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  1. One of the best in the division.
  2. At what point did Pearce report the incident to the referee? in the transcript I’ve seen, Pearce states he thought he was racially abused in Spanish, when Forestieri hacked their man down he saw red and lashed out. That implies the racial abuse took place before the busy up. Now I can only speak for myself but, if I heard racial abuse aimed at one of my team mates by a member of the opposition, the game wouldn’t have carried on. It would have all kicked off and, I’d be making my point to the referee, not acting like a thug kicking punching etc. The fact that the referee hasn’t reported the incident to the FA and, we haven’t been sanctioned earlier clearly indicates he wasn’t told of such allegations. The only explanation I can muster is, it’s an attempt to save face. They’ve seen the footage, they see how the footage makes them look and, they’ve got their defence in. That being said, an evidence what so ever of racist behaviour by any part of our club, fans, team, management etc, and the perpetrator has no place in football, and, deserves everything they get in terms of punishment.
  3. There’s nothing in the slightest positive about that term.
  4. Sterling shouldn’t be near the England team? An influential part of arguably one of the best teams to ever play in the premier league? He’d be a starter for most of the top teams in Europe barring Real Madrid and Barca. A real game changer but yes, get him out of the England squad. Meanwhile you you fail to mention Lallana who has been out injured for a substantial period of time and, done nothing that warrants an England call up on his return but yes, let’s single out Sterling cause the cap doesn’t fit.
  5. 0wl18

    VAR - keep out the nerds.

    That’s how you see VAR working, that’s fine, I don’t feel the game can implement VAR in the way you’re describing because it will change the whole dynamic of how the game is played. If the the whistle blows in the scenario you described that’s absolutely fine, the game stops and is restarted with a free kick for offside. We’re no worse off than we are now. What’s the issue? Yes it would be great to be able to get everything right but, it’s never going to happen, regardless of what technology is used. If it does happen, the game will no longer be the same, it will have a complete revamp with new rules for various situations, losing its heritage. My my idea regarding VAR is to eliminate the plain obvious errors. The howlers, the game changing decisions which may or may not be correct. It’s not a perfect fix but, it has structure and, is easy to implement within the current rule set.
  6. 0wl18

    VAR - keep out the nerds.

    You don’t give the goal. Whistle was blown, the ball is dead at that point. Nothing you can do in that situation technology or no technology. the idea is you referee the game exactly the same as you do now. If linesman stop flagging, get rid of them, they aren’t following the rules. It really isn’t hard. I understand the concerns and ultimately, it will never be perfect. The game is far from perfect now! Every home game there’s a thread whinging about the referee, give them the help they so clearly need.
  7. 0wl18

    VAR - keep out the nerds.

    Exactly the reason why an appeals system is needed.
  8. 0wl18

    VAR - keep out the nerds.

    So to make a challenge you have to highlIght to the 4th official why you’re making the challenge, you can’t make it on a whim. There has to be an explanation to review.
  9. 0wl18

    VAR - keep out the nerds.

    Said the exact same thing in the non match day sections. 1 appeal per team per half. The manager is in charge of making an appeal, not the players. Takes away the the crowding and convincing the referee to go the VAR. Criteria for an appeal are as follows. -Penalty decisions both for and against. -Goals ruled out for offside. -Goals given but there’s a suspicion of offside. -Red Card incidents. How often are game changing decisions missed? I’d argue that there aren’t that many in all honesty which, is why limiting the number of referrals would work. As as for people complaining about a referral being used to prevent a break away etc... firstly how many times do you see a break away result in a goal? What’s more important? What might occur from a breakaway or, a definite injustice missed by the referee?
  10. 0wl18


    Remember his goal against QPR like it was yesterday! He looked a Reyt player that day! I like many many fans on here will only ever ask for 100% from a player, Nuhui gives us that and more whenever he steps onto the pitch. He has his limitations but, he’s no where near as bad as some make out!
  11. 0wl18


    I, like many on here have family and friends who are Blunts. They're decent human beings just like the majority of both fan bases are. It works both ways, they'll have friends and family who are Wednesday. Both sides have their fair share of arseholes. Now, what if, one of your friends, a blunt supporter, who you know full well is a decent human being, wouldn't go looking for trouble etc, got caught up in the mindless violence last night and ended up severely injured? Is it ok just because they're supporters of out fiercest rivals on derby day that they get hurt? If you feel the answer to that question is yes. You're exactly what's wrong with modern society. Mindless violence in any way, shape or form, has no place at football regardless of who is playing. The idiots who are giving it the 'not condoning it but'. Then going on about how much of a kicking we gave them etc, are the same vermin who justify racism etc by saying, 'i'm not racist but'. Uneducated idiots who will hopefully never reproduce. One day they may see the light and grow up of course, I won't count my chickens though.
  12. 0wl18

    This ref

    All round good performance from the ref. One of the liners may as well have had his flag up his arse. He was useless. Numerous offside decisions went without being flagged. Half a yard at most each time but, none the less offside, smacks of an official unable to keep up with play.
  13. In fairness to McClaren, he has immense pedigree as a coach. Fergie had him down as the best he worked with which is quite some praise. Maybe not the best as a manager however, since Roeder left our recruitment has been poor, DOF would make perfect sense.
  14. 0wl18

    Next manager odds

  15. 0wl18

    Next manager odds

    You can call McCarthy anti football etc but, the man gets results. He has had next to no backing at Ipswich and, when he first arrived they were rooted to the bottom of the table. He's proven from his time at Wolves he knows how to get out if the division. He may not be fashionable, we may not play the most attractive football but, we will be effective and, we will win games. Anyone clamouring for Megson who turns their nose up at McCarthy is crackers.