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  1. You asked for it ... Yep, they're all coordinate adjectives - the tVVat is stupid and fat and miserable - the commas is instead of the "and". But miserable flipping tvvat are a coordinate followed by a cumulative adjective - he's not miserable and flipping ( I don't think so anyway). So, it's not a list, so no comma. Soz.
  2. No, they're cumulative adjectives not coordinate adjectives.
  3. Nobody mentioning Joey .... I thought he was brilliant. Fletch was awesome, but I'd give it to Joey for shutting a few people up.
  4. And the moving averages are designed to minimise the effect of easy/hard games.
  5. Today's ref, Darren England is from Barnsley. A Barnsley bloke reffing Rotherham vs Wedmesday ... a bit unusual?
  6. Not a great Meggy fan, but you're trying to equate the dropping of one player to the bench with several senior pros being completely cold-shouldered? Mentler.
  7. I set no targets whatsoever, but the three signings appear to give us something we've all been crying out for for ages - two attacking full backs and a pacey winger. They may, just may, allow Bannan to concentrate on what he does best from midfield, and provide service for our centre forwards - remember, in general they're not not scoring goals because they're crap finishers, it's because they don't get the service they need. Feet on the ground, but they look like signings which address our main areas of weakness.
  8. I'm sorry, but I really fail to understand fans like you. What do you get from posts like this?
  9. Excellent... they confirm my worst fears. We have no way of stopping chnaces coming from opposing wingers, and we have no pace or creativity (other than Bannan and Reach's long shots) up front to create chances.
  10. I agree....I think we really are relegation candidates. But I'm not sure anyone could do much with the (seemingly available) bunch of players we have. Now, if it's Jos' decision not to include other players, then, yes, it's down to him ... if he's being told not to include them, then he's just the scapegoat.
  11. Not if your jumping off the top of the wardrobe.
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