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  1. E-cash

    My Dad is going to poop a brick He's only just got used to metric money!!!
  2. E-cash

    Exactly, Wednesday have just introduced an idea to reduce in ground sales. Well done chaps - once again. Wednesday fans, football fans in general, are not going to f@nny about with this nonsense. '' do u fancy a pint before the match in the ground?'' ''Yep, lets just get our E Card updated, then spend twice as much on a pint than the pub, then after the match wait about to get the money we have not spent back from our E Card!!''
  3. E-cash

    Is it just me or is that a lot of messing about for a cup of tea?
  4. E-cash

    What are you telling me here? Have I wasted my time with this Wednesday themed cheque book???
  5. There is a huge number of youngsters that go to away our games
  6. They asked only a 1000 kids who don't go to games, why don't they go? They aren't that bothered is the reason!! Nothing to do with cost.
  7. Reading away

    Give over! I mean a proper away day not sausage rolls and a read of the programme before kick off.
  8. Reading away

    One of the worst - we still take good numbers though I always think how good must it be for some of these clubs fans to come to Sheffield on an away day
  9. Reading away

    Got tickets just waiting to decide what mates want to do. Train is about £90 when i looked last week
  10. Yes lots of memories ..... .......From about 6 months ago when this subject was brought up before (for the 5th time!)
  11. Spot on Some of these replies are ridiculous.
  12. Exactly At best he was/is a very expensive back up (using current formation) When players purchased don't work out for a position we needed is one thing - when they don't work out for positions we don't need is just a total waste of money
  13. Even if he's fit he doesn't get in the first 11 with the current formation This was also true on the day we signed him
  14. Bannan by a million miles this season
  15. Does anyone know, How our season tickets compare with other teams in this league for the last 2 years? How our match day prices compare?