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  1. I'd set up with Luongo defensive mid with BB and KL in front of him. Hutch and Murphy should be rested, only question is when Fletch gets his breather, against PNE away (Nuhiu as the battering ram) or QPR at home. Harris also needs protection from injury too. I'd be tempted to play Nuhiu tonight (controversial), and Fletcher / Nando vs QPR giving Harris a rest....
  2. We just need to go up and get a injection of cash, if we can stay up for 2/3 seasons the 600m will pay off debt, allow us to invest some in stadium, redo training ground
  3. His brain has been taken out and transplanted into Borner body so I don't reckon he'd be much good on the coaching front
  4. I reckon if they let Reach play with red nail varnish on and one hand strapped around his back he'd be a much better player. REACH ROUND ROUND ROUND HE GETS AROUND
  5. Any videos? Of the presser I mean.... Erm, asking for a friend.
  6. Ifollow works fine in the land of the Rising Sun!
  7. Nice one agent Walrus. Destabilise the team just before we play them with viscous rumours.
  8. Freaks me out we decided not to take 2m for Rhodes and save the 2.5m in wages. Sold Joao instead. Think about how slow and weak Winnall was, or alternative options in Rhodes and Nuhiu, vs being able to bring Joao on to stretch and alter games. We wouldn't have lost to Millwall had we brought Joao on. He was inconsistent but had the x factor. Rhodes, Winnall and Nuhiu it's the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ factor
  9. Only 2 E's away from a Les and Boner combo Actually one E, one R and an umlaut
  10. Start him ont right vs Preston, give Murphy a breather, Bannan, Lee, Luongo in midfield.
  11. He reminds you of Nilsson, but a LF CH. Oozes class, unflappable, big personality. Organiser and leader. Amazing addition. Share general consensus on Reach, runs around a lot but seems to pick wrong option. Interesting to see what Bully does v Preston. I'd be tempted to play midfield 3 of Luongo, Bannan, Lee. Give Hutch and Reach a breather. Only issue there would be height on set pieces. Only really have Fox, Borner, Lees and Fletch over 6 ft. Saying that Reach could come in for Murphy on right, he is due a worldy! Top o the league!!
  12. Hmmm, Rhodes - 6 - The game was crying out for him, and with some better, more measured crossing, could've got on the teamsheet. Probably a bit disappointed with the glancing header from the corner which went wide. I'd suggest the game was crying for Joao, someone who has the best record of scoring from the bench in the Champ, and has the ability to score a goal out of nothing...
  13. The Owls megastore is the retail equivalent of Bob from Black Hole
  14. I thought this was about the mixed doubles team they're putting in next summer at Butlins in Filey
  15. Me too, I reckon he's going to break the tortoise 100m
  16. Brilliant defender and Capt but weapon of a man. No ta
  17. Think I once did her up balloon knot outside Josephine's
  18. Think you're right. He'll keep Harris in for raw pace on break I think, but Murphy / Reach will be throw up. Bully has already referenced Lee in terms of protection and Matt Smith aerial threat so he'll stick in Iorfa and Luongo as additional ballast and physical presence. If he does pick Reach instead of Murphy we'll have 8 players at 6 ft or over (smalls Bannan, Luongo, Harris) which should be enough. Interestingly, stats fans, official site has Palmer same height as Iorfa!
  19. We'll get murdered on set pieces with that team
  20. Win the next game, a test in a hostile physical environment against a team who themselves are confident. Keep focused, if Bully keeps it yhis way and keeps winning. It's his to lose
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