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  1. It was cynical a foul as you’ll ever see, a yellow card 99/100. The referee doesn’t give you a talking to when you make no attempt to play the ball and hack down the man. It’s irrelevant anyway, the red card didn’t cause yesterday’s result. We’d have took a hiding anyway.
  2. Borner got caught in possession and proceeded to hack his man down. It was far worse than Luongo’s red card challenge and, a booking everyday of the week.
  3. Love to see a still of that, it was a mis-timed tackle, he caught him, that’s it. The ref signalled a stamp.
  4. The fullbacks - Palmer has been near on faultless for 18 months. Works his bits off and, has improved no end. West Brom are after Fox and again, huge improvements now the fans have finally stopped making him a scapegoat. Ridiculous to single out the fullbacks. I’ll bite on the striker front too. Winnall and Rhodes were both highly coveted before joining us. They clearly have ability to perform to a good standard in this league. It’s down to the manager to get that out of them. That’s not a criticism of Monk BTW. Look at Rhodes alongside Fletcher for example, he looked sharp and dangerous, Monk put that partnership together. You can’t legislate for injury all of the time, you can only play the hand you’re dealt and, take the first choice striker out of any team and it will struggle. Rhodes has to play in a 2 with a target man, it’s what he’s done all his career. Winnall was hung out to dry on his own today, he never stood a chance. Some massive flapping on here tonight, yes we’ve been poor for a couple of games but, by and large we’ve very good this season. Competitive in every game. We were the better side against the top 2 in the league and, I can guarantee nobody looks forward to playing us. Every team has a dip In form, ours coincides with our best striker being unavailable. The good thing is we have a perfect opportunity to bounce back in a few days. Chill out, we’re 6th in the league! Anybody reading this forum would think we’re rock bottom ffs.
  5. Anywhere else on the pitch and it’s a foul, he gets caught wrong side and catches Nuhiu. You don’t see them given very often but, that doesn’t mean it’s not a foul and a penalty. Brave from the referee.
  6. Fletcher all but hobbled off, he was knackered Ffs
  7. So the referee makes an absolute howler of a decision and Odubajo is to blame for being fouled himself? Ffs
  8. I like how he’s been kept by 5 managers. Always been in and around the match day squad under each of them and yet, the resident Owlstalk experts have decided he’s an embarrassment and is one of the worst players we’ve ever had. Not only is this unfair with regards to his ability, to publicly slate an active player who clearly loves the club and, gives 100% in every game, in such a manner, shows that we have a certain section of fans who really are deluded. Yes effort should be a given but, the fact is, it isn’t. The guy doesn’t stop trying. He holds the ball up well, has deceptively good feet (Charlton away is a prime example) he left 3 players looking like absolute mugs. His biggest short coming is the lack of pace, if he was mobile, he’d be one hell of a championship striker.
  9. He got the Westwood situation spot on, 95% of the fan base wanted Dawson out of the sticks knowing he clearly wasn’t a championship goalkeeper. Westwood came in and miraculously we started to keep clean sheets.
  10. Dawson wouldn’t be first choice for the vast majority of league 1 teams. Westwood is still very much one of the best goalkeepers in the league. A lot of fans have incredibly short memories.
  11. I thought they fetched this in last season? Not heard of anyone sanctioned for it though.
  12. It’s seriously tight, I think it’s off but, the video isn’t a great angle.
  13. Pelupessy was one of the best players on the pitch today. Well done OP.
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