of the year. Hope he comes back with the experience and confidence that will see him challenging for a place in our first team... we certainly need it on that left side.
  13. Dave n Marco

    Don't disagree... each to their own I guess. Nuhiu and Joao both have their strengths and weaknesses but for me Nuhiu always puts a shift in and is doing OK at the moment... every time I watch Joao I find myself getting totally wound up with his decision making (easily done from the sidelines I know!)
  14. Dave n Marco

    That crossed my mind... I ant got a clue how to use it fortunately!