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  1. Clearly, you're the thought police, mate ... no opinion different to yours is allowed.
  2. Think that game really showed up our limitations as a team. Their lay-off and move at speed was great throughout the team. We had maybe 3 options - Bannan threading it through, Reach running in straight lines at them, Harris swinging in a cross from deep - all of them much easier to defend against.
  3. There's nothing wrong with holding out for a 0-0 draw. Football is about attack and defence. Leave it as it is.
  4. Barnsley's player is an employee, Chansiri is the owner. If you shop-lifted, you wouldn't expect your company to be punished.
  5. Barnsley didn't cheat. One of their players did.
  6. Ever since he's been at the club, I've never seen him make anything happen in a game. He ambles around, and every now and then it falls to his feet and he finishes it. He does nothing else in the game - that's fine if you consistently score, but his record shows he can't. I'd like to see his player stats, my guess is that they're awful. I think he's a complete luxury, and no manager can afford him in the team.
  7. Yeah, but you'd have to wear it back to front.
  8. Can someone tell me, where does this hate, bile, anger come from? And please don't tell me it's passion, I'm passionate without this poo. I don't care how many games this bloke goes to and how much money he spends, I think my club is better off without him.
  9. Bates ... he did nothing wrong all season.
  10. I haven't seen any 3 season comparison, as I couldn't be arsed reading the whole thread. I still haven't. I responded to your OP.
  11. You'r right, Holmowl - the two examples are to prove a point ... they go to show, with such a small sample, a biased sample at that, you can probably find lots of different correlations - none of them are significant, which means they're likely to be just random. Who knows - they might be the most prolific partnership ever seen in Wednesday shirts ... but the small sample can't tell you that. Cheers.
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