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  1. Pigs will truffle but not trouble the Lobster
  2. How the mood changes

    Carlos is good in the stand
  3. What's Happened

    All we want is an attacking team that try's to make chances for goal scoring opportunities and then we will go home happy again after a match
  4. Official January Transfer Rumours Thread

    Be gone before winter bites
  5. Rhodes!

    ...and his baffling tactics
  6. Why Carlos has to stay.

    That sums it up for me
  7. Rhodes pessimists in minority

    He will get 20 goals,quality striker
  8. Team - If we start with this squad

    Abdi for Bannan
  9. OMDT - Stags vs Owls

    Great result ,WAWA
  10. sheffield centric.

    Gleadless is 60% Owls