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Community Answers

  1. The sad thing is most of the replies seem to be in favour of this imbeciles complaint
  2. If he did that I’d be doing an 8pm clap for Bullen and a 9pm one and a 10pm one and a 11pm one .......
  3. We thought the NHS and other key workers were having a tough time of it Nothing compared to this hero who’s boy didn’t get a single birthday message from any of the players My prayers are with him
  4. From the outside looking in, it appears they don’t have the first clue what formation they prefer or deem the best moving forward-so that’ll make renewals and recruitment more difficult
  5. I think most clubs are made up of 2 or 3 main forwards - I.e wages/profile/expectations, then youth players or loans if necessary add to this. Id be disappointed if we signed 5 forwards in the summer
  6. why should it not have been like that before? Clubs were ran by cretins before this I presume they’ll be ran by cretins after it
  7. I wouldn’t have thought so. It wasn’t the norm when teams played 2 up front never mind when a single forward is the current fashion You may have fallen for our clubs ridiculously poor recruitment template
  8. Surely even the shambles of a club we are have at least some idea If not we might as well just fold up
  9. Totally agree, any club worth it’s salt will know exactly what needs to be addressed. The majority of our players out of contract wouldn’t take much replacing to be fair. The ending of these contacts should be a huge positive with the promise of using their wages to get players in who are up to the standard Out of the dozen or so out of contract their are only 2 or 3 that are even worth a discussion on renewing
  10. If you need to ask the question which one then you are in trouble If we re sign Fox it would be a bad move
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