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  1. Honestly if we had have had Umbongo Luongo playing in all our matches last season we wouldn't have gone down and this season we would be in top 2. A colossus and that's just his bellend
  2. You've gotta love owlstalk. 3 games into the season, "Moore, he's the messiah, statue outside leppings Lane, amazing signings, wow". Same with Rhodes. Total spaffathon when he signs then it slowly dawns on everyone he's total log and then it's crucifixion. My recommendation, spend more time looking at muck and less time looking at owlstalk if you want to remain balanced
  3. Syd Barratt house from Pink Floyd that innit?
  4. He might have to start sticking his chances away in that case
  5. BPF Palmer Iorfa Dunks Brown Hutch Adeniran Shodipo Pato Bannan Berahino Would be my starting 11 on Sat. If Luongo is fit it would be same but Hutch for Dunkley and Luongo lining up alongside Adeniran at the heart of midfield.
  6. Imagine if he had a pair of false teeeeeeeets implanted every time he had an opp? He'd have more missiles than Lycia Naff in Total Recall.
  7. Football is actually simples. Play the best combos across the key areas. Brown LB and a hard working flare player ahead of him could work. Brown and Shodipo or Brown Sow cud work - cream the opposition.
  8. We should just go for it tmw BPF Palmer. Iorfa. Hutch. Johnson Dennis Waterman Byers. Bannan Corbeanu. Berahino. Shodipo 10 nil
  9. Apart from Jos Luhakay who came across as a boring as hell militant weirdo. I've got high hopes for Berahino but then again I thought Jeffers was a good signing.
  10. Difference between Berahino and Rhodes is that he has pace, power, venom in his shooting. Rhodes might end being good as a kids entertainer with his thumb up Sooty aristotle but that's about the height of his current physical acumen.
  11. the younguns would have probably put up more fight that that crock of sh*t as our first team. No wonder we went down. Why oh why did we let Ron go and bring in Wilson?
  12. Owlstalk been on the beans again
  13. Looked pretty good but ultimately it was men against boys. A bit of insight around best 11 could be: BPF Palmer Iorfa Hutch Johnson/ Brown Adeniran Luongo/ Byers Bannan/ Wing Corbeneau Gregory/Saido Sow/ Windass Kamberi puts himself about but doesn't quite look good enough, Palmer better than Hunt at RB, Johnson / Brown at LB would give more balance, Byers is a very good footballer, Brennan might have put himself ahead of Gibson - had stature and looked decent in possession, Wing looked better without Bannan, they may be interchangeable. Be definitely interested to see if Moore can get his arm around Berahino as he has pace to get in behind which neither Kamberi or Gregory have. It would mean teams sit 5-10 yards deeper which would give our midfield more time to operate. WELL DONE BOYS A WIN IS A WIN.
  14. Gotta love Moore. Just delivers updates without spin, hoping Ronnie Corbett starts
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