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  1. Chris Lines was a cult hero.. not sure how he’d be regarded as unpopular.
  2. MM has all the qualities Monk lacks. MM doesn’t necessary play negative football. He plays to a teams strengths, there’s no point attempting attractive football if a team simply isn’t capable of it. You give yourself the best possible chance to win the game.
  3. We counter attacked with pace the first season. It really isn’t that hard to compare the 2 seasons. The second season we still had the quality to finish In the top 6 but, didn’t look anywhere near as attractive. It isn’t an excuse btw, It’s down to the manager to think ahead, be proactive and find an alternate way to play. Ultimately we made the play offs so wasn’t too bad was it?
  4. Nobody ever expected top 6 in his first season. He achieved it playing the best football we’ve seen in nearly 20 years. We weren’t bad the second season, you don’t improve year on year if you’re not doing something right. It didn’t look as good because, teams didn’t allow us the space in behind, it’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. Ultimately we still did well. The 3rd year was bitter. The fans could see what we needed yet, it wasn’t addressed and, we suffered as a consequence. Our options defensively were a bit pants. Carlos is absolutely responsible for that. What I would say is that polls reflect the heat of the moment. Everyone instantly forgot the success of the previous 2 seasons, partly because of the nature of the Huddersfield defeat and, miraculously Carlos was awful. We, like every other club in the country, have an incredibly fickle fan base. He’s the best manager we’ve had for a very long time time
  5. Wildsmith looked confident. Made a lot of saves you’d expect him to make, made a couple of smart saves, the one from Bernardo Silva springs to mind and, he made one phenomenal save from Mandy. He’ll be disappointed with the goal but, all in all, a good night for the lad. Dawson just looks completely unconvincing between the sticks. Confidence is something you can’t teach and, as a goalkeeper, you have to back yourself. I think it’s one of the major attributes Dawson will always struggle with.
  6. You can’t attack if you don’t have the ball. City dominate the ball against pretty much every team they play against. They want you to press them. When Iorfa lost his head and pressed their left back, 2 passes and they nearly scored. it’s frustrating at times watching a performance like that but, to a man I though the application was fantastic and, it will be a massive boost going in to the weekend knowing we kept City to just the 1 goal.
  7. You only have to look at the difference when Bruce came in.
  8. Just out if interest, out of the current top 6...which team would swap their 1st choice keeper for Dawson?
  9. No, it’s not. if you’d like a reasonable argument there’s plenty already provided above. You just seen intent on defending a goalkeeper who, through no fault of his own, is completely out of his depth for the 2nd consecutive season.
  10. Dawson Is a good shot stopper, that’s about as far as it goes. He’s good at the most basic attribute a goalkeeper should possess. I’ve said it before on here, the goalkeeper is a vital part of any defence, the vision a goalkeeper has, by far and away exceeds any of his defenders. He has to tell them where the runners are etc. Dawson never seems to communicate. If he does, it’s certainly isn’t working! He’s positionally poor. His kicking represents that of a pre-pubescent teenage boy. It’s a shame Monk continues to hang him out to dry, much like Dros did. It’s not the lads fault he’s limited, he’s definitely a capable number 2 but, no other side in this division would have him as a number 1. It’s as simple as that really.
  11. Can’t wait for the Man City game!
  12. He left at half time along with 20,000 others.
  13. It was cynical a foul as you’ll ever see, a yellow card 99/100. The referee doesn’t give you a talking to when you make no attempt to play the ball and hack down the man. It’s irrelevant anyway, the red card didn’t cause yesterday’s result. We’d have took a hiding anyway.
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