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  1. do I need to 'calm down' Neil? - Is that why I don't exist this morning?

  2. Why do you think he's available? - no end 'product'....
  3. Waiting to modify my Gary Megsons Barmy Army flag until we are out of the relegation zone....
  4. Shouldn't he be slopping out at this time of night?
  5. He's starting to understand that 'if in doubt put it out'...
  6. Shoot on sight FFS and follow them up. Fight for that second ball. Win your one vs ones. Find the space on the edge of the D and when it drops shoot - don't pass the buck and pass it out wide. Put the corners between the penalty spot and the 6 yard box. Let Miguel take all the free kicks on the right. Play CoG from the start. Simples - they're all a bunch of p1ssheads.
  7. One major flaw - we need to dominate in the 18 yard box...
  8. His final pass & shot selection needs work. Its fine to get past your man but sometimes crossing it hard and low or pulling it back can be more effective than going for glory or over hitting the cross- if only we had players hanging back in space on the edge of the box to rifle in the ball.
  9. I don't get your proint you picks.... I almost fooked that one up too
  10. of the backing at Ewood. Second bottom of the league. Top average attendance in the Championship. Tough times but resilient support. Outstanding.
  11. Post of the night Neil - wasted commenting fishing on the football....
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