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  1. torres

    Congrats Stuart Gray

    You’re joking?! You don’t happen to know how the champions league final went do you??
  2. torres

    New shirt thread

    He’s 2!!!!!!
  3. torres

    The Signing of Jordan Rhodes

    I’d say it was 50-50 with the fan base on his signing I definitely wasn’t on my own with being very fearful of getting him in - or even needing him
  4. torres

    Preslav Borukov

    He’s a real prospect. Seen him a couple of times and looked very promising
  5. torres

    Preslav Borukov

    He’s a real prospect. Seen him a couple of times and looked very promising
  6. torres

    Big Atdhe haters

    That is all it is! which is how it should be. This ''haters'' nonsense drives me mental. American garbage!!
  7. torres

    Matias wants to stay..

    I'd be happier to keep him over Rhodes and Winnall
  8. torres

    Big Atdhe haters

    No one hates him!!
  9. torres

    Charity match tomorrow

    Can't believe this hasn't sold out.
  10. torres


    He was 2 metres from our supporters but wanted the limelight all to himself. I take him being a complete tool if his play merited it....it doesn’t
  11. torres

    New Spirit

    To be fair he should be in - still good to hear though
  12. torres


    He isn’t that good first and foremost so if we can get rid of him that would be perfect Didn’t rate him as a player up til his goal away at Barnsley - after his celebration I couldn’t stand him Scores infront of Full away end, who sang his name throughout-despite him being garbage - perfect opportunity to say I’m with these now, your abuse doesn’t mean anything - sadly not he goes and runs in the opposite direction to say “look at me, look at me” Not for me thank you
  13. torres

    So that survey

    I fear the god awful recruitment process after the ''first'' transfer window (Bannan etc) has set us back 3-5 years.
  14. torres

    So that survey

    It was a ridiculous question in the survey and shows how far the club behind the scenes have to go before they realise what makes a successful club.