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  1. Exactly. Title race, European matches, play offs and that is just this week Not a clue about football, just Wednesday fans The usual simpletons that are in a mess cus Fat Gary has gone, clap biscuit legs off the pitch after a 5 minute appearance and then wonder why we are mid table no marks
  2. I don’t understand anyone that is genuinely upset that he’s gone?? Like most of our signings under CC, an extravagant flop. A couple of decent months in 3 and a half years on ridiculous wages. We can do far far far better
  3. As technically gifted as a French renaissance artist Sadly the work ethic & heart of an asthmatic scouser and the reliability of a second hand 3 wheel van but with the cost of a brand new Porsche I will miss him adjusting the elastic of his shorts and trying to stretch his shirt, who wouldn’t, but for the good of the club it’s 100% right to get rid
  4. I'd suggest that the other 2 either side of the base need to be slightly more adequate in central positions - therefore Hutchinson and Reach would be my choice. The width coming from the full backs pushing on Either that or put FF wide and stick with this tried and tested 442
  5. Bruce might even tinker with the formation - playing a diamond with JP at the base and FF at the tip Hutchinson and Reach either side of JP Might as well go all out, nothing to lose now
  6. He has been outstanding for the majority of his time here but, No player is worth breaking the bank for.
  7. Before anyone takes this bet we are going to need proof of this alleged bum virginity
  8. Pork sword gazers, people getting w@nked off Why is the Kop the cheapest stand? Sounds a right laugh
  9. He wants £8m for someone who can’t play 3 games in a row Good luck with that!!
  10. If our sniper was like our stewards we’d all be in danger of getting shot!!
  11. The ineptitude of staff or lack of products is a bigger concern but on the list of things we need to worry about both are about 1 millionth
  12. OP may be a bit over critical but I can understand the point. Personally I thought it was ok. It’s never going to be electric unless it’s ram packed full for many reasons. I do think the pigs/Leeds scores yesterday seemed to have an affect. It also happened last weekend at stoke. Might just be coincidence
  13. I would say as a collective they are as physically weak as they are mentally weak The only bloke I trust to stay fit for the season is Reach and that’s only because he’s allergic to a challenge Technically on their day they are a match for anyone at this level, but on a whole we lack strength, pace and aggression. This run has given us hope for the future and put pride, enthusiasm & enjoyment back into following the club since the last manager departed. We don’t need wholesale changes but a few fresh, hungry, solid, athletic footballers adding to the first team won’t go amiss. I have full faith in the man in charge to put us on the right path
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