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  1. Footballers we want. Not singers.
  2. deka51

    Home shirt poll

    I seem to remember the shirt in the sixties that was blue with white sleeves was the same as that of Ipswich at the time No fuss about it in those days.
  3. deka51


    Well, we wore an all white strip for the Cup Final in 1966 and still didn't win. Perhaps we should go back to hoops.
  4. The other seats go to those that have no interest in either Wednesday or Hull. but are invited buy companies as part of a hospitality package. They just go to get ratted. Just look at all the empty seats after half time at any match at Wembley. You see them staggering back to their seats 15 mins after the 2nd half has started.
  5. deka51


    Tea !!!
  6. deka51

    Sitting or standing?

    Well said. At least someone is considerate to others.
  7. Great pub, but wont be able to make it. Enjoy the evening.
  8. deka51

    south stand exit

    Thought the very same on the way out.
  9. deka51

    Unfair priority system

    Very constructive
  10. deka51

    Petition for Flags

    I was in the home end with Derby supporters at the weekend. They have flags every other seat. hey were a pain in the backside. Not that they had much cause to wave them.
  11. Nothing to do with the FA. It's the Football League that is asking for clarification. Wish people on here would realise that they are two different organisations. Both pathetic however.
  12. deka51

    F*ck Off Ref

    I think both Carlos and Steve Bruce made a point to the ref in the post match interview.
  13. deka51

    North stand catering

    Totally agree. They even do it in pubs these days. What's the world coming to. Much better people crowding round the bar or counter with efficient staff knowing whose next. ...................Ah yes, efficient staff. I forgot !