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  1. Are you sure they don't want Rhodes for 4m instead?
  2. Hutch Reach/ Lee Bannan Joao Fletch FF/ Harris 4 3 3 is where it is at
  3. I thought we won 3 games ont bounce in between Jos and Agnew coming in? Drubbing was time before. Over 2 years ago where Bullen now has vastly more experience. Think about 2 years in the context of your career, you learn a lot, maybe...
  4. Let's just put Bully in charge and get Stuey Gray as his number 2, as such I don't think a price can be put on loyalty right now and Bully gives continuity rather than tearing stuff up which is what a new man may do.
  5. I'd take Sam Neill out of Omen 3, maybe if we had the antichrist as manager we wouldn't keep getting fkd over
  6. Show me one sidefoot finish from FF/ Reach from 25 yards? You'll be able to show hits with laces....
  7. Only player we have who can turn a game in the blink of an eye with a side foot finish from 25 yards, his shooting from distance now has real power. It's a shame he only seems to do it / turn up 1 in 3 and loses the ball a lot esp in phases or games where we under cosh and need ball to stick. If we're looking at squad balance I'd rather offload a slow 5 ft 10 ish fox in the box type striker as we have a couple of those.
  8. Not necessarily, we actually have players suited to 4 3 3. West Spambanjo Lees Boner Palmer / Fox Hutch Lee Bannan Reach Fletcher FF/ Harris and have been playing similar tactics this pre season
  9. That's uncanny I wish you'd have sent that when odds were still 50-1
  10. There is a 5m clause in the contract, if Chansiri is trying to get 14m for FF I imagine he'll be pushing to get as close to the 5 as possible...
  11. There are some good managers out of work, with 4m compo in the pocket, get Hughton, get Hec. Bruce gives us Lazaar and Aarons and signs Rhodes for 10m out of guilt. Hughton uses Prem contacts to sign midfielder/ winger. Jobs on.
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