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  1. roland nilson

    Not long until what?

    Until the big announcement a week today
  2. roland nilson

    New manager new right back

    Jos will take Pepelsy back to Holland with him, I hope
  3. roland nilson

    Paul cook

    No thank you
  4. roland nilson

    what's wrong with our fans?

    It’s morning and nothing has happened
  5. roland nilson

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    The reality is dross at the present time
  6. roland nilson

    Bannan at full time

    Don’t forget Nihiu and Pep
  7. roland nilson

    New manager

    The one phrase on everbodies lips this week is “has he gone yet?”............... ............... Please put us out of our misery DC
  8. roland nilson

    One former player

    Roland Nilsson
  9. roland nilson


    It’s only a matter of time,but we’re all impatient.Just hope Jokanovic doesn’t go to another club while our chairman is pondering the inevitable
  10. roland nilson

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Is there a reason why J Pepelsy is virtually selected every match when other midfielders given a chance will probably do better ?
  11. roland nilson

    When Jos is gone

    No J Pepelsy, that’s an improvement
  12. roland nilson


    Vast majority are apathetic and chants of the Dutch man out today
  13. roland nilson


    We all know there are fundamental running issues with the club but we have to start with Jos Dross
  14. roland nilson

    Jos Lahukay- Get out of our club

    He can still catch the late fery to Rotterdam from Hull ... please