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  1. steveraper

    Some analysis

    Excellent... they confirm my worst fears. We have no way of stopping chnaces coming from opposing wingers, and we have no pace or creativity (other than Bannan and Reach's long shots) up front to create chances.
  2. steveraper

    Some analysis

    I agree....I think we really are relegation candidates. But I'm not sure anyone could do much with the (seemingly available) bunch of players we have. Now, if it's Jos' decision not to include other players, then, yes, it's down to him ... if he's being told not to include them, then he's just the scapegoat.
  3. steveraper

    Fernando injured

    Not if your jumping off the top of the wardrobe.
  4. steveraper

    Fernando injured

    May explain some of the injuries?
  5. steveraper

    Fernando injured

    Correlation does not mean causation.
  6. The plot shows Bristol City are right in the middle of the pack.
  7. steveraper

    Almen Abdi

    No wonder he keeps getting in the side.
  8. steveraper

    In other games today

    Less than two wins between 1st and 14th. Mad!
  9. steveraper

    Last nights ref

    Sorry, but that's just rubbish.
  10. steveraper

    Biased pundits etc

    You didn't say that in bed last night.
  11. steveraper

    Biased pundits etc

    I can't pull any fit, blonde 18-year-old birds. Is it because of an anti-Wednesday bias, especially on Sky? .........it was one of the best goals I've ever seen in my life.
  12. I knew we'd pull it off.
  13. That's exactly the team I would have picked ..... so, disaster then!
  14. If we win 4-1, I CERTAINLY won't have a clean sheet!
  15. steveraper

    Squad Value

    I'm thinking of doing a squad wee wee pipe length spreadsheet, with all measurements at least 10".