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  1. Left footed left back, central midfielder & a striker. Ship out Rhodes, Pelupessy, Fox & Baker.
  2. Two predictions from me (with the squad we have currently), we won't go down and we won't go up!
  3. If we don’t get to the Premiership and DC walks away and calls in the loans we are in it as deep as you can be.
  4. That means that we owe £137 million to DC and un-named stadium purchaser?
  5. Hughton for me, experience at this level, taken a club up and seems an intelligent balanced bloke.
  6. Can’t recall Chris Waddle playing in Atkinson’s team
  7. Best football we ever played. 3rd in the top division, European football, regulars at Wembley. Signed the great Chris Waddle. He never got the credit he deserved.
  8. Probably have the image of the King of Thailand shadowed onto the shirt
  9. And he wants £200 mill for the club! Deluded...
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