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  1. Brilliant! He will be an inspiration to so many people
  2. In the spirit of Easter I'm resurrecting this thread to see if there are plans to watch the SF away leg at a pub in Manchester? Recently moved to Levenshulme and seen that Owls have gathered at the Red Lion in Withington in the past. @Manchester_Owl any plans afoot?
  3. Just 21 out of the current 92 for me: https://www.footballgroundmap.com/lyonowl Always love going to Craven Cottage. One of my more memorable trips there was when we got beaten 4-0 at Christmastime in 2014. Owls fans on top, self-deprecating form that day. Also like Villa Park – nice industrial walk back into the city centre along the canal. (Mood was also lifted by Reach scoring that worldy in the first minute when I last went!)
  4. Please no no no no no. But then...
  5. Happy new year! Let's hope for a reverse version of 2019-20 this season...
  6. Bought a PS4 for the first lockdown and loved this game. Any recommendations for similar?
  7. What a day. I was 17 and went with my dad, who for some reason wore a cream linen blazer to the match. What I wouldn't give for a day like that this season (linen blazer notwithstanding)
  8. Keep up the good work! Hope you get it back up and running in no time. Wawaw
  9. This is great mate – would be interested to watch more of these!
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEsb_M2bJCA
  11. Great work they do, so hoping they get back on their feet quickly. Done and passing the info on – thanks for sharing, Owlstalk!
  12. Where in London are you now? I have a ticket if you can pick up from Bethnal Green...
  13. As per title – one extra ticket needed, to collect at ground!
  14. The United game being moved to the Friday means that it falls on the night of my 30th birthday. Was hoping to have at least one night off in my 30s before the inevitable drubbing...
  15. Work is a struggle. At least there are no Huddersfield fans here to stick the knife in
  16. 2am coach from Meadowhall, arrived at Victoria 6am. Dark night of the soul.
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