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  1. It looked better in the first picture. The architect who did that and the cheese wedge wants locking up along with the bloke that signed off the plans
  2. to be fair he’s spent that much time in treatment rooms he’s practically on the front line!!
  3. I am hugely offended. I think at 8pm we all join in for a huge boo at any attempt at lightheartedness
  4. I personally think Man City and Liverpool are two of the best teams our league has seen, mentality, ability, professionalism and entertaining to boot. I agree that the league as a whole would benefit from certain teams leaving who are just happy to be in it, Burnley, Bournemouth, Watford etc and replaced by the likes of Leeds, Derby, Forest, us etc but that’s up to us as clubs
  5. it’s really just all a bit sentimental though because we as a club were much better and of course we were all younger which makes it seem better. I love Italia 90 and will always be my favourite but last times in Russia was probably the best all round tournament there has been. Football nowadays has lots more going for it than back then (seeing past matches due to the lockdown makes me realise how bad most of it was!) but we all have our favourite periods of course we do, it’s just not really logical to say football is worse now - bigger stadiums, better players, faster games, better quality, more people watching Yes we wish we were as good as we were for 3 years in the 90’s but unfortunately like most of our existence we are not. Pigs will be saying football has never been better and this will be there “go to” era
  6. Like many of the squad. Decent ability, doesn’t do enough with it and too easy to play against Also like the rest of the squad over rated when they have a good month, over criticised when they don’t. Reality being a decent level championship player - no more no less
  7. in other words “Wednesday are wubbish and I dont ike it mummy, so all football is wubbish”
  8. You know exactly your budget, you know almost exactly how many customers you will get for the forthcoming year - most of these pay in advance You get a windfall from an outside source every year (tv) You get bonuses for cup runs etc You can sell assets Not to mention most of the city dreams of working for you!
  9. That is exactly my point. Clubs are incredibly poorly ran (on the whole) Any “normal” business ran the way most clubs are wouldn’t last 2 years. Football should be one of the easiest businesses to make work, yet clubs fail to do the very very basics Frustrates the hell out of me
  10. I understand your sentiment but it’s the clubs that are responsible. Supporters money now wouldn’t cover a third of our squad - that’s the problem
  11. A salary cap should never happen. Why punish the players that deserve being paid top end salaries. They are highly skilled and being in huge amounts of revenue. It’s up to clubs - especially ours to stop paying very average players over the top wages
  12. They couldn’t afford most of them before. For as long as cretins run the clubs in our country nothing much will change
  13. Any that we can’t just go on google images for or there really isn’t any point
  14. It never fails to amaze me how badly run football clubs are. I would hate Wednesday to have anything like this. Just the thought makes me shudder!!
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