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  1. Fulham left side would murder us if we have Murphy and Odjob mincing about. Put Reach out wide with Iorfa RB, Lees back at CB and Luongo to stiffen and add energy to midfield alongside BB and Hutch....
  2. Why people are touting Fox for LB role when Palmer and Iorfa are fit. One of the main drivers of the excellent start we had was Palmer at LB, up and down wing, getting Harris good ball, cutting in and causing problems. He came out of the side due to injury and IMO gives us a different dimension. Fox is OK, decent defender, but lost the ball leading to QPR equaliser when Harris was wide open on the left and Fox somehow decided to come inside and overran the ball giving them possession. I'm hoping for a 3 man midfield with Luongo featuring. Back 4 of Iorfa, Bates, Borner, Palmer. Both Odjob and Fox have made mistakes leading directly to goals so need to stay on bench.
  3. To the dum de dum dum dum dum song Pull, pull, pull, pu, pu, pu, pu, pull Monk
  4. You can't help thinking Chansiri may appoint him knowing the stadium sale is going to blow up and we may get dragged into similar situation...!
  5. Ps at least it won't cost you the house this time, just a tissue
  6. As an aside, why is jizsz also known as Harry Monk, doesn't even rhyme, anyone know?
  7. Cowley Cowley ge us a wave. Not not you knbheeeeed, yer brother.
  8. Is this now more pages than Stevie May thread?
  9. Look the whole approach to tactics in this game were wrong. You would choose Luton at home to play 4 4 2 if its an experiment as our players clearly don't suit it. QPR are like Preston but more technical. Big lad up front, creative ball carriers close by. This was a classic case of stick with the 1 up front and grind out another result. It's not pretty, it's not what we as Owls want but I bet your bottom dollar that we'd all be happier with a 1 nil poo win than a 2 1 loss. We lose 80pc of games where FF plays second striker and Bannan is off form. Simple analysis. Bannan booked at HT, we're obviously getting overrun and simple answers are sub Bannan put Luongo on, move back to 433. Harris right, FF left, Reach Luongo as AMF and Hutch sitting. We don't lose the game. Dim.
  10. I apologise unreservedly for any offence caused by my callous suggestions about Jordan.
  11. Hi David I know Boris has just poruoged Parliament and the UK is on the verge of a national crisis not seen since WW2 which may see the reintroduction of rationing, shortages in basic medical care and the currency falling off a cliff. Could you fix it so that Beres doesn't get shut on a Saturday afternoon as a result of over zealous policing and we can get our ball back from over the fence. Thanks.
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