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  1. City 13 major domestic honours. Chelsea 7 + 2 Champions League wins, 2 Europa League wins and a super cup. Think I’d rather be in Chelsea camp considering 5 of the 6 additional domestic trophies City have won are League cups. Chelsea also have half the net spend in terms of transfer fees than City in the last 10 years.
  2. Chelsea were the first team to adapt to modern day football IMO. As mentioned above, very well run with a structured approach. Managers know where they stand immediately before they’ve even taken the job. Invest in the right areas. Clear as day they needed a centre forward, so the go get one of the best on the planet. Contrast that with Man U, sign a right winger and, play him on the left.
  3. Think you’ve misread my post. I’m talking about localish away days. The police are massively overzealous with us and, other supporters around the country. When I come to simply supporting our team. As soon as the poo hits the fan like yesterday, they’re quick to retreat.
  4. The numbers available on a police front were pathetic. The amount of times I’ve been treat like a thug pushed around, hoarded like cattle when, literally nobody is kicking off is pathetic. Happens whenever there’s a game which remotely resembles a derby. Start kicking off and they stand back and whip the cameras out. Bully’s in a uniform when it comes to policing at football matches unfortunately.
  5. Haul them off is an extreme choice of words. Managers bring off players for tactical reasons all the time. Nothing wrong with it. If we’re all honest, it’s probably Southgates biggest downfall. We freeze and, tend not to be able to alter our approach mid game.
  6. Shook me today this. Hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. I’m 26 with a young family, it just goes to show that potentially life changing news is only ever a moment away. Let’s hope they’ve got it early enough and he can kick its arse.
  7. 0wl18


    IMO that’s what sets UFC apart. Aspinall and Daukaus should absolutely fight. Ultimately one has to be better than the other. As a fight fan I want to see the very best, fight the very best. Building a fighter is something I’d expect in the WWE.
  8. 0wl18


    It’s not all you’re saying though is it? You’re deliberately avoiding facts, avoiding debate and, continuously coming out with sweeping statements with very little to back it up. Most of the posters over the last 3-4 pages come across as avid boxing fans. I don’t think anyone is basing their opinion of Fury off of the back of his wins against Wilder. I myself have pointed out that Fury’s victory over Klitschko was as good is it got in terms of performance. Again, you deliberately overlook that to make a sweeping statement and, engage in petty bickering, rather than putting together a fact based argument.
  9. 0wl18


    Flloyd Mayweather could be the greatest heavyweight of all time. We’ll never really know though cause he never fought at heavyweight.
  10. 0wl18


    Fury has fought Wilder 3 times in 3 years. Wilder has been in the list longer than anyone else. Are you saying that it’s less impressive to beat Wilder twice by KO and, end up with a controversial draw in the other fight, than it would be to school Rivas and Parker for 12 rounds? Don’t come out with the old how do you know he’d school them rubbish. Any boxing fan knows he wins comfortably against those 2. Fury has fought and, beat the 2 fighters at the top end of the list 4 times. Klitschko was top for 7 years. Wilder has been in the top 10 for 8 years. Joshua has fought 4 on the list and lost to 2. Hardly a glowing reference is it? You know that, you’re doing your usual trolling nonsense. It’s tedious but I’ll play your little game.
  11. 0wl18


    Chisora was ranked 1, and Hammer 6th when Fury fought them. Fountain of knowledge aren’t you. People are allowed a preference, I’ve no issue with AJ myself. I just don’t think he’s technically anywhere near the top heavyweights. The Usyk fight proved that. His equaliser is the power he holds, the Usyk fight also showed him to be gun-shy for me which is very dangerous when you’re facing the elite. Fury V AJ needs to happen next or, it won’t happen. AJ will lose to Usyk in a rematch. Fury will want to unify and face Usyk straight admirer. If he’s successful he’ll retire IMO.
  12. 0wl18


    Wallin was ranked 5th when Fury fought him but you carry on talking your testicles.
  13. 0wl18


    If Wilder can down Fury 4 times, he’d get to Joshua. Joshua has shown his chin is suspect, if Wilder lands it’s game over.
  14. 0wl18


    Again, a lazy post lacking context. On face value yes, you’re right. There’s more to it that the method of victory though isn’t there? Of course you already know that.
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