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  1. So you’ve wanted to go to every single match you’ve been to? I know I and many many others haven’t. It’s sometimes a mix of stubbornness, commitment and blind faith. It’s hard work at times and that’s why I admire people that do it (of all clubs)
  2. Slightly disagree More often than not our strong core of support go when they don’t want to!
  3. no thank you!! Im not into buying old underpants - you can keep that record no wonder you never go to games you must spend a fortune - animal!!
  4. Pity you weren’t in them at the time And buying someone else’s underpants is disgusting!! Shame on you! Shame on you!!
  5. also he could do a part timer flag or give away “i never go but always moan on the Internet” t shirts Just so no one feels left out
  6. £36 a ticket No form to speak of Skint month Sell 4200 in 3 days
  7. Agreed Every time I think about the second season transfers I feel sick. I don’t have a clue what they were thinking. That was our opportunity and unfortunately we had 2 people in charge that were incapable of taking advantage
  8. Mcgugan at the time was a good signing in my opinion Rhodes never was
  9. Maybe so, but would you not expect CC to at least have some input into positions required or “type” of players needed None that were purchased were either position or type we required CC was no shrinking violet or inexperienced so I’d have expected he’d be more than confident to at least give a list or at worst say no to any recommendations At least Chelsea needed a forward when they signed him, a forward was last on the requirements we needed when we wasted a fortune on Rhodes!
  10. Of course our support is taken for granted. Sell out almost all away games 20 thousand season ticket holders While we have been garbage for the majority of the last 50 years!! We have a real loyal, hardcore, passionate set of supporters that far too often is the one thing that makes you proud of the club Should the loyalty be recognised and rewarded? Possibly Will the club ever do it? Nope!!
  11. I'm not sure i'd trust him to know the difference between an @rse and an elbow never mind manger/head coach
  12. Disagree - i don't think you have to be one or the other I think most realise it was a breath of fresh air when he came in Big personality and got us looking good after it being soooooo bad for long! We were on cloud 9 to get to the play offs The bottom line is, i think he flattered to deceive and with the resources available to him should have done far better for much longer
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