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  1. I'd suggest that the other 2 either side of the base need to be slightly more adequate in central positions - therefore Hutchinson and Reach would be my choice. The width coming from the full backs pushing on Either that or put FF wide and stick with this tried and tested 442
  2. Bruce might even tinker with the formation - playing a diamond with JP at the base and FF at the tip Hutchinson and Reach either side of JP Might as well go all out, nothing to lose now
  3. He has been outstanding for the majority of his time here but, No player is worth breaking the bank for.
  4. Before anyone takes this bet we are going to need proof of this alleged bum virginity
  5. Pork sword gazers, people getting w@nked off Why is the Kop the cheapest stand? Sounds a right laugh
  6. He wants £8m for someone who can’t play 3 games in a row Good luck with that!!
  7. If our sniper was like our stewards we’d all be in danger of getting shot!!
  8. The ineptitude of staff or lack of products is a bigger concern but on the list of things we need to worry about both are about 1 millionth
  9. OP may be a bit over critical but I can understand the point. Personally I thought it was ok. It’s never going to be electric unless it’s ram packed full for many reasons. I do think the pigs/Leeds scores yesterday seemed to have an affect. It also happened last weekend at stoke. Might just be coincidence
  10. I would say as a collective they are as physically weak as they are mentally weak The only bloke I trust to stay fit for the season is Reach and that’s only because he’s allergic to a challenge Technically on their day they are a match for anyone at this level, but on a whole we lack strength, pace and aggression. This run has given us hope for the future and put pride, enthusiasm & enjoyment back into following the club since the last manager departed. We don’t need wholesale changes but a few fresh, hungry, solid, athletic footballers adding to the first team won’t go amiss. I have full faith in the man in charge to put us on the right path
  11. I really hope he doesn’t get a food allowance from the club
  12. In the stewarding area!! How slow was he?? That tramp had time to shake 3 players hands, stop for a rest, celebrate.....on his knees! Before the big lad got anywhere near
  13. All it needs are chairmen with half a brain cell and a tiny bit of thought for the people that make the game what it is - THE FANS!! The game is currently swimming in money - the English game has never been as popular. The money clubs get from TV revenue alone, even in our league should be enough to make ticket prices next to nothing. Instead the chairmen line the pockets of players/staff/agents with huge wages. (look at the money that agents have been given in the last year - sickening!!) Our club currently has got the ratio very very wrong. The fact a maximum ticket price has not been installed for both home and away tickets throughout all leagues is shameful - The powers that be that run our game are a disgrace - the game in this country milks our loyalty
  14. We won’t be able to chuck coins any more as the club goes to contactless payments They’ll be getting loads of credit cards chucked instead
  15. You will need budget more for beer if the Mrs is coming pal
  16. Pellupessy is through one on one with the keeper . .. . . .and passes it to Bannan who is on the edge of our own box
  17. It would be a good last day of the season though. We have to beat QPR 14-0 to get to the playoffs 13-0 up and Nuhiu is through one on one with the Keeper . . . .
  18. It riles me that nothing ever gets done about it. Nothing in the media, the spineless FA don't do a thing, to some extent we have to take some blame for paying the prices, but it's out of blind loyalty and they know it!!!
  19. If memory serves didn't the club put on free or discounted coach travel for Blackburn away once? In the league cup i think? I remember a few of us using it and it took us ages to get there!
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