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  1. If the clubs media team don’t use this to entice a few more through the gates then they might as well give up!!!
  2. Play anything like we played against the dingles then we will create chances, if we put them away it could be an enjoyable evening
  3. I've got a feeling we will come out all guns blazing tonight and blow them away
  4. Get a season ticket - won't be £72 a match No Var in our league No need to wet panties
  5. I'd have him as a coach in a shot, as manager? not for me.
  6. He’d write a nice letter to all the fish and put his thumb up to the machine gun every 5 minutes
  7. Made me smile this. People always add the expense of a meal at the Ivy, 3 rounds at the Ritz, the fuel costs of a small jet and the obligatory programme that no one reads anymore
  8. That would mean ''fans'' getting off their backsides though!
  9. You expect me to believe that a Star article isn't what the headline suggests??? Pull the other one!!
  10. No tea and straight to bed* at the very least *not like that you perverts
  11. They are still better options than what the OP suggested
  12. I can imagine him and Reach will get on pretty well
  13. You have just proved you have no clue whatsoever!!! Go straight to jail and do not pass go!!!
  14. I think people would discuss selection/formation/style etc on here regardless of who is in charge - as it’s a forum for doing so! The trouble is as he is in charge on a game to game basis every game is almost like a job interview and therefore intensified DC needs to sort it one way or another very soon in my opinion - for the good of everyone
  15. I think everyone wanted/wants him to succeed. Big money move, striker with a record, has a great professional attitude But that’s blinded a lot of people and it seems the staff too. Sub appearances are never easy, but as a forward you have to put yourself about and for want of a better phrase become a nuisance He looks like he’s about to have major back surgery-the Tin man moved with more grace and ease I can’t remember the last time he made a little bit of space for himself and had an effort at goal. When Nuhiu is the better option you have to question his involvement in the squad
  16. See above for Rhodes (apart from link up play comment)
  17. Wasn’t my point pal really. (Poor explanation on my behalf) I was suggesting that if Bullen was picking players to combat their physicality then those 3 are the least physical players we have.
  18. Hope he texts back saying anyone that who uses the term me old bean wants their hard drive checking!!
  19. Dropping FF from the squad because Millwall are “a physical team” is a questionable decision If that’s his thinking to match fire with fire, then Reach, Rhodes and Murphy should have stayed at home too
  20. The cringeworthy moments? Which one? An adult buying the shirt? An adult putting a name and number on the shirt? The name being incorrectly spelt? Said adult wearing aforementioned error strewn shirt to a football match?
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