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  1. Fox??? Seriously!!! He was dire!! Only Thorniley or FF played anywhere near the required level
  2. The problem DC has created is with the high prices from minute one of his tenure. Then adding multiple years meaning he can’t go any lower. By freezing the prices he’s already made the multi year option somewhat pointless. He’s tangled himself up and it’s going to take some serious administration work to get us back to a simple and cost efficient way of supporting our club
  3. It wasn’t great again last night but there are a few solid performers who have been consistently good in recent games and performed well again last night. The centre back pairing looked solid again, with Westwood looking back to his best. You could hear him barking orders out from the away end - there looks a good understanding in the back 4 which seemed a pipe dream at the start of the season. Also Palmer has to be worthy of praise. One who has had lots of criticism, most of it fair but of late I personally think he has improved no end. He looks fitter, stronger and more confident in his game. I hope it continues. Just need the bigger names to put some improved performances in now
  4. What difference would that make
  5. Under 17 and concession prices excellent I still think adult ones are possibly £100 to expensive on each stand to entice as many as possible
  6. torres

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    What are you on here for you weirdo??
  7. torres

    Positive slant

    So what you’re saying is if we played better and scored more goals than we did we’d have more points? Mind blowing!!
  8. torres

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    No - i think it's brilliant
  9. torres

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    Amazing Jordan, what a fine human being he is. That is what football is really all about. I doubt ive ever been prouder of our £10m, £40k a week centre forward
  10. torres


    Why? The main reason is I’ve seen him play for the past 2 years. He’s on ridiculous amounts of money and he isn’t very good. The best thing for our club is if he gets moved on.
  11. torres


    Hope you are wrong pal. I have everything crossed Norwich sign him
  12. torres


    Plus Hooper, Lee and Rhodes likely to come off the wage bill too soon
  13. torres

    Adam Reach

    So we moved him from the left wing because he wasn't quick enough or tricky enough He was tried at left back He defensive capabilities were not great to say the least so was quickly moved from there Left wing back is ideal for him . . . . . . . .turns out it wasn't He was forced inside in a midfield 3 - was a absolute revelation . . .for 3 games. Behind the front man was next in line - scored 3 screamers . . Yes!! we have found his spot, nope seems he goes missing for the entire game there. The right of a front 3, cutting inside onto that rocket of a left foot, what can go wrong???? nope, moved to the right in a 4. Sorted . .45 minutes of great wing play against Reading . . .this must be his place in the team . . . .. . . . . . . . back to left wing again????
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    He is the opposite of Hooper JP will run about until his legs fall off, fit as a fiddle, put's his heart and soul into the team but is very very very limited as a player
  15. torres


    We are a poor mans Boro at the minute. They have played like this for the entire season and are in the play offs. They are dull, defensive but put in enough tight wins to see them where they are. (when we played them away they were booing after 10 minutes despite where they were in the league!!) Is it the way forward? I hope not, but at the time its what we need. Get safe, then work on next season
  16. They just all need to play 10 yards further forward - we are keeping clean sheets because we have 9 men behind the ball for the vast majority of the game! We then can't break as we have the pace of Dads Army. Bannan and Hutchinson picking the ball off the centre backs starts us off on the back foot. Hector is more than capable of starting off play, use the full backs and then Bannan, and the wide men can support the forwards. It's auto pilot and being safe at the minute. We have the base, now we have to be a bit braver.
  17. torres

    We need a Kieren Lee

    Seems strange to never watch them but be able to tell where they are going wrong and what they need.
  18. torres

    Adam Reach

    Why this critic is suddenly becoming common place about Reach recently is a bit baffling. He has been exactly the same since he came in.
  19. torres

    Hooper and Lee ...

    Where are people getting these ''pay as you play deals'' from all of a sudden???
  20. torres

    Hooper and Lee ...

    If any club can . . . . . .
  21. torres

    U23s v L**ds (h)

    Van Aken off injured????