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  1. I think the design is lovely. Has the modern retro feel. Hindsight as you say, is a wonderful thing.
  2. I thought last years was a lovely kit. Shame it’s synonymous with relegation. 7 was our best kit though. Had some reyt units wearing it as well.
  3. I think our tickets are fine at the prices announced however, that multi-ticket option is a great idea.
  4. Well it shouldn’t. It should be £10 a ticket everywhere in the ground and, we’ll pack it to the rafters every game.
  5. It’s a fact that our prices are consistent with other teams within the division. It’s also a fact that they’re significantly cheaper than they’ve ever been under Chansiri. Two objective facts with regards to ticket pricing yet, I’m the one spouting rubbish in a thread regarding ticket prices…
  6. And how do you distinguish that before a ball has been kicked? We have scope within the category system to be cheaper than Doncaster and Rotherham. Our prices are very similar to that of Rotherham. We have a significantly higher budget than both, even if we still have a need for new players etc. I’ll say it again, the prices are fair.
  7. Charlton are charging £37 a ticket for some games. Our Season ticket options are again, on par with a lot of the league. There’s absolutely plenty to still worry about with our club but, ticket prices really aren’t an issue.
  8. The irony in this post. The prices were ridiculous. They’ve dropped. They’re now on par with the majority of the division. You’re still moaning. If you find that football is too expensive, don’t go.
  9. Absolutely but, he’s already tied himself to the mast with the multi-season ST. Our POTG prices are fine for the first time in years and, we’re still having a moan! I understand people’s thoughts regarding categories, a flat rate around the ground might be preferential for some. I’d argue a Category system can be used to further our income for the most attractive and, least attractive games across the season. We don’t have a sleeper cell if 20,000 fans waiting to rock up, the ones who want to go will go, others won’t. By marking Oxford at home on Tuesday night a Cat D game, we’re far more likely to get fans through the door than at let’s say £27 a ticket anywhere in the ground.
  10. Free tickets for everyone then get in. I’m far from a Chansiri fan. I’m quite the opposite, the bloke needs to stabilise and do one. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and throughout his tenure, pretty much everybody on this forum has lambasted the POTG prices as embarrassing. The prices have dropped significantly and, it’s still not good enough. Football costs money. It’s not a charity, it’s something we as fans know we have to pay for and, will continue to have to pay for. We’re now paying a far more reasonable fee for the privilege. If you want to book a week away, do you expect the travel agents to ‘take a clear lead’ and knock 50% off of your holiday price? At the end of the day, We have reasonable POTG price. Make it £18 a game around the ground and, the season ticket holders would then, quite rightly be pissed off.
  11. Cigarettes haven’t gone up in line with inflation. The point RE the cost of cigarettes is that it’s an addiction, the pricing has increased with this in mind because, the government know people will still purchase them. I’ll say it again, how many of us on here happily buy a packet a day? But £4 extra on average, less than every other week over the course of a season is ridiculous apparently. I’ll say it again. A £4 rise in 11 years, is that unreasonable? Our prices are now inline with a lot of other teams in the division. This just proves that no matter what, people will always find something to moan at. Decent prices? ‘Yeah but there’s too many categories.’ 3 less category than last year.
  12. The graphics are driving me insane. North Superchargers game was the best so far. The interest is in how the teams approach a slightly different game for me. Got tickets for next weekends game in Leeds. Quite looking forward to it but, I do think they’ve got the marketing wrong, pushed it far too much and, the product isn’t an awful lot different to T20.
  13. I think we were in the right market with Borner. Started well with us, didn’t really stand a chance of kicking on last season, look at the state the club was in as a whole. Dropped a division and wants to go back to Germany. No hard feelings from me, I have no doubt he gave his all every time he put our shirt on. Really liked him at first. I’d like us have a good look in the budesliga 2, some very good talent around.
  14. Is a £4 rise in 11 years unreasonable for a ticket?
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