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  1. I agree, I think it would take some doing to do a worse job. He had almost a clean slate to start with - we all know his intentions but the way he has executed them have been extremely poor, on and off the pitch. He has been let down in certain areas, of course he has, but the majority of decisions made by the club under his tenure have been bad ones
  2. It's this bit that gets me angry about the whole situation more than anything. As supporters we have done all that is asked of us - put up with these sickening prices and for what??
  3. I'm fearing we will be made an example of.
  4. Agree with everything you’ve said. I haven’t seen anyone “kicking the club” - on a whole it’s been well articulated discussions on where the club has failed and let supporters down - most of which isn’t based on hindsight. The ones unable to see this, also seem unable to say anything positive either - just bemoan the fact actual supporters are unhappy at the situation
  5. Yep pal, they make they world of difference.
  6. The support we get is the main thing I’m currently proud of with regards my club, one I pay large amounts of hard earned money to support - along with 22 thousand others. Nothing else currently springs to mind. That I’m afraid is due to how we are run. I’m embarrassed and angered by our pricing structure for our own and away fans I’m disheartened by how we’ve recruited over the past 5 years I’m disappointed by the amounts we pay in wages for the return we see on the pitch I’m frustrated by the lack of business sense the club seem to have on so many levels And I’m left bewildered by how we constantly fail to comply to the league rules
  7. Totally agree. Other countries must laugh at us. As a sport, football clubs in our country get more than any other - what do clubs choose to do? Share the wealth with the supporters? No, they charge more than any other country. Surely they must pump it into youth football and have a huge percent of English players in the top league - no, they waste it on second rate foreigners Surely clubs don’t waste the money on over paying has been footballers in the lower divisions and filling agents pockets - step forward our club!!
  8. pigs are hating every minute! Sky have improved it - chairmen have made it worse
  9. To supporters it’s always about the football, it’s the brain dead chairmen that ruin it
  10. I like you, can you post every hour on the hour just to calm me down please I’ve worked myself up to the point where I’m fully expecting 79 point deduction, transfer ban for 30 years, we are forced to play Rhodes in every game, half time music will be the cheeky girls greatest hits for the next 18 years and we will NEVER be allowed to leave via penistone road
  11. Classic brainless do gooder clown who presumes I’m white
  12. Totally agree It’s the people who try to be offended by everything that hinder the equality movement more than help it
  13. I understand what you are saying but I slightly disagree. Throwing money at it isn’t the answer, you still have to do your due diligence on players, make sure you are getting what you need, value for money for your requirements, you have to have foundations in place, have the basic footballing fundamentals, system, shape, spirit, abilities. The way we went about it wasn’t great (not hindsight as a lot feared for our scattergun approach) Yes you need a bit of financial backing of course you do, but it’s not the be all and end all as our neighbours have sadly shown us. The best players we’ve bought to the club over the last 5 years have been the ones we’ve paid no fee for - the worst are the ones we’ve paid relative fortunes for. The most expensive being the worst in our history (arguably)
  14. The parachute payments are ridiculous and they should make it a closed shop but teams are so badly run it really hasn’t been the case. Sunderland went down again Stoke have had a season and a half in the lower half of the league Villa spent far too long down M’boro blew it Huddersfield struggling WBA blew it Hull not doing anything
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