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  1. He was a man mountain tonight, Bruce must love him
  2. Well you live and learn, hadn't realise you could watch it on the sky sports app (but not the sky go app) I'm away for the Forest game, so I'm glad I will be able to watch after all. aplogies for any misinformation given to a fellow owl,
  3. Nope you carnt watch it, but you might find a stream
  4. There are only 4 championship games on that night the away game at B City was changed from a Sat to a Sunday and that was on. was just wondering if anyone knew the reason.
  5. For some reason, this games is not listed as being on the red button, on Sky. Anyone know why?
  6. One of the worst players I have ever had the misfortune to watch in Owls shirt, does nothing positive, passes back, gives the ball way, a complete liability, a joke of a footballer, for me his swap for Winnal sums up,the whole mess of a season, horrible...
  7. I thought Boro are one of the clubs who haven't joined I follow? So I assumed it's not available
  8. I'm not going tonight for a ridiculous reason. I have been told by an enlightened fan, I need to grow up. I may need to find a therapist.
  9. Typical response from some of the people on here, the club have the right to not open the Grandstand, I can choose not to go because of this, I can choose give my opinion on this forum, but I expected a response like this, because I know what some of our fans are like.
  10. I have a season ticket in the grandstand, I expect to watch every match from my chosen seat, if the Grandstand had been open, I would have made the effort to go to the game, with my lad, but as it's not open, I'm not going, for the game the club offer no family area, short sighted, not for the first time.
  11. I would like to say that I am "Amazed" how badly this season is panning out. But I'm not amazed at all. When Carlos signed his new contract (why he was offered it, we shall never know) and looking at our second consecutive season of awful player recruitment, we are broadly, where I expected us to be. The only thing I find amazing on match day, is the quality of the ale in the New Barrack Tavern before the game.
  12. Watching the Hull v Forest game, and a forest player kept charging forward at pace, causing havoc, beating players with trickery and speed of foot and the commentator said "that's what Forest do so well, they turn defence into attack, so quickly" Then I think of how Wednesday play, but I did remember Jack Hunt charging 60 yards at speed, only to pass it to someone who passed it back, and that player passed it back and within seconds we were back to where Jack Hunt started his run. This passing it back and across the back, is just so boring and must have been drilled into the players
  13. I must go and buy a 1867 package, yes, everything around the club is so good, I want to spend money I don't have.
  14. I can see no evidence dead balls and corners, woeful organisation, non existence, lesdership, missing
  15. If I hadn't seen it, I'm not sure I would have believed it. that was SHOCKING meeting a blade for a meal tonight, how I look forward to the talk about football
  16. After today, might give up watching football
  17. Bring big Ron back, at least he would make us laugh again
  18. Loved Carlos in his first season. very disappointed in his second season (with style of football, negative tactics) just suffering the Bolton game, I wonder if I have been taking halugenci drugs, Am i really watching this Go, Carlos, Go, Go now. its horrible
  19. As a previous shareholder, who had a share which gave a seat for life, you know there is no such thing as a guarantee. The q and a for this new scheme, suggests if the club was to be sold, the new owners would be required to honour the scheme, there is not a question "what happens if the club was to go to bust", because the answer is "your investment would become worthless" i went to the shareholder meeting, where the Board decided to go with Charterhouse, there was a chap there who asked Dave Richards, the question "I've just spent £10,000 on two A shares, in order to give me and my youn
  20. Spelling mistake in title due to being on I phone and needing glasses.
  21. My lad has an idea to rework a well known football song, ok we have been in the sun. the Wiill Gregg song. replacing your defence in terrified, with your attack is terrified and replacing will Grigg, with Tom Lees. puts tin hat on.
  22. To all those who provided helpful information, "cheers mate" to those who didn't "no worries mate" some good owls talk humour as always im on holiday so don't need to worry about work, the accommodation we are moving to has fox sports, so fingers crossed they will show the match. get back to England just in time to watch the owls at Norwich saw an Aussie Rules football match at the Sydney Cricket ground, was a great experience Time for a stubbie
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