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  1. What is your point? It doesn’t matter that we are useless at the commercial side? Don’t buy anything because the players are on too much? Lack of socks is some kind of joke to you??
  2. I’m surprised you got them so easily - expecting a bumper crowd and tickets must be like gold dust
  3. Rowett would be a better option than Coleman or Pullis in my opinion Although i wouldn't be dancing for joy if we got him
  4. You said that he is on too much to be messing about in the reserves and therefore we must play him or did i misunderstand
  5. So because he is on a whopper of a wage you play him - even to the detriment of the team?
  6. Bringing Shandy Hinchcliffe to sort the injuries out
  7. He tends to go all defensive when we go 7 Up
  8. Success every time - but then you build on it Most supporters want progression from their club - even Man City Get a winning base then improve on style Never the other way round
  9. The big position we need to fill in my opinion If the rumours are true regards loans from Newcastle I’d definitely be interested in Collback
  10. I’d take a dose of plague over Pullis, Zola or Coleman
  11. I can’t believe non of our local journalists have been on top of this issue They are usually the first to find anything out
  12. Ha ha Its been one of the biggest football stories (if not the biggest) over the last 2 weeks and our local journalists - who should be the closest to it, have been shown up by national journalists and ones from the north east. At one point last week, the star journalists stated nothing has changed at Hillsborough-5 minutes later it was across the national papers he’d resigned!!!
  13. Uncle Alan puts it out like he has the faintest clue what’s going on!! You have just read the paper pal like the rest of us Our local journalists haven’t covered themselves in glory this last fortnight
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