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  1. https://twitter.com/SUFCOfficial/status/1108000164801925120
  2. It just gets a bit boring, frustrating, annoying that a decent discussion topic is quite often ruined by the “old guards” lack of knowledge or intelligence on far too many matters. Using the very very faintest definition of humour to deflect their incapacity to form any proactive discussion. The main reason why this forum is ridiculed. I wish it wasn’t the case as this, at the core is an excellent site
  3. I see this discussion is outside your capabilities
  4. Of course getting more fans in has to be the ultimate aim but the reason for the cut off is to get money in as early as possible. If it was the same price all the time everyone would get theirs the week before the season started - the club therefore has no idea on budgets etc. I would suggest that the current early bird prices should be the season ticket price after this deadline and early bird prices should be 30% cheaper along the board
  5. The idea of the multi year season ticket was a good one in principle - however as per usual Wednesday have managed it with all the business sense of a boiled sprout!!
  6. Pope!! Pope!!! Nooooooooo! Don’t leave us like this!!
  7. If it is JP then Bruce needs to work on his positioning for the next 2 weeks His attitude to win every ball makes him look worse than he should be as he is just all over the place and more often than not is the wrong side of the man. He is more than capable of winning the ball and playing the ball quickly and simply.
  8. Only Westwood and Palmer have done enough to earn another contract. Obviously we’d all want to sign Hector in the summer
  9. I don’t think anyone is having a go at people for not affording it
  10. It wasn’t an insult at all. I honestly assumed you were an old lady just from your posts. Sorry. Your poor arguments and terrible language are still not very becoming.
  11. Also swearing is very unladylike.
  12. You are a very very strange old lady. Tablets time I think madam
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