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  1. Wildsmith had a terrific spell in the side when Westwood was injured under Carlos. Towards the end of that spell he started to drop a few clangers. He’s clearly got ability and, looks to be grabbing his opportunity with both hands. Still doesn’t strike me as an out and out number 1 at the minute. He could improve and, make himself number 1. The issue is, most top goalkeepers do that away from their parent club. We all make mistakes, every player, in every game will make a mistake in some form. Wildsmith and, Dawson should have been loaned out to gain experience,
  2. His foot is to the side of the ball. At the same height as the Reading players. He wins the ball, the contact occurs on the follow through. The contact is with Shaw’s body, not his studs. It’s never been dangerous. The red bottled it and, fell for the Reading players reaction.
  3. The ‘stupid to make that tackle’ brigade out in force again. Any tackle gives the referee a decision to make. He’s made a perfectly good tackle, won the ball and, only caught the man with his trailing leg. It’s not dangerous. The referee has fallen for the Reading players reaction. Adam Reach NEVER flies into a tackle, hardly ever slides. Gets absolute pelters every week for the privilege.
  4. I’m sorry but, that’s utterly ridiculous. He clearly wins the ball. Are slide tackles now banned? Yes he catches the man afterwards but, he’s in control, wins the ball and, only catches him with his bloody groin! When will something be done about the standard of refereeing?
  5. If the officials get a major decision wrong and, you’ve got no appeals left, it’s your own fault for wasting you 2 initially. Can’t understand why it was never looked at in this way. There were never 100’s of huge errors every week. There were a handful. We’re now seeing more scrutiny because they’re trying to referee every little situation. 3 seasons ago, would anyone really have argued if the referee didn’t give the Welbeck penalty V Liverpool?
  6. VAR as a concept is fine. It’s the absolute clowns implementing it that’s the issue. Get rid of VAR and, you still have the same idiots. 2 arms round the throat isn’t a clear and obvious error but, a player being offside by 10mm is? We need to stop checking EVERYTHING. Cricket accepts that the umpires job is hard and, that they may get decisions wrong. The appeal system works absolutely fine. Why not implement the same in football?
  7. Watkins clearly offside for the goal however, Ogbonna clearly has an arm around the throat of Watkins prior to to ball being struck. Why’s that not a penalty?
  8. I said the same. As bad as their start has been, they’re still in touch with the teams above. The Prince has got a big decision to make. The longer you leave it to make a decision, the less time there is to put a run together and get out of the fire. Wilder has 3 games left before he’s sacked. He may just walk away. ‘Never been sacked’.
  9. I’ve criticised Klopp recently for his outspoken nature regarding the injuries. He was selecting his key players week in week out then whinging they were getting injured. He’s paid to MANAGE the squad. He knows what the expectation is, he knows how crammed the schedule is yet, he wasn’t rotating his players nearly enough. He did it today and, fair play to him. It’s his job to whey up whether it’s better to risk Salah for a game and, potentially lose him for a month or, rest him for the likes of Minamino. Everyone is in the same boat and, they all kne
  10. West Brom have shown far more this season than the Pigs.
  11. Liverpool are unbelievably lucky. I know there’s the old adage that you make your own luck but, my god they get plenty of rub.
  12. The referee blew well in advance of the ball going into the net. it’s not like he actually ruled the goal out. Play had stopped prior to be ball going in the net.
  13. There’s a clear game plan. We’re organised out of possession. Every player looks to know their role. We carry a threat on the front foot. Encouraging.
  14. I find it interesting when people skate the fact that Mcgoldrick starts for them. He’s not a bad player, usually offers more than the likes of Mcburnie and, Brewster when I’ve seen them.
  15. The injury thing really is annoying. Leicester have been inundated with problems, they’re still cracking on with it. Liverpool are decimated. Palace have 8 out. Brighton 8. Newcastle 7. Villa 7. The pigs are 2nd bottom of the injury table. The have a massive 3 injuries.
  16. In fairness to Jackson Irvine...Maybe he though Monk was a ******** like the rest of us?
  17. The only explanation for him overturning the penalty is his clear conflict of interest. This is exactly the reason why referees should be made to face the media.
  18. Just to add... this level of ineptitude is clear evidence that VAR isn’t the problem, it’s the numpties implementing it.
  19. Utterly pathetic. Clear conflict of interest. Clearly inept. Also missed a clear foul in the build up to the united pen. This is the same referee who didn’t think Pickford’s assault on Van Dijk was worthy of a red. He should never referee a premier league game again.
  20. Considering the last few pages have been nothing but criticism of Westwood, I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make.
  21. Cause it’s well known that goal kicks change games!
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