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  1. The red and green Portugal bit still gets on my nerves (i think it must be just me though!!) But the effort that some people have gone to is well and truly mind blowing. If it has been mentioned already i apologise, but how about having collection buckets outside to raise funds for future ''away days'' so the entire fan base can contribute. I'd happily put a few quid in every away match, (if you managed to catch me if we'd won, possibly more than a few quid!)
  2. Here is a wacky thought, why dont we just support the club as a whole?? Although I suppose we wouldnt be able to dress up in red and green then would we. Come on portugal!!!!!
  3. Sadly 1500 will end up on the pitch after being used as paper aeroplanes.
  4. We are a team new to this league, with players who haven't played at this level before, it's not going to be a cake walk. Despite the pre season optimism we were never going to go straight up or have a shot at the play offs. Jones is building a new era, this needs time and patience.
  5. Agree with this aswell. They are shocking!!! Plus that ''slit your wrist'' song at half time hardly got the crowd pumped up
  6. We created enough opportunities to win 2 matches, but the final ball, run, timing of the pass was dreadful (again). Jones called it naive, i call it just plain THICK. Antonio's ''effort'' in the 2nd half was a joke. Buxton and Jones' crossing was sub standard. It was also like playing with 10 men again, because Bothroyd is a passenger. O Grady had another poor game and it's the worst Mcabe has been since he arrived. Gardner had another positive performance and the effort shown by all but one can't be faulted.
  7. Ha ha ha, i thought it was just me who was getting mad over it. Every time i turned my head for the time it was a bloody advert for some Indian!!
  8. If you are about to bring Madine on, make sure we don't score cus he might cry and throw a little tantrum.
  9. ''Ok who's the wise guy that left the hanger in my jumper''
  10. Semedo was unreal today, man of the match easily. Gardner gets better every game he plays, i though Llera looked comfortable and Buxton was also very good. Jones is still the best FIT left back we have and i thought he was decent. The rest (bar one) put the effort in but didn't really sparkle. Apart from the odd bit of decent play by Barkley, 2 excellent passes by Mcabe and the odd bits and Bobs from Antonio they were all much of a muchness. Bothroyd was the only negative. Not good enough today, an absolute nothing performance. If he wasn't Jones' man he would have been brought off within 10 mins of the 2nd half. Sadly we don't know what we'll get from him from one game to the next.
  11. For the first 15 minutes we forgot that before we can do the nice bits of playing football, we have to work hard to earn the right. Maybe they thought after the performance against Leeds they had finally cracked it. Madine was isolated, but was not doing his intial job of holding the ball or closing down. The unglamourous part of forward play that O Grady does well, but Madine is better at the other part. After that we did what we have been doing for the last 6 or 7 matches. Looked like we were playing well, but withoit Robinson ever having to do anything. The final ball, run, decision is not up to scratch and it's really costing us.
  12. Once again i think Neil is spot on. As i woild stood there last night watching our 700th corner hit their first man i thought, we need a trip to the nearest go karting centre. If we don't get in the pay offs after that, then i am baffled!
  13. Throwing seats? We are on about the Sunderland Newcastle match!!
  14. The thing that I hate is the fact football and football supporters in general get tarnished. It was 1 fool in a crowd of 50k! Yes that is still one too many, but lets not blow it all out of proportion.
  15. The fans will be wanting Megson back. They blummin loved him!! Or maybe not!
  16. I think Wolves has been his only disappointing performance since he has been here. The rest of the time i have been very impressed with his all round game. He is light years ahead of Palmer. It'll be a big loss to the squad if we don't renew his loan.
  17. Slow Can't tackle AT ALL Going forward adds nothing I think Dave Jones will finally get this club where it should be, but signings like this one baffle me. Possibly needs a few months cus he has hardly played for a few years, but at the moment he is a liabilty. Anyone that thought he was anything but below average today needs looking at!
  18. He is shocking!! He adds nothing at all to the team. I have seen all his games and he's done next to nothing in all of them. A poor, poor signing.
  19. Mattock 8??????? Do you have a season ticket in the car park?
  20. Kirkland Buxton Llera Gardner Reda (Jones if Reda not fit) Semedo Barkley Mcabe Johnson Antonio Bothroyd
  21. This shows the point perfectly, the main error with the 2nd was mattock and antonio being in a poor position to allow the cross to come in, which should be the issue of concern. I'm not having a go, but the telly only shows what it can, being at the match shows the whole picture. Otherwise football scouts would just sit at home with the radio or the internet. (maybe ours do???)
  22. 100% true. It's the best thing on the Internet (that i admit to looking at)
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