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  1. It’s embarrassing from Murphy. A lot of the amateurs have been professional in the past and, dropped down the rankings. Potentially due to facing amateurs when they were ranked professionals. The ranking points argument is a load of rubbish as well, was he the only professional to lose to an amateur? Have they singled him out specifically to play amateurs? Go deep into a tournament, it’s good for ranking points, go out early, it’s not. Simple equation regardless of who you’re playing. Murphy knew the score when he entered the tournament, if he didn’t like it he didn’t have to play. He also cited an injury in another article I’ve read. Again, if he’s injured to the point it’s affecting his performance, he shouldn’t have been playing. Murphy has always been a bellend. He’s well and truly shown his true colours now though.
  2. In Verstappens defence there was a green light just up the track. You still can’t ignore yellows though. The green light will probably allow for a more lenient penalty.
  3. Drive through a 30mph zone at 100mph and, if the police pull you, ask them did you harm anything. See what their response is. What an idiotic attitude. Rules are rules regardless of whether anyone was harmed. The rules today, are in place due to years of historic Incidents in the sport. To ignore such incidents because nothing/nobody was harmed sets a dangerous precedent and, goes against why the rules were introduced in the first place. Verstappen should have been penalised. He benefited from exceeding track limits. A 5 second penalty puts him behind Bottas on the podium. Potentially huge in the Championship but, I suppose nobody died so it’s ok.
  4. No issue with someone being eased out wide within the limits of the track. Making no attempt to make the corner and, causing 2 cars to completely leave the track isn’t racing.
  5. Crikey. Breaking the tow? Lewis was all but in front. It was yet another idiotic stunt by a driver fast becoming a spoilt little brat. He turned into Hamilton and forced him off of the track to maintain track position. There’s nothing else to see. Breaking the tow as an excuse is pathetic, Hamilton was alongside when the incident occurred. I’m all for letting the race but, there’s a line and, if the stewards don’t think that crossed it, the sport is going back to a very bad place.
  6. Its not even up for debate whether or not Max TURNED right. When you’re travelling at such speeds, around a left hand turn, there’s no need to TURN right. Yes the natural line takes you across to the right. Max didn’t take a natural line, he turned right. The reason? Because Hamilton was alongside.
  7. Turning right and, forcing a competitor off the track after a left hand corner isn’t a racing incident. It’s sheer stupidity and, dangerous.
  8. It’s now come out that Red Bull changed components on their rear wing under Parc Ferme. You have to say, looking at how all incidents have been handled, it’s becoming increasingly obvious someone has a problem with Hamilton.
  9. Nothing would have been more than acceptable when we’re talking 0.2mm. Mitigating circumstances being that the car had just finished qualifying, could have been damaged then and, a rival was seen pulling on the part which failed. Slap on the wrist for both and the championship is still alive.
  10. 0wl18


    It’s all gone ******** up for Hearn! Harper was outclassed. Beaten to the punch and, it was a nasty stoppage. The referee deserves so much credit there, if he wasn’t sharp, Harper could have been in big trouble. Can’t see Harper taking the rematch. A defeat in that manner is hard to overcome. Galahad V Martinez! Wow. One of the biggest upsets of the year. Galahad seemed comfortable the first few rounds and, had Martinez scrambling but, what a finish! I don’t understand why the corner let Galahad back out. Think we’ll see the rematch and, Galahad will learn from his mistakes.
  11. I can’t believe the disproportionate punishment for just 0.2mm. The wings should be checked before qualifying and, randomly checked afterwards. Any major discrepancy punished but, as the Merc engineers have said, 0.2mm on one side of the wing is actually a disadvantage.
  12. Just reading that Hamilton’s wing failed by just 0.2mm. The punishments are disproportionate IMO. The FIA have made a mockery of the sport. They came to the decision based on video evidence, that Verstappen couldn’t have contributed to the wing failing. The reason why? Because they didn’t see the wing move in the videos they watched, it was 0.2mm out! I’d love to see the wing move 0.2mm in a super slow mo. What planet are they on? With such small margins in the failure, Verstappen even breathing near the car should have been enough of a mitigating factor to drag them both in and tell them to behave and, get on with your racing. Instead they ruin the best title battle for years. Unbelievable really.
  13. Have to say England we’re brilliant yesterday. We moved the ball quickly. Didn’t dwell in position. Kane lead the line brilliantly and, didn’t look to drop deep. I think it’s smart to replicate the Chelsea formation with James and Chilwell in the side. They give us so much going forwards. Add Foden and, Sterling into the mix and, it’s enough to overwhelm most teams. I think the key to the system last night was a Henderson though. He was magnificent.
  14. Does the FIA’s statement not read as though what Max did happens fairly regularly? It’s the first I’ve ever heard of it and, regardless of how long Verstappen spent around the Merc car, he had absolutely no right to be there and, to describe such an infringement as minor, I think is pretty wide of the mark. You have the main championship protagonist, touching the wing of a rival’s car which, then goes on to be deemed non-compliant. That’s not a minor offence.
  15. I’m sorry but the reasoning behind Verstappen’s fine is pathetic. The stewards basically agreeing that it’s common place to touch the oppositions car in Parc Ferme but it hasn’t been uniformly policed is how I read it?
  16. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Linked with West Ham during his time at the Blunts. Winds up at mid table Championship club Boro instead
  17. His red on Friday was appalling. 1st yellow he grabbed the centre half’s arm and pulled him back. 2nd yellow he decided to turn into Tom Daley and landed a triple pike. Fair play to the ref for sending him tbf, a lot would have bottled it! He’s just signed for a new club…he’s not told them he’s banned for a minimum of 3 games yet though
  18. A mate of mine plays non-league, fairly low level. He got sent off for 2 yellows but, the ban didn’t come through so could play Friday night. He was sent off again for 2 yellows . Does anyone know of a rule for excessive red cards in a period? He’s racked up 5 yellows before week 19 so that’s a 1 match ban. He’s still got a ban to serve from the 1st red and, now the additional red on top. Think a few of the lads were pulling his leg but he’s got a 10 match ban in his head from somewhere!
  19. I think it’s has way of managing the team. He knows Alisson was at fault for all 3 goals. If he comes out and blames the officials, it takes the pressure off a little.
  20. A Champions League match in China starts at 4am. Not exactly prime time is it? Same principle applies at full time as it does at half time. People don’t tune in to watch the end of the game for the adverts do they? The target market are the ones watching the match so, regardless of how many minutes are added on, people are still watching the match and, the target audience is there.
  21. Can’t see why it would need to be artificially limited. There’s 15 minutes of advertising between halves regardless of how much stoppage time is played. Surely that’s sold on a per minute basis?
  22. Have to agree. They already had the tire advantage from the first set of stops, Hamilton didn’t need to be out as long for the second stint. Personally I thought he was lucky to get as close as he did, Verstappen was very unlucky with a couple of the tail-enders not yielding as they should, he was held up 3/4 times. If they got out of the way as he should the race wouldn’t have even been close.
  23. Lewis struggling to shake him. Still have to favour Max in a 2 stop race with Mercedes track record when it comes to strategy this season.
  24. People also need to realise that regardless of players, a club stuck in a downward spiral, tend to find it hard to break out of it and, start winning again. We sound like a set of Pig’s fans who think we’re above this league. We’re competing in league 1 because we’re not good enough for the Championship. We don’t have a divine right to compete and bounce back up.
  25. How are people seriously talking about rock bottom? We’re 3 points off the play offs. At the end of last season, I’d have snatched your hand off for a play off push. We had an extraordinary amount of players put of contract and, a huge recruitment drive needed in the summer. Results haven’t been fantastic but, we’re still where we need to be. The only team to really humble us were top of the league Plymouth. We’re not easy to beat but, we just can’t seem to finish teams off. It will come. Think we need to be careful what we wish for. The grass isn’t always greener and all that. I think Moore deserves the chance to see out the season and let’s go from there. As soon as a ball is kicked the emotions come flooding back and, the fickle nature of football takes over. I’ll say it again, I can’t remember the forum being alight with 100’s of posters expecting us to bounce back up at the end of last season. in fact, it was the polar opposite, many expected us to be in a dogfight at the lower end of the table. We’ve settled now, let’s see where we end up.
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