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  1. ‘Give Dawson a chance’ ‘Why are we writing him off?’ ’We’ve not played a game yet’ Football fans have a very short memory. Dawson has had more than enough opportunities in a SWFC shirt. He isn’t good enough. Makes a mistake a game. Positionally poor. Glued to his line. He’s not a kid anymore. Let him go to to Exeter. I think one of the things he’s always struggled with is the pressure of playing for us. Nothing against the lad but, it’ll be rinse and repeat in 6 months when we’re crying out for a keeper.
  2. Is it fair to say an individual is born gay? It’s not a choice. Nobody is born a specific religion. Religion is a choice. If that religion has abhorrent views, they should absolutely be called out.
  3. Yes. it was filmed using a potato.
  4. Slow the video down to half speed and you can quite clearly see McBurnie’s intentions.
  5. https://www.ojp.gov/ncjrs/virtual-library/abstracts/violent-behaviors-associated-cocaine-use-possible-pharmacological
  6. Fantastic logic. Sunderland all but employed Roy Keane. They had no idea who they wanted and dropped on their feet. Neil he achieved nothing yet. If they don’t beat Wycombe their gamble has failed. If we sack Moore and, his replacement gets the play offs, is that progress?
  7. Sound. Lets start again then with a new manager. Who has his own preferences and, will need to build a squad to suit…
  8. We haven’t got anywhere near enough out of this squad…. Yet we’re too 3 in the form table since the turn of the year? A huge summer of upheaval caused a slow start but, we were bang there.
  9. I think it’s strange that people completely disregard the strength of the Madrid side as well. Man for man they’re as good as anyone. Yes some of their talismans are ageing but, that doesn’t seem to be impacting performance levels.
  10. I heard Burnley didn’t have much of a choice. Not sure how true it is, like you say though, very strange decision unless there was a problem behind the scenes..
  11. I’ve only seen the 1 replay. For me he rushes, stands his ground and follows the ball but, makes contact with the Villarreal player before the ball. Great game this.
  12. Why not a penalty? He makes contact with the Villarreal player before the ball.
  13. Their run in is no worse than Everton’s. Leeds score goals, that alone is huge in a relegation dog fight.
  14. I like Bingham. He’s a great player to watch when he’s flowing. Crazy to think he didn’t win the worlds until he was 38! Gives the likes of Kyren Wilson and, Ding hope.
  15. What the ….. Dyche has arguably been one of the top managers in the league when you look at the backing he’s had. Genuinely hope this backfires on Burnley and they do a Bolton.
  16. Always an intriguing tournament. Williams always comes to life this time of year. I’d like him or Ronnie to win it again. People talk of Ronnie catching Hendry, If Selby has the longevity of Ronnie, he could quite easily do it as well. The Worlds are the perfect format for Selby. Tough hard slogs. Like any game against him!
  17. Worrying for Red Bull, 2 retirements in 3 races. Strange that it’s just the 1 car. Stroll a lucky boy not to get penalised for the Bottas move. Literally shoved him off the track.
  18. Good logic. Manager builds a team on freebies and loans, gets promoted but, still needs moving on? Let’s be clear, if we’re promoted this season, Moore has done a terrific job.
  19. Thought Southgate’s comments regarding Maguire were strange. Don’t agree with him being boo’d but, to claim we can’t win a World Cup without him? What message does that send to Ben White? Consistently perform at a high level for your club and you can be 4th choice right back?
  20. Good race that. Great drive from Verstappen. If he can learn to be reserved like he was on the 2nd overtake at the end, he’s formidable. Genuinely exciting season ahead. Mercedes will find the pace and, this will be a dog fight until the end. Great to have Ferrari back.
  21. Knives will well and truly be out for Root after this. Genuinely don’t know the answer. We’re as disjointed as I can ever remember. Root has to take some responsibility for that. I refuse to believe it’s down to the players not being good enough, the pool of players we have to pick from are capable.
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