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  1. Good, wriggly kind of forward, needed to eat a lot more Bere's sandwiches.
  2. A disgusting human being. If he took us to the Premier League, I would still hate him.
  3. If it was delivered, I wouldn't read the poo-rag.
  4. I'll believe what I want mate, just as you can.
  5. They're playing for other clubs! And that is a summary of our plight.
  6. ...er, 2019/20 season is over. We stayed up.
  7. Thought they were miles better than us, even before the sending off. Showed up our lack of quality.
  8. I desperately want him to do well. but for me he's just a body when we need a body in that general center forward position to make sure centre backs have less time to pick out a pass. That might mean we have a better formation and play better with him there, but surely we have a right to expect more?
  9. More research is also planned and required, for though the study carried out by Dr Willie Stewart at the University of Glasgow was the most comprehensive of its kind, perhaps the most frightening aspect is how much we still don’t know. Stewart and his team compared the health records of 7,676 former Scottish footballers born between 1900 and 1976 to 23,000 people from the general population who had the same birth year and similar social background. They found deaths in former players were lower than expected before the age of 70, while they were also less likely to die from heart dis
  10. Lighter yes, but moving at a much greater speed. The research suggests brain injury from light footballs pinged at a greater pace are just as damaging.
  11. If League Tables were decided on Chicken Balti pies sold per match.
  12. Well done, Neil. You've clearly demonstrated that just looking at win ratios out of context is for Trump supporters. So just give up, eh?
  13. Ask the Watford owners. Their decision relegated Watford, so their judgement is a bit suspect, eh?
  14. And he got them out of the situation of being bottom of the Prem. He left them in a much better position than he found them, so yes, based on those stats AND THE CONTEXT, he did a great job.
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