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  1. torres

    clive betts

    Closing of the ground Their name changed to Piggy McPigs Club to be fined £1m for everytime Wilder mentions our wage bill
  2. torres

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Lee Bullen Buying THE tightest tracksuit bottoms ever so it makes me laugh every time he moves
  3. torres

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Chansiri Buying the ingredients for a Massive Cake Ball
  4. torres

    International Break

    If we keep progressing like we have - by the time we kick off against Derby the players will have forgotten how to walk
  5. torres

    Pre Derby Remembrance Gaffe

    An error was made, those that were there know it was a perfectly respected minutes silence, they’ve given an apology for their error. Nothing more needed. We are not a self pity city
  6. Listened to the programme for the first time tonight since we last played them. I stopped listening regularly as it was like an hour with an elderly mad neighbour, presented poorly by someone with zero personality or football knowledge HOW HAS IT GOT WORSE??????
  7. If we have a opposition scout he wants sacking! All we did against boro was smash high balls to the centre backs - the biggest and best defence in the league!!
  8. It's very doubtful he will get sacked before the next set of games so; Friday's game - set a level. That was the absolute bare minimum required from him and the team moving on. We had a solid base and played with a bit of pride in defending our goal. The only way he can claw back some belief from a lot of the supporters is to build on it in the next 5 games. Anything less than Friday night and he surely can not remain in charge. My worry is we will get beaten by Derby after another change in formation and players, fail under the pressure of an almost must win against Bolton - THEN he gets removed. Leaving Bullen in charge for 2-3 games before we are even close to appointing anyone. Then the new bloke has no time before its a stupid amount of games in no time.
  9. That would get right on my wick! We spend loads of money on Wednesday for some tin pot effort like Rotherham to be able to spend it
  10. Therefore as you are getting money from Sky for allowing this - surely you would reduce ticket prices? Not us - we put ours up!!!
  11. I agree on principle. We do seem to have a ''loyal - put up with it'' stance over here For example do you think DC would continue with our pricing policy if en masse we all boycotted? Apart from the loyal season ticket holders it appears most have boycotted
  12. Agree with your main point about Sky But not sure how that is an example of greed? Seems like good business sense by them and usual clown antics by us
  13. How would supporters change things in your opinion pal?
  14. It is no one but the clubs to blame. Vast amounts of money has come into the game, no stipulation on how the clubs spend it. They could make tickets next to nothing, they could make facilities outstanding, they could make travel for away support free.....etc Clubs like ours don’t do any of this, they still choose to fleece the fans on tickets, merchandise etc and throw stupid amounts of money at second rate players and coaches