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  1. Wilder epitomises exactly what it means to be a pig. Bitter, arrogant, egotistical bell.
  2. Baker should be nowhere near our first 11.
  3. Flat back 7 Christ almighty.
  4. We’re a team with no identity. Its easy to see why we concede so many. Our shape is non existent. There’s overloads all over the pitch. Could be embarrassing, if the score before half time they’ll kick on.
  5. Great point regarding producing the goods come match day. It’s not like we’re Manchester City, playing a brand of football imprinted on the training pitch. We’re poo! It’s impossible to tell what our objectives are in and out of possession so training everyday isn’t doing the starters any good! Ledley King trained on his own at Tottenham but, was regarded as one of the best centre halves in the country, Tottenham didn’t hang him out to dry because he couldn’t train everyday. The fact is we have players capable of improving our starting 11, which in turn would improve results is a joke. Freezing them out and continuing to charge extraordinarily high ticket prices for a sub par product fetches these kind of decisions into the limelight. If we’re changing our vision and developing younger players, cool, drop the ticket prices to match the product on offer and nobody can complain.
  6. 0wl18

    Big Mick Now !!!!!

    Extremely harsh to say he failed at Ipswich. On a shoestring budget he saved them from relegation in his first season there. He managed to get them over achieving when he took them into the play offs. A tough few seasons transpired due to a lack of investment nothing more.
  7. 0wl18

    Daniel Pudil

    ‘Get on with it he didn’t touch thi!’
  8. 0wl18

    Keiren Westwood

    I’m not getting on anyone’s back, I’m merely stating that he isn’t as good as other options at the club. If you actually read what I said, my point was exactly the same as yours. I countered the argument that Dawson has made the most saves in the league, with personal knowledge that shot stopping is the simplest aspect of goalkeeping. We cant afford to have a player learn his trade at the expense of a seasoned pro who, is up there with the best in the division.
  9. He does exactly what he’s in the team to do, breaks play up, wins the ball and moves it on. Hutchinson does the exact same, he’s nothing special, keeps it simple but, because he has a fancy quiff and flies into tackles he’s universally loved on here. Pelupessy is the least east of our worries but yet again, the Owlstalk experts have spoken and made their mind up, it’s incredible how everytime we lose it’s the same names getting the flack.
  10. Pelupessy is far better than many give him credit for. Whilst its encouraging to see us attempting to utilise youth, Baker clearly isn’t anywhere near Championship standard, positionally caught out numerous times tonight. Can’t fault the lads effort, he works hard but, he isn’t ready for the first team and, certainly shouldn’t be starting games.
  11. 0wl18

    Keiren Westwood

    The defence is abysmal this season, yet man for man, it is arguably as good as the 2016 squad which equalled our clean sheet record. Westwood, Hunt/Palmer, Lees, Loovens, Pudil. Westwood, Palmer, Lees, Hector, Pudil/Penney. You’re failing to see the goalkeepers role when it comes to defensive organisation, your point regarding most saves made proves my point, anyone can stick a pair of gloves on and make saves, there’s far more to goalkeeping than catching the ball.
  12. 0wl18

    Keiren Westwood

    Cosidering Dawson is yet to keep a clean sheet it’s hard to justify the omission of Wildsmith, let alone Westwood. Westwood had a calming influence on the defence, we were rigid and organised with him between the sticks, he was barking orders and we were generally a tough team to score against. Scary to think we we have such a talent rotting in our squad.
  13. Thorniley and Lees both as bad as each other. Number 1 rule when it comes to defending is don’t let the ball bounce ffs! Lees crumbled in possession, clearly not a ball playing centre half, tbf there’s only Hector capable of passing the ball.
  14. One of the best in the division.
  15. At what point did Pearce report the incident to the referee? in the transcript I’ve seen, Pearce states he thought he was racially abused in Spanish, when Forestieri hacked their man down he saw red and lashed out. That implies the racial abuse took place before the busy up. Now I can only speak for myself but, if I heard racial abuse aimed at one of my team mates by a member of the opposition, the game wouldn’t have carried on. It would have all kicked off and, I’d be making my point to the referee, not acting like a thug kicking punching etc. The fact that the referee hasn’t reported the incident to the FA and, we haven’t been sanctioned earlier clearly indicates he wasn’t told of such allegations. The only explanation I can muster is, it’s an attempt to save face. They’ve seen the footage, they see how the footage makes them look and, they’ve got their defence in. That being said, an evidence what so ever of racist behaviour by any part of our club, fans, team, management etc, and the perpetrator has no place in football, and, deserves everything they get in terms of punishment.