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  1. No it doesn’t. Players are paid what their club can afford to pay. The club can afford the wages because of the already obscene amounts of money in the game. That’s not the players fault. It’s not the clubs either to a certain extent.
  2. If you actually listen to what he’s saying, you’ll see it has nothing to do with I employer. He’s long been an advocate for independent regulators within football. The issue isn’t that there’s a new league. It’s the closed shop nature of the new league. Utterly pathetic model based on American greed. There’s a reason why American sports are limited in terms of their popularity, one of them is the backwards format they use.
  3. If FIFA don’t ratify the competition, who’s rules do they use? Technically they’re not Football teams anymore. There has to be some process where a new elite level League requires some sort of sign off from the powers that be? This will turn into an incredibly embarrassing episode for all clubs involved. I’d love a protest at tonight’s Leeds V Liverpool game. If the players just sat there for 90 minutes, the scum who’ve put these proposals forward and, essentially broken away from Football as we know it, might get the message.
  4. I can. This will end up going down the Formula One route. How do you manage a family when you’re in Bahrain on Monday, Beijing Thursday then, Doha Sunday? That’s what it will end up being. Listen to Undr The Cosh podcast. Literally every player who has been on, has walked away from money in one way or another.
  5. Rumours circulating that Mourinho refused to take training this morning due to this announcement regarding the European super league.
  6. It’s not about opposing change, it’s about change for the right reasons. The breakaway isn’t about healthy competition or, the best clubs facing each other. It’s about greed and, lots of it. Arsenal, Tottenham and, AC Milan have failed to qualify for the Champions League regularly for years. I want to see the best teams play each other, not the biggest. With regards to promotion, let’s just do away with it. Put all the clubs with an average of 20,000+ attendance in a league and, leave them there, let’s not promote healthy competition, just get on with it. Do
  7. I’d imagine the legal ramifications of a breakaway would be massive. BT have a $1.5b deal to show the Champions League from 2021-2024. Who foots that bill? It’s pie in the sky stuff. Clubs will rightly be thrown out of their domestic league. If it spills over to the international stage, players will then start legal action. IMO the only imbeciles who want this breakaway are the owners of the clubs involved. Dock them points, ban them from European football for a year.
  8. Arsenal are the epitome of why this whole idea is wrong. Big club no doubt but, they simply don’t deserve to be in European competition as things stand. They’re miles away from the genuine elite. Good riddance if you ask me.
  9. 0wl18


    It’s all a charade. Askern should be ashamed of himself for entertaining it but, for £500,000 you can see why he did. Its all about the money. Paul obviously doesn’t want to be taken seriously otherwise he’d be fighting actual boxers, who are in the same weight division as himself. A YouTuber, an NBA player and a MMA fighter who’s naturally 20lb’s lighter. Embarrassed for the lad tbh. He needs to drop the ‘I’m a professional fighter’ testicles and, sell the fights for what they are. White collar boxing. I’d probably watch if it wasn’t for the disrespect currently being sh
  10. The fee being touted is around the 30m mark.
  11. Thoroughly agreed. VAR is needed. The issue is the implementation and, the Buffoons making the decisions.
  12. VAR strikes again. Goal ruled out for Mctominay’s flailing arm. No mention of Son’s attempt to foul Mctominay though? 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other. Referees a genuinely a set of idiots.
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