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  1. Not sure if this is the right forum, but are there any qualified refs on here who could ref a U8 game this Sunday? If so pm me...
  2. That was a great team and a great season.. Remember being on kop when crowd was 49k for a couple of games (Newcastle 4-2 was one)... The thing that gets me about football then was the same team played every match and there was none of the 'injuries' you see now, oh and 1 sub!
  3. Apart for... Scoring goals, ffs we wanted him, he's ours... Support him, support them all...Wednesday fans can be great but can be sh!t
  4. Don't post much... But really, we all wanted him, he will score goals for us wawaw
  5. :Dark Sad:Jury out on Irvine, Why Soares? Micheal Gray best footballer at club and just sit warming bench! p!ss off, we've gone back 7 years, looked like a turner team today :Dark Sad:
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