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  1. He bagged loads of goyals for Barnsley let's hope a run in the side does him good. Monk gave Nuhiu a run, Rhodes a run. Let's see if Winnall can come good. We need better but right now him starting with Nuhiu off bench is about best we can do without playing Iorfa up front...
  2. Is Bannan really CDM or is Luongo in the holding role?
  3. Flog him for 1-2 mill as long as we can lock down Dawson
  4. I'd love to see Wickham, Gayle, Adams, and Nketiah 4x 100m relay vs Rhodes, Winnall, Nuhiu and Fletcher. Reckon it'd be pretty close.
  5. If his legs were as quick as his brain he'd be up there with likes of Berbatov
  6. Yesterdays team with Palmer an option at RB and Wickham up front should deliver 2 points per game for rest of season. Then EFL will dock us 28 points on the last day...
  7. Ps boy does it feel good beating those L**ds sc*******
  8. Passionate fans always feel losses, especially abject ones against teams perceived as those we should be beating. As Owls fans we've had so many downs over last 20 years and when hope rears its head it's often been dashed by a stupid mistake or Carlos going full negative at Wembley. So I think fans on here are at the passionate end of the spectrum so of course we'll be subject to the odd hysterical post. I look back on some of my rants against Jordan Rhodes which have resulted in many negs and are in large parts unjustified personal attacks on a bloke who is actually nice but has lost his way in football. It's just the way, we get overexcited about wins and 3 losses on the trot feels like grim death. Can't wait for when we're back at the top of the football pyramid winning everything and making Jurgen Klopp go bald with worry.
  9. Wickham is decent over the ground and a big lad, powerful. Would love him back.
  10. Bony, gerrim upfront with Harris and FF supporting from the wings
  11. Go communist and meltdown a DMK reaktor, yeh!
  12. Not a bad shout, Luongo ostensibly at the bottom of the 3
  13. Revisionism or not Iorfa and Borner are our best CH pairing. Playing Lees at the LCB berth over Borner is not a bright move. Borner is naturally left footed, also a natural organiser and leader. The back line in terms of positioning and communication looks to be shambolic at the moment. This could also be a good time to bring back Westwood as without Borner and WW comms and organisation we're conceding around 2 goals per game at the moment, simply not good enough...
  14. I have to disagree. We have looked defensively solid until he came back into side. His defensive positioning has led to quite a few of our goals against. Look at where he is v Stoke where ball gets recycled into our box and he's 10 yards behind rest of defence playing them onside. Great, 2 goals scored and 5 conceded in 2 games. Borner and Iorfa at CH every day of the week.
  15. Yep was a sign of profligacy to come when DC first sniff of cash dropped in and we bought Melo (injured most of the time and when played was not particularly mobile = poor mans Abdi), Bus who looked good on YT, and Sougou. Luckily that pile of sheeeit only cost a couple of mill vs the Abdis, Jones, Rhodes, Boyds and Mathias Roses....
  16. We ended the season on an amazing run bolstered by the return of Hooper who then got injured and missed the final game vs Fulham + play offs. (Jones was an ever present in midfield in that run of wins) We'd played Hudds off park away in a win earlier in season and dare I say it had Hooper been fit for the PO games that sesson I think we'd have gone up...
  17. Bannan seems to play better alongside Luongo and as many posters have said gives us a certain dynamism and box to box that we don't have with Hutch sat in. Luongo shirt to lose.... Dawson Iorfa Lees Borner Palms Reach Luongo Bannan Fletch Harris Rhodes
  18. Unless EFL rob us but looks like Chansiri counter measures may stall until after season ends... would take a hefty fine a la Wolves/ Bournemouth once we're 200m better off
  19. Yep good point but player power has seen forced moves before. Make it happen Mr C!
  20. He's out of contract at end season, they may not have a choice...
  21. 2m half season loan, 2m perm transfer, 800k wages off books. Sign 6 ft 2 pacey Lyle Taylor for 1m plus 3rd of the wages. No brainer...
  22. Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Would keep out Liverpool front 3 no worries
  23. Clear our best defence is Iorfa RB, Lees, Borner, Palmer LB. Fox is decent but Palmer gives us more dynamism and pace and links a lot better. Said it before he can become our Philip Lahm. If we can move Rhodes on to Celtic for 2m half season loan fee and get his 800k wages off the books (+2m perm transfer at end season) and sign Lyle Taylor for say 1m and 15k per week wages then we'll take some stopping. Dawson Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Loungo Reach Bannan Harris Fletch Taylor Boom
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