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  1. Is there another internet forum as bipolar as Owlstalk?! He's free He's a good age He's quick He's versatile He's spoken highly of by previous clubs fans The pros far outweigh the cons but lets have a moan anyway!
  2. There are far bigger commercial issues than the kit. Like i said, if sales were seriously an issue, it would be rectified. There's numerous people within the thread who have complained but, have ultimately said they'll buy the kit anyway, Like any like minded fan will. People buy the kit because of what it stands for, not when it's released. Isn't the point if an internet forum to put your point across? Do you just scroll past everything you don't like without making comment? I foray into the thread to look at some of the designs our more creative members have made. I do apologise is that doesn't fit your narrative though.
  3. Surely if it caused that much of a commercial issue, the kit would be released at the end of the season. People buy the kit regardless. Its a fact, whether you like it or not. It's off season, not much happening, no transfers coming in, not a lot else to talk about so everyone gets stuck into the kit. It's boring!
  4. I don't get the issue with the kit. It'll be out before the season starts which, is all that matters. I'd rather the club focus on designing a nice kit, than have them worry about Tony being to wear the new shirt on his summer holiday to Bridlington. We haven't produced a bad kit for years. Divisive, absolutely, but all the shirts have been decent.
  5. Anybody would think he was 38 years old and marred with injury problems ffs. Diame would walk into pretty much every midfield in the division.
  6. Not sure if this is a wee wee take. There's probably 12 premier league teams who would want Lookman if he was available. That's not to mention the top 6 in the Championship would all be in for him too but yes, it makes perfect sense for him to come and wallow in mid table obscurity. Would I like him to sign? Obviously. Is he going to sign? Give over. Its about time people just ignored testicles wrote by nobodies on twitter, its childish.
  7. If id recently bought a Championship club and, had ambitions of promotion, the first name on the list of potential managers would be Bruce. If this happens, and, its looks like its already done, Chansiri deserves some praise. Half a season left to have a good go at the top 6 with a squad still capable and, a quality manager in place. Id also hazard a guess that we'll be busy in January, he's rolling the dice IMO.
  8. But extortionate ticket prices are an absolute must if we're to compete right? I mean they're a must due to the excitement of a ridiculous relegation battle whilst our best players are sat rorting. Great stuff. The guys an idiot.
  9. Wilder epitomises exactly what it means to be a pig. Bitter, arrogant, egotistical bell.
  10. We’re a team with no identity. Its easy to see why we concede so many. Our shape is non existent. There’s overloads all over the pitch. Could be embarrassing, if the score before half time they’ll kick on.
  11. Great point regarding producing the goods come match day. It’s not like we’re Manchester City, playing a brand of football imprinted on the training pitch. We’re poo! It’s impossible to tell what our objectives are in and out of possession so training everyday isn’t doing the starters any good! Ledley King trained on his own at Tottenham but, was regarded as one of the best centre halves in the country, Tottenham didn’t hang him out to dry because he couldn’t train everyday. The fact is we have players capable of improving our starting 11, which in turn would improve results is a joke. Freezing them out and continuing to charge extraordinarily high ticket prices for a sub par product fetches these kind of decisions into the limelight. If we’re changing our vision and developing younger players, cool, drop the ticket prices to match the product on offer and nobody can complain.
  12. Extremely harsh to say he failed at Ipswich. On a shoestring budget he saved them from relegation in his first season there. He managed to get them over achieving when he took them into the play offs. A tough few seasons transpired due to a lack of investment nothing more.
  13. ‘Get on with it he didn’t touch thi!’
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