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  1. And he talks in riddles as though we have no common sense, he’ll be gone soon just as all the others before him but we’ll still be here with our club at heart
  2. No Wednesday fan is idiotic it’s just fans have a different ways of venting their frustrations at this very puzzling team that seems to lack any real mental strength and the will to win consistently
  3. Hope both the c.....ts stay down and Sainsbury’s land on their land
  4. I’ve got £456 back if we reach top six, put on straight after Jos got sacked UTO
  5. There aren’t too many managers we have employed where we can say it’s a good appointment from day 1
  6. You write in the same way a Phillips screwdriver would obviously if it could
  7. That would a trio of Dutchmen we wouldn’t miss
  8. None of them had a good word to say about him ...... until today .......
  9. They don’t speak of his short stint there as he left them for a bigger club
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