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  1. Luton has just lost 2 on the bounce before visiting Hillsborough. Hardly on fire is it?
  2. Because you end up playing Championship football by pretending to be a footballer Reach might not be everyone’s cup of tea but, no doubting his ability as a footballer.
  3. Pathetic Red Card for Digne. Commentator justifying it by saying ‘there was intent there, even if the intent wasn’t to do what he did.’ He’s been sent off for running. Are we really in a position if a player is hurt regardless of intent, it has to be a red card?
  4. The only out and out strikers at the club are Rhodes and, Marriott. Kachunga is a wide forward who’s been asked to fill in centrally. Paterson can play a multitude of positions including defence. Windass can play anywhere across the front three. Hardly surprising we don’t score goals, half the team are consistently played outside of the natural position.
  5. He’s already been backed. Should have gone last season! its now time for him to be sacked. We have a squad more than capable of staying up. We’ll be down by Christmas under Monk.
  6. After creating 3 or 4 good opportunities to get the ball into the box. Gets half a yard and wastes it. Delivers the ball when the defender is back in position.
  7. Zonal is horrific. How about our defenders actually show a desire to defend? Odubajo was pathetic for the goal, Toney wanted the ball, he didn’t, you still have that same scenario in a Zonal system.
  8. I think it’s harsh to criticise Dawson for their second. Could he have done better? Potentially but, by no means a howler. If he’s on his toes, makes an effort but ultimately the ball goes past him, this argument wouldn’t even be happening. The 2nd goal was simple. Toney wanted the ball more than Odubajo did.
  9. The issue isn’t about goalkeepers making mistakes. it’s managers having the inability to see the errors and, do something about it. Dawson has made numerous errors leading to goals in the last 12 months. It’s not 1 or 2 isolated incidents, it’s every other week. If someone isn’t up to it, they’re simply not up to it. Will Pickford be England’s number 1 of his form continues? Doubtful. Is Kepa Chelsea’s number 1? Nope. How Joe Hart getting on? Kiko Casilla seems to be doing well at Leeds. How’s Neil Etheridge doing at
  10. I don’t think he’s a bad player. He has plenty of ability and, will only get better with more minutes. Lets not forget that he’s played in 4 games of professional football. He’s a baby. Time and again I see fans calling for a change in transfer approach. We’ve signed a young midfielder with potential from one of the biggest clubs in the country. He’s not on course for the Ballon D’or in his 4th professional game and, he’s getting pelters.
  11. How often do you see a shot from 25 yards result in the goalkeeper making a save with his forearm? That in itself is the error. You get your hands on it because, it gives you control. At this level, it’s not good enough to simply get there. You have to be in control of the situation. Other teams are targeting this as it’s a fundamental flaw in our Goalkeepers technique. Yet we still have people trying to make excuses. I don’t blame Dawson, he can’t only be as good as his skill set allows, I blame Monk. The keepers were an issue last season and, it’s not been addressed.
  12. I don’t think we were far away today. Reach us shown time and again he has the quality to really hurt teams and, Harris played a good ball into the box for the goal. it was pleasing to see an identity forming. We were comfortable on the ball. Got it wide and, into the box. Let’s not forget how good a team Brentford are. If we play like we did tonight in every game this season, we’ll be safe and, that’s all that really matters.
  13. Bit of a silly argument. Is there a new rule where every time you fail to hit the penalty spot from a corner, the opposition are awarded a goal? If you’d have said, strikers are paid to score goals how many have ours scored, you’d have a fair argument. We didn’t score enough goals last year so we’ve brought new players to the club. Why haven’t we replaced our poor goalkeepers?
  14. The ball was struck from 25 yards out. It should have been a routine save. There’s no justification for what happened other than it was a goalkeeping error. I’m sure Dawson didn’t want to make the mistake, your right but, it’s not his first is it? The lad isn’t up to Championship standard. Not his fault and, it’s not through a lack of effort. He clearly cares. The fact opposition teams are targeting him from distance says it all.
  15. As a team so far this season, we’ve restricted the opposition to the 2nd lowest number of shots on target against. Only Watford have conceded less. How do you explain last season? I don’t know how many times I’ve written this, it’s not Dawson’s fault. He seems a decent young man but, he’s not a Championship goalkeeper and, no other team would have him or, Wildsmith as their number 1. Another Monk error.
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