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  1. I suppose they are the same idiots that were writing good things about him last year, i must have missed his comments then? Spoilt, mardy kid, who needs to grow up. We all know most of the posters on here don't go, you could tell that last season by the amount of people who sat on the leppings lane end against wycombe, with 200+ posts to their name. I demand a season ticket holders only Owlstalk, who have been going for over 15 years, who come from Sheffield, who go to away matches, who don't go to the game in a Wednesday shirt if they are over 8 years old.
  2. Nice sentiment, but if you went to Burnley in the p1ss poor weather after a full days work, to see a dreadful defensive performance by a certain individual, then despite this still clap him off, only for the said player to snub your efforts and walk straight down the tunnel, then i understand people showing their dissatisfaction. Personally i didn't boo, (more childish than kicking a ball if you're not allowed to come on). When you have just been Listening over internet it's hard to take your comments seriously.
  3. Exactly! The team is what it's about, us winning is what it's about, not whether Gary Madine gets to play or not. If i had a bet on us to win 2-1 and we won 3-1 i wouldn't start throwing a tantrum. He just needs to grow up.
  4. If he did something like that on a Sunday, he would be knocked out! ''It shows he wants to play'' - Surely that's a given??
  5. It shows him up to be a childish tw@t. I couldn't believe my eyes. If you think this is passion then you are a bigger tw@t than him.
  6. ''He is a true 100 perecenter'' - he can't pass, shoot, head, etc, but he will run around like a mad man for 90 minutes ''He does things the fans don't see'' - He's poo and i need a good excuse to why i play him every week ''unsung hero'' - No one likes him because he's rubbish ''Cult hero'' - everyone likes him, but we don't know why.
  7. On paper I agree, sadly we are not playing football manager. Team spirit and cohesion needs to be taken into account. Short term it's not working, long term I hope it does.
  8. What's your point? Are you trying to be some smug smart arse who says we should be happy to cheer some fancy flicks now and again?
  9. I don't doubt it's these fair weather fans that have come back to the club on the back of this outstanding run we've had. Once they don't get what they want they throw a strop. the 16k that were there on Tuesday nights in the Irvine days will now how far we have come in a short time. Sadly the thick, part time, glory hunters tend to have the biggest gobs once it doesn't go to plan. It's time for the proper fans to stand up. Starting at Southampton and even more at Wolves!!!
  10. We as a fan base need to grow up. We've come on a million miles as a club in a short time and this is the first time for a longtime when things are not going our way. Yes, maybe too many new players have been given first team shirts at once. But the over reaction is cringeworthy. Think back a few months and i for one would have given my right arm to be able to look forward to playing Wolves next week. Lets not blow it, by being a bunch of f@nnies and moan at the first thing. Jones will get it right, lets try and enjoy it.
  11. He's not the answer to our prayers, but at the minute he is the only striker we have who was/is anywhere near in form.
  12. The atmosphere at 2 - 1 was good, a proper atmosphere. Mattocks sending off killed it a little, but even spells in the second half the crowd were well behind them. The 2nd penalty killed all hope. The crowd are going to be quiet, its not a f*cking ice hockey match or the Olympics, we are bothered about the out come and have not come for a party (despite all this ''fan cam'' poo !!) If your disappointed you are quiet!
  13. I can't understand how people spend there lives watching football and still know flip all. He looked a class above. He was comfortable on the ball and clearly seemed an intelligent footballer. Agree 100%. Anyone slating him tonight must be a moron. His passing and all round general play were very impressive. What some of you must see totally baffles me.
  14. I know it would be difficult to enforce, but to get 10 points for Derby away and the same for Southampton away (Midweek!!) seems a bit harsh. This is not because it benefits me, i went to Derby and Palace but won't make Southampton.
  15. Megson gave us back a bit of Pride. He made everyone want to play for the shirt and emphasised the importance of the fans. He was a muck and bullets man. Jones is that step above. He adds that bit of class that a club of our size can thrive off. He is adding to the foundations set by Megson. Megson was the labourer, Jones is the Builder. Milan owns the house!!!
  16. Nothing said was directed at Neill not in the slightest, this site is outstanding and has improved time and time again. I think the poorness of the shirt/DVD marketing ''campaign/production'' was just being aired by a number of fans.
  17. The best atmosphere will be the 6k in the away end, cus they have just come for a party. The rest of us will be white as sheets, with stomachs on us that feel like we have just eaten 15 cat food pizza's and washed it down with a dog muck milkshake.
  18. Is the Beamback a definate non starter, because this would sell out in seconds. First game i will miss all season!! I will have a heart attack if i have to listen to Rob Staton / Andy Giddings. Come on Owlstalk make it happen, PLEAAAAAAASE.
  19. This game will be stuff of legend, i can just feel it. Wednesday lead 2-0 going into the last 10 minutes of the game, then, The crappy little blip on the scoreboard will appear, the ground will turn silent as heads turn, arms get nudged and eyes widen with anticipation. MK DONS 1 BLADES 0 Mayhem erupts!!!
  20. I'm not saying Madine was bad, they both played ok, i just thought Ranger had the better overall game. Scoring doesn't mean you played well.
  21. Ranger was the better forward on the pitch today (we have a made a transfer coup there) and Semedo is finally back to what he was 4 months ago.
  22. You could never fault his passion but i always saw him as some kind of mad uncle figure at the club. No one ever consulted him in the dug out, he just just to stride about, in his ill fitting training kit, waving his arms that much you wondered if he may take flight. The more he waved about the less the players took any notice. You'd want him next to you in a fight but not on your quiz team! He said some nice things about us, but i think the time is right to move on, for both parties.
  23. I don't agree 100% with the sacking, but i can't see the point in singing his name at Rochdale. I'll be there to support the current team and staff. We don't want to turn this into an us against them scenario, that won't help anyone. For good or bad, Megson has gone. Let's move on and show the new man what Sheffield Wednesday support is all about.
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