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  1. steveraper

    ffs Wednesday

    Losing to Man City in the weeing rain 1970, relegating us from the First Division. The worst Wednesday performance EVER!
  2. Why no questions about the comb-over?
  3. We could do with John Richtea playing against the Biscuitmen....
  4. It's not true our star players don't compliment each other. I distinctly heard Hooper say "nice finish" to Rhodes on Saturday.
  5. steveraper

    The cc doubters

    Gawd, there are some moaners on here. £20 to SCH anyway. Extra £100 if we go up. £200 if we win the League. I'm in.
  6. Love it. I'm going to use "da diddly qua qua" in every conversation today....
  7. Of the extremes, two are because of very low number of points totals needed (Palace, and Blackpool). The other two are two teams who started rubbish, and then got the hang of the division. So they're examples of different phenomena - I don't think either apply to us this season.
  8. steveraper

    Liam Palmer

    Liam had a very good game yesterday, apart from the mistake which should have led to a Leeds goal. But Hunt's game, in terms of the system Carlos wants to play, is much more useful - he's improved his crossing fantastically in the last 12 months, and that's why he's ahead of Liam. Although Liam did put in a couple of good crosses yesterday. Hunt also works better with Wallace. It's good to have such a decent back-up, who's happy to sit on the bench until needed.
  9. steveraper

    Yorkshire grit

    Leeds are a level above everyone else so far - whether they can maintain it is another thing. United have a system, but as soon as they get an injury and/or teams find them out, they'll drop away, finishing mid-table I reckon. Cardiff will drop away quickly too. Even though we have the deepest squad in the league, we're still highly dependent on certain players like Lee, and Bannan to a lesser extent. But we still don't have that extra, like Brighton had Knockart last season. I'd predict us finishing 4th again.
  10. It makes sense to me. Carlos is not a fan of out-and-out wingers (so many of them have arrived recently and not even got games), like lots of continental coaches, because when they're not "winging" they're out of the game. So, full backa that can get up and cross are the basis of his teams (Jack Hunt, I reckon is Carlos' dream, not sure about the others). So a holding midfielder (Hutch, Jones) for when full backs are caught in the wrong position. This narrows the rest of the midfield - Bannon and maybe Butterfield even more so, are great players for threading through balls. If we're Tora!Tora!Tora! Fessi , Wallace and Boyd give us a bit more width. If you want a player like Butterfield from Derby who have lots of midfielders but little options up front, Winnall for Butterfield is a win-win. That's the theory.........
  11. Love, England, love Britain, also love Europe., but... Although most of it is lies from the Daily Heil, perhaps the reason some people can find the English flag offensive is because it's used as an offensive weapon at all right wing, anti-immigrant, racist and white supremacist demo.
  12. steveraper

    OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    That bench is better than the team!
  13. I trust the SYP will stop any of that "Up The Rs" chanting malarki from opposing fans. Don't want any of our younger supporters being homosexualised.
  14. As a manager, would you be confident in playing a young player at Hillsborough? If he has a bad 'un, the abuse could destroy him. Maybe we're part of the cause for young players not being drafted in? Just a thought.
  15. A thing of rare beauty.