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  1. I thought it was the new Michael Palin series where he is given a raft and a can of beans and asked to migrate
  2. MIA vs Hull at Wembley, SAFC semi away bad mistake, out of position for Wycombe goal away. I love the guy but cost us when it mattered the most.
  3. I thought this was a thread about our Chairman snorting sage and onion powder
  4. Love the guy to bits but he's cost us a couple of times this season. Wycombe away he was out of position when they broke, another goal was down his left hand side when he also was out of position. I'd play Palmer as quicker and gives more of a forward option with Johnson on left. We may need a marauding CB to overload the opposition.
  5. OH so the team, doh! BPF JS. HD. LG/LP JH. FDB ML. MJ BB Pato. LG
  6. Now this is marginally controversial so hear me out. Problem we had in the first game was they switched to a 433. One feature of our game is that we pass between the 3 CB and then either out wide or into a midfielder. They had our 3 CB marked by their 3 strikers and our midfield 3 marked by their 3 midfielders meaning we were lumping and it was coming straight back. Their CB's came out of that game looking like they'd had a stroll in the park. Given those tactics worked so well I can't see AN changing it which means we have to do something. 4 changes I would make. Patterson up front. I don't hugely rate him but he's a warrior and if we do have to lump, we've got a lot more chance of winning second ball. Wish we'd have played him away as I really think we'd have had more of the play just through physicality and nuisance factor. Gibson LCB. If they do persist with the same tactics, having him overlap with Johnson will give them something to think about, plus he'll be able to get earlier ball in with his left. Overloading their full backs is going to be critical to getting anything. If not Gibson then at least Palmer as he is better going forward than Hutch. Fizz in CM (for Byers) . One feature of the MK Dons away win was FDB ability to carry the ball through midfield. Is he as technical on the ball as Byers? No. Is this passing as good? No. But as per above, we had no real out when they were going man for man on our MF and 3 CB. FDB has the strength and running power to receive the ball, turn and commit their players, usually attracting at least 2 of them to deal with his forward bursts. He can carry the ball, get us up the pitch and make yards - as long as he is supported and can easily find a teammate in space. Our attacks and overloads can start from there. Again I wish we'd have started him away as him and Patto would have been better used there then when we're at home, but hey ho. Hunt at RWB. He's been one of our best players this season and it's no coincidence that when he's been rested we've lost momentum. See Accrington at home. Win 6 nil v Cambridge then rest him for Accrington and we lose impetus and end up bringing him on at HT. No offense to Palmer but I think Hunt scores one of those chances to the back stick away at Sunderland. As said, have gone deep here but honestly we need to do something different to the other night as they had our number. Putting out the same team (even with the home crowd), and expecting a different result would be Hope not Castleton.
  7. when I saw the team lineup I thought, what no Hunt? He's only one player but so important to our patterns down the right and we sorely missed him. Ironically he's usually last line of defence so would have been him covering Stewart and would have backed him to get there.... As for MOM, difficult but probably Dean, without his leadership we'd have conceded more. Game completely passed 2/3 central midfielders by - only Luongo comes out with any credit but he did have opportunities to shoot and didn't let rip. They man marked Bannan out of the game.
  8. And for that reason we're going to drive up the M1 and smash SAFC
  9. Watching from a farm in New Zealand, does that count?
  10. Fack we'll miss Hunt Otherwise happy with that and tbf Pompey goyal did come down his side. Palms first goal outside of right foot 20 yards
  11. What we've had to put up with largely has been naivety not malice from our Chairman. 90pc of the fanbase wanted Rhodes and that's what really fkd us.
  12. Yep a back three of Dean, Storey and Hutch would be ideal. We may see Pato again from a height POV which wouldn't be too happy about as he is a bit of a shambles
  13. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/portsmouth-v-sheffield-wednesday-george-hirst-admits-added-incentive-in-face-of-funny-owls-chants-3486531 See paragraph 5 In all honesty, if he's good enough, and Darren Moore thinks he would improve the squad, I'd love to see him here again. Looks to be a better option than bloody Kamberi that's for sure. Just miss the target on the last day please!
  14. I think relations between the Hirsts and Owls have thawed somewhat and having looked at George highlight reel he seems to finally have found his feet in terms of output. On the last day I believe he will be genuinely torn if we have to win for autos as no matter what has happened in the past we are his team and he'll want us to go up.
  15. *miss out on automatic promotion by two points thrown away at Ipswich
  16. Agree, he's going for overload on the flanks, Palmer overlapping Hunt and Johnson overlapping NML. Christ it's like twisting on 16 in blackjack
  17. This is high risk from Moore. Says to me he is still going for autos and looking at GD. Hope we haven't underestimated the opposition....
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