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  1. It's games like yesterday that make my teeth bleed. The atmosphere is tense in a uncomfortable way. The 16k are loyal and passionate and when it's going well there is no better place, when it's not going so well . . . . . The majority of the non attenders last night who are going next week are Utd haters rather than Wednesday Supporters.
  2. He needs someone with pace at the side of him. Some of his hold up play and running off the ball was very good last night. We all know he is never going to score us 20 goals (due to the fact he runs about everywhere he is never in the box) Take him and Johnson out and you'd struggle to find a threat at the minute.
  3. I think it's the down side of a team being too well drilled. That sounds stupid, but i think the players have lost all original thoughts and are playing like robots. Take something as simple as the throw ins and free kicks. When was the last time we did a quick one? We had ample opportunity last night to put the ball down and move it quickly to catch them unaware. However we put the ball down, lofted it into the box, just for them to win the header. It's the same with throw in's. Sunday league down the line!! It's one thing being organised out of possession, but being organised in possession leads to total predictability. The subs last night had zero impact. They spend 4 minutes reading that s0dding brochure with Thomspon and lose all impetus. Just go on and make a difference!! we are 1 down for f**ks sake! As the opening post states, all to much like Alan Irvine
  4. Morrison should start, with Lines in for Bostock. Not wholesale changes.
  5. I think he has a set game plan of high tempo, high work rate and before this little spell it was working wonders and we looked a good team. Sadly if everyone doesn't conform to this ethic we look disjointed and somewhat predictable. I don't think Bostock will ever be this kind of player, for a 20 year his fittness and basic desire seems to be sadly lacking. Palmer seems to be a 16 year old in a 20+ year olds body in attitude and performance, Lowe can't do it for more than 40 minutes and whether Madine fancies or not if anyones guess. With the others i'm slightly worried that they may be knackerd. Semedo has looked done in, as has Cog, as has Batth to some extent. We currently are told that we have the fittest team in the league, but they don't seem it recently. (number of late goals conceded) Are these runs in the park too much, shouldn't fittnes already be there and its just a matter of rest and managing their bodies. Big games coming up and i just hope we are not running on empty already.
  6. Good player with a questionable attitude. Undoubtably when he is at it, he's the best striker we have. At the minute it's not working. He can't start Tuesday. COG and Morrison for me.
  7. Tuesday is now the biggest game / day of our season by an absolute mile. Win this and with the rest playing each other, we could well be back in a strong position. I just get the feeling that the players may be focused on the pigs match 2/3 weeks too early. It happens almost everytime we play them. The results suffer pre and post the derby match. Reda mentioned it in his interview, as did lines as did buxton. Small time thinking!!! Thinking about playing the pigs could ruin our season.
  8. This is the key point. He pushes teams back, i personally think he might be a yard too slow to start, but COG and Madine doesn't seem to work.
  9. Weaver = top quality shot stopper This is only 25% of what makes a good keeper. Weaver is 25% of a good keeper, cus the other aspects are seriously lacking.
  10. In the short time i've seen him i have been less than impressed. 2 games and he has yet to put a cross in!! Having said that he's been here only a week and moving from Bury to Wednesday must be like moving from England to Mars.
  11. He should always be on the bench at least!! After West Ham i was certain he would be involved. No point having Morrison and Lowe on the bench, should be one or the other and Johnson. Megson hasn't made many mistakes in the last few months but today not having Johnson in the squad was a massive error.
  12. In what ways was Palmer any better than Sedgwick? Many of you are just playing favourites. Palmer wasn't brilliant by any means, but at times his technical ability shone through, spraying 2 or 3 good crossfield balls, and always looking to play. I can see nothing positive that Sedgeick brings to the team. A joke of a selection by Megson. If this is him proving a point to a few others in the squad he needs to get over himself.
  13. The positives are that, Tavernier had a very good second half, our main attacking outlet. Jones & Reda also had good games. Forward pairing did well on the little service or support they had. We never really looked like conceding i thought. However it was like playing with ten men at times. Sedgwick is beyond bad. Megson can be a stubborn s0d at times, our position in the league allows him this luxury, but firsly o connor and now this waste of space on the wing is getting on my wick. What has Coke done? I'm not saying he's the answer but for gods sake give him a go. He is streets ahead of those 2. JJ is also a must in the squad and i agree with Crosby, Bennett is not up to it.
  14. I know we have had 1000000's of posts on O Connor but it just doesnt work does it. Megson has moved Lines out of the middle after 20 mins (where he has been on the better side of steady) to accommodate JOC today. Apart from his Messi style shot he was horrible. AGAIN. The first 45 seconds showed him up to be what he is. 2 fouls because he is too slow and immobile. Its a waste of a tactical sub because we all know he will rarely last beyond 50 mins. After having no impact on the match at all. Apart from that i thought we were decent against a very well organised Brentford team. I would sign their centre back in Jan if possible (Lleria on loan from Blackpool i think). Very impressed. We would have lost that not so very long ago.
  15. It wasn't a joke the answer is Scotland.
  16. I've only just finished my ''help for slow typers'' class.
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