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  1. That’s an absolute clusterfuck by VAR. Luke Shaw kicked the ball against the Burnley player. Never a foul, no malice in the follow through. Brady should have walked.
  2. Nothing cuntish about it. Everyone knew he wanted to leave. Newcastle paid a fortune for him, he went to his boyhood club, in a league above and doubled his wages. The sour grapes with regards to Bruce on this site is pathetic. He did what every Sheffield Wednesday fan would have done if the boot was on the other foot.
  3. Take Sheffield Wednesday out of the equation. would you leave your current job for double the money and, a job for a bigger company?
  4. There’s literally no other explanation for the Sharp tackle than serious foul play.
  5. That’s a red card for Sharp all day long as well.
  6. Weren’t Newcastle the only team to do the double over them last year?
  7. I heard we offered him 45,000 a week but, he’ll only get paid when the moneys in the country.
  8. He moved up a league and, doubled his wages, hardly a surprising decision is it?
  9. The side Steve Bruce put together was 3rd at the turn of the year. Monk decided to tell the out of contract players they weren’t getting a renewal in January, froze 2 of our most influential players out and, the rest is history.
  10. Not to mention the club he supports. Loads tout him as Judas but in reality, if any I was managing Newcastle and, We were a league above, I’d be off like a shot if the opportunity came. Think it’s more annoyance that Bruce would have got us promoted.
  11. Talksport had one of the blokes from a major betting company on trying to claim the bookies make no money from this sort of market. It’s all dead money, a complete and utter gamble of the highest order, if they didn’t make money, they wouldn’t offer the market. Bookmakers are an absolute drain in society. They only want to know if you’re £500 deep in a slot machine everyday. Start winning and you’re banned.
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