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  1. Let’s be honest none of them are irreplaceable. FF and Bannan are the only ones with real quality and FF spends more time having a barbecue than he does on the pitch!
  2. torres

    Can you justify?

    £10m to £12m and we'd be laughing
  3. torres

    Neeskens Kebano

    Chansiri at his finest Gets everyone in a whirlwind, then goes bonkers crazy in the transfer market All aboard - Next stop - Promotion!!!!
  4. He should be (if he isn't already) be actively looking for buyers. He has proved he is out of his depth, the longer he stays the worse it will get. He isn't learning from the countless errors he makes. I don't doubt he started with good intentions but sadly he isn't up to it.
  5. ''why not just say it'' Coming from you this is priceless
  6. That is what i don't get with him. Yes we all know and accept he does not have the faintest clue about football BUT when he took over i thought the club would for once be a forward thinking business. It turns out he is worse at business than he is at football!
  7. I understand what you are suggesting - with transfer fees, wages etc increasing dramatically, £39m seems relative peanuts BUT those are the rules, the clubs are aware of them, so work within them. Don't spend £10m on a forward who is past his best and we don't need Don't fill your squad with over aged players on £20k+ a week - with no way of selling them on There is no excuse for being where we are or any club for that matter
  8. torres

    Just an idea

    We can call this ''plan B'' pal Nurse, get me the patients tablets straight away!!!
  9. Chansiri’s statement rambled on for ages. Using 2000 words when 15 would have done........you have been rumbled as his ghost writer!!!!
  10. It’s the way football is now, IF like most clubs you are ran by imbeciles
  11. Not really. Highlights in that one are a bit misleading. We were on top for the majority of the match. Just kept producing a terrible final pass/effort/run
  12. The view wasn’t the best last night. (Jeez what a ground that is) - I forgot how bad some of those league 1 grounds are. I think bar 10 minutes each half we deserved the win. Could have maybe should have scored 1 or 2 more with Reach and Boyd. Hit the post too. Having said this Dawson probably was the outstanding individual. Watching us against lower level teams that work hard just highlights the problems we’ve had for far too long. Pacelees, not physically great and the final ball is far to often abysmal. However, it was a tricky place to go, the team did what was required, so time to book the train to London!!!
  13. torres


    75/1 with Bet NHS
  14. i didn't want to go to Chelsea anyway!!!!
  15. torres


    Knock Knock Aggghhhhhhhhh fractured knocking hand