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  1. Need to get a win at Stoke to set up the Hillsborough double header
  2. Yep Barca generally having 80pc of possession is extremely misleading
  3. That overhead kick has just given him loads of confidence in his scoring ability, it was def a confidence thing IMO - missing sitter after sitter you could see he was almost trying too hard. Also the Black and Decker sander which he borrowed off Joleon Lescott has helped his head shape so it doesn't just spoon off at a 90 degree angle over the bar. In all seriousness I've been his worst critic, his misses have cost us points but he may be coming into form just at the right time. Would love to see him and Winnall on Sat and with Hooper potentially coming back we'll still have 3 decent strikers going into run in (if Joao is indeed injured for rest of season)....+ Nuhiu who will chip in with the odd defensive header and cheeky lay off.
  4. Hmmmm, enjoy the current optimism and table I would say as that is a biatch run of fixtures.... Only upside is we generally play better against top teams than bottom. As someone on this thread said, win the next 2 and I'll start to fantasise about another 15,000 kilometre round trip to Wembley...
  5. Same could be said about Rhodes. Do u reckon if we played both upfront they may score 30 but we get relegated?
  6. This is the mad thing. We're in top 6 form and have our best midfielder (KL), best link man/ goalscorer (GH), arguably best wide player (FF) and numerous other injuries to players who score goals on a relatively frequent basis (Joao). If Leeds, Pigs, Norwich etc had 4 of their best players out they'd probably be upper mid table. I honestly think with the first 11 fully fit and Bruce managing the side we'd be top 3.
  7. Best we can put out at the moment IMO. At least with Dave you know we have a focal point which Winnall can get in and around....
  8. Pity his shooting is gash - ensue negs galore! He is very important and I hope Bruce can coach him to the conversion rate he had when he was playing Rugby Union! THIS IS A JOKE FOR THOSE TRIGGER HAPPY RED DEVILS.
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