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  1. Not a mention of Reach getting his hair cut!!! It’s down right persecution!!!
  2. Fuming!!! Subscription cancelled and counselling organised
  3. He looks hungry, determined, aggressive and seems to want to work hard every time he gets the chance. Sadly he just so slow, immobile and without the size or speed of thought to make u for these deficiencies. Exactly the same could be said for Rhodes, just without the aggression or apparent hunger
  4. That just made that opening post about David Prutton seem a bit more normal
  5. Test match on - suns out Wednesday haven’t ruined the entire weekend Take the positives
  6. I thought Bullens Bullets was good but this has out done it!! Bravo
  7. Us fielding a second team (I hope we do too) - one similar to the Rotherham game
  8. £20.00 for everyone was too expensive in my opinion It's a midweek - which is a pain in the backside at the best of times Kids back at school We know that the ''second'' team will be playing It should have been next to nothing for kids and season ticket holders and the £15.00 for the rest
  9. Is it still as ridiculously priced to pay match by match??
  10. John Craven never mentioned us once on Newsround!!
  11. Has the OP started drinking early or has it been one hell of a session??
  12. Latest with breaking transfer news!! There is a job at the Star with your name on it pal
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