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  1. That’s was the whole point of our first season of success. Soak it up, move the ball quickly when we had the chance and punish teams. We did it perfectly.
  2. Is it just me or, has he ‘got one of those faces’?
  3. We’re all very quick to highlight what’s going wrong, what we should be doing, who’s not good enough etc. We should be highlighting positives too! I know it’s tough in the current climate at our club. I just love having a player like Borner pull on the blue and white. He’s not a world beater by any stretch but, he‘s took to life in Sheffield brilliantly for me. The first half of the season he was imperious. Won everything in the air, carried the ball out from the back and, loved to get stuck in. You can see the enjoyment he has for the game and, as a fan, it’s brilliant to see. It goes to show that there’s plenty of talent out there that won’t break the bank but, the key is in the scouting. Hopefully we can drop on a few more of his ilk and, our fortunes may start to improve next season.
  4. You’re both right. I’ve definitely seen pelters thrown Bannan + Reach’s way. Maybe more so of late than before but, rarely to the extent of the likes of Joey or Dawson, fair point. I don’t think we could improve on Bannan or Reach in the situation we find ourselves in. Their stats may be that of average championship players at the minute but, we know they’re capable of so much more. Its down the coaching team and, the players to turn the corner and get back to where they were.
  5. So what’s the solution then? Bannan and Reach can still be 2 of our best players without being the best in the league. I must be on a different site to you because, the way I see it, Bannan and Reach are criticised far more than the feast of the current team. Probably because we all know they’re capable of more than they’re showing.
  6. Who should we get in as a replacement for both?
  7. There’s a few on here with incredibly short memories. I’ll happily stand by what I’ve said. Adam Reach is one of the best footballers at our club. Does that mean he’s exempt from criticism? Absolutely not, he was as fault for the penalty and had a poor game, I don’t dispute that. All I ask is to remember what he’s actually capable of. He isn’t a bad player because he’s had a bad game. He’s had a poor season second half to the season I completely agree. Name me a player who hasn’t? We’re at a cross roads as a football club with a lot of players struggling for whatever reason. The answer isn’t to throw a massive fit every time a player makes a mistake or has a bad game. We’d be selling a player every week. The irony is, the same mob who throw the teddy’s out of the pram are the ones criticising the way we’re currently run and, advocating a change in approach. How do you change your approach when you’re selling a player every other week?
  8. Reach is one of our best players. Every time a player goes off the boil, you can’t just farm them out and buy a ready made replacement. Reach has done his best work in a Wednesday shirt from the right, cutting in on the left. He had a good understanding with fletcher and, offered exactly what we’re currently missing. His link up play was fantastic. We won’t see him on the right for the remainder of the season. Murphy is playing well for starters but, who else plays left back?
  9. If he offers absolutely nothing, how do you expect to get a couple of million?
  10. The flip side to that being that Monk struggles with man management and, is alienating players on a regular basis. At this moment in time, we don’t know the answer. Until he’s had the chance to build his own team, we have to reserve judgement.
  11. The players probably won’t even know they’re tired. I doubt they’ll even complain. Id argue the analysts will have plenty of evidence to prove that fixture congestion impacts various aspects of the game. As I’ve said in previous posts, we’re talking the finest of margins. Late mistakes becoming more frequent, that sort of thing. Nobody is saying a professional footballer shouldn’t be able to play 2 90 minute games a week. The argument is that a small squad will start to feel the pace with frequent mistakes becoming more likely.
  12. Lees could still feel like he’s carrying a knock, he has to trust his body. My concern is that Lees has stuck 2 fingers up to Monk after the presser. The other worry would be that Lees has been around a while, he’s bound to have influence in the dressing room, Monk’s comments could have caused division within the players. I stand by what I said at the time of the presser, the question regarding Lees fitness could have been managed much better.
  13. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be able to play twice a week. The point I’m trying to make is that, at some point, a small squad like ours, will definitely start to feel the pace. That doesn’t mean they’re not chomping at the bit to play, it doesn’t mean they’re not giving their all, as far as I see it, it just means there will be a point where fatigue starts to kick in and, mistakes are made. Would you not agree that if you’re tired, your productivity will drop? Again, that doesn’t mean a lack of effort, for me it’s a natural reaction most people will have encountered at some point in their working life.
  14. You missed the part where I stated footballers devote their life to the sport in response to a poster who felt Championship footballers weren’t elite athletes. I merely highlighted the monetary side of things because, the first response most give when someone is defending a footballer is, ‘well they’re paid to do it’. just for clarity, I feel our players are what I would classify as elite athletes.
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