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  1. I don't know what world some of you live in. 19000 people turned up on a cold Tuesday night to support a team that has been dreadful for 80% of the season. Once again the performance was dire and you expect us to be cheering and clapping and wearing our party hats. The people that went last night care greatly about the club, they are not part of the 16k that turn up when we are winning, when there is something to celebrate. People on this thread are having a go and they DID NOT ATTEND!! The atmosphere wasn't brilliant, but for the football served up (again) what do you really expect???
  2. He'd save himself hours of running if he once in a while lifted his head up and maybe passed it. Are the coaches oblivious to this? Head down and run, every time!! I can't fault his effort, but he needs to improve his footballing awareness very quickly!
  3. I'd start with you upfront. That pass you made in the first half was pure class.
  4. Corry mcabe mayor??? Potential or not, these are not good signings. We were not in a position to sign potential. A lot of money has gone on these 3 for nothing this season. Its not a short sighted view, its a realistic view. We needed experience in a very tough league, not a bunch of kids, who so far have not shown a great deal.
  5. The crowd on Saturday could not be faulted i don't think. We tried our best to rouse some kind of performance out of them, but it just seemed to spur Leicester on more if anything. If it's as bad on Tuesday then bring on the boo's!!
  6. Drop Bothroyd and we have a fighting chance of getting something. Then Lines for Mcabe and the rest the same as Saturday.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday ‏@swfc Dave Jones: "All licensed bars closed, all licensed bars closed"#swfc
  8. Reading owl has it spot on. I was sure dj would be the man to take us forward but he has made a right mess of this season. And that has really surprised me.
  9. Like most normal supporters I dont give two hoots who is in charge, as long as we progress. Jones has taken us on to a new level, at the minute the wheels are stuck in the mud. I still think he's the man to drive us forward, he just needs to chuck a few people out of the car who seem to be weighing us down.
  10. Jones has tried to improve megsons team and so far failed. His signings are on a whole, woefull.
  11. If this is true, then this player is a tail. We got hammered today, but the crowd tried their best to get behind them and got nothing! If this player/idiot/figment of your imagination believes the away support is much better, surely we'd see much better performances away from home. Nope!!
  12. Ive only missed the brighton match and I'm not convinced mcabe is up to it yet. Glimpses yes, but at the minute sadly out of his league. Bothroyd has had a good game against leeds and was decent at ipswich but apart from that, he's been a disgrace. The defence as a whole today were 6/7, midfield were 4 and forwards 5 sidibe 1 bothroyd. 2 madine. Tuesday is huge!
  13. Some old chap collapsed. 2 Stewards and 4 St Johns people came over, did nowt, then he got up and walked off!
  14. He has got to be dropped now surely. His overall ''peformance'' was poor, again! Regardless of his non effort, he slows any move down we have, which he's involved in.
  15. Best left back performance of the season. I was expecting the worst, but he impressed me.
  16. What's the point in making it up? Those are the two players, if you don't believe it then i won't lose any sleep.
  17. The players that didn't want to go were O Grady and Madine. Both turned down other Championship clubs.
  18. The trouble is they know they would get 16k at Hillsborough regardless (at worst). 16k x £25 = £400,000 At a tenner they would have to sell 40k just to match it.
  19. They sell a 1/3 of their seats for £104.00 (season tickets). The rest are slightly more expensive but still less than £300.00 They make up the difference by selling corporate seating at around 5k a seat.
  20. Put a cap on ticket prices and the rest falls into place. Ticket prices in this country are a disgrace. I've been to top league games in Germany, Spain, France and Italy and they are a 1/4 of the price we pay.
  21. He went as Mr T on a Halloween Party and bought too much face paint, seems a shame to waste it!
  22. There are 8 of us going by train in the morning. One of the lads is on his stag do. We are going to black him up, put a wig on him and dress him in full Wednesday kit? (Semedo is on the back of his shirt already!) He'll be that drunk by kick off we could also throw him about like an inflatable!!
  23. He's saying don't expect Llera to be playing too much again this season.
  24. No way on earth llera will start. Jones has been waiting for a chance to drop him, last night was his chance. And bothroyd wont be dropped.
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