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  1. So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    Out by October if no improvement on CCC
  2. Who will be SWFC manager next season?

    The 34% need to go to Specsavers quickly
  3. Jos the joker...go now

    On par with CTurner & A Irvine
  4. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    It reminded me of Sunday league football when you came up against a referee who knew the opposing team and we all knew all decisions would go their way and they did.When challenged on his decision making he’d make stupid interruptions of the game but there were two winners sat in pub later in the afternoon
  5. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    One word somes the man up clueless and verging on corrupt
  6. Carlos The Second

    Not what I’ve seen and one thing for sure we would have lost at Bumhole
  7. Bragging about averaging 30,000?

    I used to put the obsession thing down to being our little brother but as I got older its now just this cousin
  8. Carlos and his management of injuries

    Really glad he’s left the club my optimism is back
  9. You spoke too soon piggy...

    CC wouldn’t have sussed it
  10. SUFC official tweet

    Little brother syndrome
  11. will we be bouncing

    They think 2-4 is a 4-0
  12. What do you want in 2018?

    A win at the “cladded palace” this month
  13. What do you want in 2018?

    A manager that can bring a winning mentality to the club and get us over the line to win promotion to the premier league.
  14. Dear Mr Chansiri - A Plea

    I will 2nd that