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  1. I don’t know how much they do on a weekly basis - if anything at all, but it seems a waste if the premises are not used on non match days. Obvious things such as Ex player dinners (or high profiled sports people) Comedy nights Sports Quiz nights E Sports events may bring a younger audience in Fashion/music nights Business Fayres
  2. torres

    Well this is awkward

    Wait til Chansiri hears about it!! He will add another category to match day prices
  3. torres

    Well this is awkward

    To be fair it took some doing and I nearly put my back out doing it!!!
  4. torres

    Well this is awkward

    So it wasn’t bird muck on my back!!!!
  5. That is bonkers Imagine us doing that for the piglet match
  6. torres


    Definitely needed another thread on this. Well done sir!!
  7. I think JP is our version of Montgomery for the pigs Managers pick them, for the simple reason they are easy to manage. Attitude is faultless, the trouble is they are usually very limited footballers When a manager says “they do things the fans don’t see” it usually means he’s rubbish. Earn your money and manage Hutchinson-tell him to not tackle everything that moves like a wasp on acid!!
  8. torres

    Onomah And Reach.

    I would like to see him start against Forest.
  9. torres

    Having Slept on it...

    Regards his defending-he just looks scared to death of getting hurt to me. So powder puff it’s unreal
  10. torres

    Todays attendance

    We’ve got a brilliant core of supporters. 20k season ticket holders in this division when we’ve done nothing for a very long time is a great effort. Even more so when they are one of the most expensive in the league We’ve also got one of the biggest part time contingents in the league. I don’t think they’d turn up on a consistent basis if it were free.
  11. torres

    Having Slept on it...

    He is really powder puff at times
  12. torres

    Having Slept on it...

    I’ve never seen a player run as much has he does and have no influence on a match time and time again We might as well play Mo Farrah!! I partly blame where he’s been asked to play but he needs to take responsibility a lot more.
  13. Has anyone got a name for the Position Reach was supposed to have played yesterday??
  14. torres

    Todays attendance

    Pretty disappointing if so. On a number of levels