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  1. Without the work of Fletcher, Hooper wouldn't have the space to exploit. Fletcher is a strong physical focal point, he links play, creates space and, always give the opposition trouble IMO.
  2. Cowley brothers

    Done very well in their current post, took the league by surprise last season and steadied the ship in the league above this season. It wasn't down to luck that they got to the quarter finals of the FA cup last season. Rumour has it, their prepartion is meticulous considering the budget and facilities available to them. Tipped for big things however, are they right for us? Who knows, we could make or break them. On the other hand, Carlos is still in charge and, I don't think Chansiri will get rid. If we lose Sunday he has to go.
  3. Westwood injured?

    100% at fault for the 1st and 3rd. The free kick goes in at his side, it was well struck but, as soon as the ball was rolled backwards, its always going to his right. Has to do better. Duffy's wasn't struck with that much venom IMO. Any keeper getting beat at his near post from that angle has questions to answer.
  4. 'Try again'

    The question answers itself. The way in which the feedback is given is the important part.
  5. Dave Jones

    They've won points without playing particularly well. The balance doesn't exist. We are unbelievably predictable. The reason we have the points we do is simply don't to the quality of player we have in relation to the opposition.
  6. 'Try again'

    Each individual player has to be handled differently. Shouting works for some. Disappointed dad approach works for others. Whatever the approach, trying again simply isn't working.
  7. 'Try again'

    The answer he gave Implies his reaction is the same behind closed doors. If he was to say I won't be singling anyone out for criticism, thats an internal matter the fair enough.
  8. 'Try again'

    Well If I have a bobbar day at work, I'm held responsible and i'll get a bollocking as a result. Staton wasn't scapegoating the manager, he was putting it in the olayers saying they simply weren't good enough.
  9. Dave Jones

    He was constantly recieving the ball on the wrong foot yesterday, completely ruined any urgency we had. Dwelled on the ball a lot BUT, he has been one of our better players this season. The team we had out in the first half was a ridiculous line up. Absolutely no balance in the side and he struggled to cope as a result.
  10. It bloody hurts but its only 3 points

    Just 3 points seriously? Westwood best in the league
  11. During his interview with Radio Sheffield yesterday, Carlos was asked what he thought to certain players performances. He gave his usual skirting around the question answer claiming he was the one to blame etc. Rob pushed him though and claimed in these situations after a derby loss in such horrific fashion, the players have to take some repsonsibility. Carlos disagreed and absolutely astounded me. He claims he doesn't pull players up on bad performances, doesn't call them out on mistakes but, just tells the to try again? This is the 2nd division of English football not the under 7's ffs. No wonder we go around in circles. Hunt, Jones, Lees, Van Aken, Reach and Westwood all put in a 4/10 performance yesterday. If they try again i'm sure they'll get it right.
  12. It was theoretical. We've heard BS about it being an inflated market etc. Jota for 6m is a steal. So it Deen for 2m. Theres been a few more as well, we don't need Rhodes. We don't play to his strengths, hes a waste of money with the set up we currently have.
  13. Sell, buy Jota, another centre half and a loanee winger
  14. We seriously need to change now. He's had 3 seasons so sort our defensive frailties and we're now losing 3-0 at a poo Bolton side. We have chance to get a decent manager in before the season really kicks into gear. It will give us all the boost we need. Its depressing at the minute.
  15. Injuries.. really?

    All of those names were out for various amounts of time last season as well. It isnt coicidence IMO. Arsenal have a similar problem and pundits etc do link it to training methods etc.