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  1. Looks like Monk is going with 3 at the back and wing backs, currently Harris but Reach or Penney could fill that role. I think that we would struggle against better teams defensively with Harris.
  2. Astonishing decision, he is nowhere near Championship level, headless chicken.
  3. He is nowhere near good enough for Rotherham or any league team for that matter, the worst midfielder I have ever seen playing for us and I go back to 1967. He must be a relative of Jos's!
  4. By God we have had some poo ! Worst has to be Beswetherick, he looked like he'd hopped on to the pitch from the stands. Going back to the 70s Danny Cameron was pretty awful too.
  5. Championship clubs are considering going into 'group administration', every player would then become a free agents immediately. Article in today's Daily Mail
  6. My swap would be Lyons or Palmer for the aforementioned Playwimipussy
  7. Until Pelupessy landed on these shores I would have agreed
  8. Absolutely no chance this season will be finished, 6 months of social distancing minimum.
  9. That cant be right Maximum ticket price Reading v Vermin is £10
  10. The quicker the Thai fraud goes the better
  11. Any Manager that selects Pelupessy should be sacked on the spot, National league at best
  12. Pelupessy should be nowhere near a Championship club, non-league at best
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