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  1. Matias / Boyd

    The Matias and Joao situations annoy me. 2 flair players who given a run I think would improve the team. But no stick with the tired and tested who have helped us lose 3 out of 4. Jordan Rhodes needs stringing up and shooting. Get the crosses in and he'll come good. Pah.
  2. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Same year before. Start Hutch at Wembley instead of Lopez and we play defensively and too deep. I like Hutch but unless we are playing 3 at back don't think it works
  3. Hutchinson vs Jones

    who came in for Jones after a 7 match winning streak to lose to Fulham and draw to Hudds away and at home, miss a penalty and ensure we failed to make it to Wembley. Delusional
  4. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Love these comments, completely discounting what happened in the PO's both seasons when Lopez and then Jones were dropped for Hutch. We lost/ didn't get promoted.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday team for Bolton

    PS would like to see Matias and Joao on bench.
  6. Sheffield Wednesday team for Bolton

    Same team as doity Leeds other than Robert Palmer at right back, "the lights are on, but no ones home, your mind is not your own"
  7. Rhodes will never score till SWFC supply crosses

    Sell him in Jan and move on
  8. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    Hilarious, 6m for Hooper and we paid 8m for Rhodes. I can see JR going to lower Prem League club in Jan but Hoops is tied to a decent contract till 2019.
  9. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    Dean Windass
  10. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    I think there are ways to muffle the sound
  11. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    Maria Carey? Talking of Maria was talking to a well connected mate in Singapore who knows the family of the Sultan of Brunei. It was the 50th jubilee recently and one of the sons is friends with said singer. Apparently she's a high class h****r - you can get a night and one song for $10m US!
  12. Adthe Nuhiu

    Joaquim Manuel Sampaio da Silva Apart from the above guy, simple surname, but so difficult he became known as.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quim_(footballer,_born_1975)
  13. Joao vs Rhodes would be more my question. You're a Leeds defender and you're knackered and getting pulled apart, would you rather someone less mobile, pace 6/10 let's say, vs a tricky, albeit slightly unpredictable pace 9/10?? Although Rhodes knockdown for Hooper missed chance did show great awareness. Credit where due but I would have rather seen Joao running at them. I'd rather have Mattias on bench than Nuhui, waste of a sub given we'll have Joao and Rhodes ont bench. At least a wide, pacey direct option.
  14. FORESTIERI on the road to recovery

    Now Reachround is playing OK at LB, a midfield of Baz, Lee, FF and Jones could be quite tasty. Hoops and Fletcher up front obvs
  15. Plans for the weekend

    Top right, hard to get a mullet, bouffant and beehive into one haircut but he's almost pulled it off!