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  1. torres

    Wigan tickets?

    ''Idear'' God help you
  2. Chuck them in for me. Lets find out, we'll never know unless we give them the opportunities
  3. torres

    Footballtyper's Articles

    Not a patch on Alan Biggs
  4. torres


    It depends how you define value for money. Mine works out at roughly £23 a game i think (South stand early bird prices - can't remember off the top of my head) Now compared to £42-49 for the same seat it's great value. But compare it to others in our league and even to Premier league ones it becomes less great value I just think the balance is still not quite there.
  5. torres


    Season ticket prices are too high in the first place There is no room for manoeuvre on the match day prices without being stupidly expensive The worrying thing is the club can’t do anything about it for at least 6 years now (people who have bought a 3 year one and a 5 year one have 6 years to go) The only way these prices were ever going to be justified was with promotion On a whole though the fan base have backed them 24k plus on a regular basis Add to this 5 kits in 12 months - which will have sold well despite the clubs lack of commercial sense Yet despite all this we are on a cost cutting exercise.....great work Wednesday
  6. torres

    Post World Cup

    If Rugby clubs had the money they would do the same as football clubs I suspect Rugby is a far less popular and therefore far less rich a sport However I do believe our clubs do have a moral duty in terms of money and education of young players I think the lessons are slowly being learnt though - perform well, behave well you will be rewarded both on and off the field It’s all about OUR clubs given opportunities now. We have the talent it just needs to be nurtured. I am happy with the top end foreign players coming into our league - we can learn, look up to and benifit from their presence, I just despise our players facing barriers due to an influx of average foreign journeymen due to coaches/ clubs being too scared to use our young players
  7. torres

    pre season friendlies

    Just look on the website
  8. torres

    Atomic Kitten

    Barb not Barbs Mr Pedantic junior
  9. No pal @OWLSTALK says we were just moaning so I’m afraid your correct view is somehow wrong
  10. Ooooooooookay You had no interest in international football 3 weeks ago so I’ll not be taking too much note of what you think
  11. You must have been watching a different game then Lovern should have been sent off after 40 minutes for 2 blatant bookings.
  12. torres


    Hooper likes turn overs (apple ones) if that’s any good to you
  13. Agreed Its been a credit to Russia Although that second half on Wednesday will take me ages to get over!! What could have been?