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  1. DuttyTeabags

    Fraser Preston & Alex Hunt

    Let's just pump Hunt full of Russian fruit juice . Apparently someone said he looked like a young Shez.....
  2. DuttyTeabags

    Looks lik Palmer and Baker for RWB.

    Jos seems to have a habit of sticking with players he thinks he can improve and ejecting players he thinks are past their peak. That's the mark of a good coach. Given Weds have paid over the odds for over the hill then this can only be a good thing. In Jos stick I trust.
  3. DuttyTeabags

    Extended highlights vs Lincoln

    Love the bit after Palmer crosses it and 2 of our players try acrobatic efforts and end up just falling on the floor!
  4. DuttyTeabags

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    The sitter he missed away at Cardiff changed the trajectory of our season last year. 2 nil win against top of league away would have set us up . He misses too many easy chances and is injury prone. Another 2m trimmed from wage bill and we have Nuhiu as our big man. Thanks for the mammories, Steven.
  5. Heard it's done deal from a mate at Norwich. Fans have got mixed feelings after his record at Borough and SWFC. As others said wish him well and his first goal/ celebration with his dad was one of the most emotional scene many of us will ever witness at a game. I do feel and have been vocal/ negged on here that Rhodes peaked v early on in his career and is a hasbeen of a player (although v nice genuine guy) and that signing him was def a factor in losing Hirst plus has financially hamstrung us when we really didn't need to gamble having secured Winnall for a snip. Shame this has happened after Venancio went elsewhere but if allows us to keep FF, BB, TL and sign a few hungry loanees from Prem then it's a brilliant outcome in terms of salvaging a big mistake.
  6. DuttyTeabags

    Lee & Hutch

    Hutch can't string 3 full games together so why are we talking about building a team around him? Thank gawd Jos actually looks at data and stats vs Owlstalk!
  7. Dutty Teabags is obviously a complete and utter bellend!

    1. DuttyTeabags


      Thanks pal. I think some take my deliberately provocative (yet with an underlying element of truth) stance on Rhodes a bit too seriously.  Mirth, flippancy are my MO but I guess bellend covers it. Sent from my 5 bedroom villa in Mougins . Like any fks given what u think... 

  8. DuttyTeabags

    Sean Clare

    I'd rather spend thousands a week on him qnd Hirst than that c**t Rhodes
  9. DuttyTeabags

    Hirst Snr

    It's a bit obvious isn't it. David you're fired from the club for drinking too much free booze (cost to SWFC 100 quid per week). Decides his son will never play for SWFC. Doyen put a ridiculously high request on table. DC loses it and bans G Hirst from the club. In short, if we'd have let Snr continue to have the run of Hillsborough booze wise we'd have a 10m asset on our hands but instead we took a stand and saved ourselves 30 points of John Smiths per week. Well played DC you've proved no one messed with you.
  10. Antonio went for 1.6m and Rhodes 3m for one season. Jeez. 2m and they pay his wages = snatch Norwich hands off....
  11. DuttyTeabags

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Whats ridic about this mate. Please point out one element of this which didn't happen?
  12. DuttyTeabags

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    The most badly handled saga I can remember. Someone in commercial team to Chansiri, "I think David Hirst is drinking too much free booze and taking liberties on the hospitality for him and his friends" Short sighted response, "let's take affirmative action and fire him to save a few hundred quid a month this alienating him and his son." Macro response, "the main thing is we keep George and his Dad onside as could be worth millions in future transfer fees, just let him get on with it but try and keep an element of control. Main priority is getting George signed to a long term contract" So we've list GH for nothing for sake of snacking his Dad cos he drank a few too many beers in the process of entertaining fans post match. Signing JR was probably the nail in the coffin. What a joke.
  13. DuttyTeabags

    Brum in for Bannan?

    10m and I'd listen, but only to a Prem team. His shooting is appalling but he is our current engine room. So if we could find a dynamic energetic midfielder who could link defence and attack and have a bit more bite and physical presence it wouldn't be the worst move. Don't get me wrong, Baz has been instrumental in our upturn but he is small, Scottish and like a thin Rab C Nesbitt combover Some of this post is in jest :)
  14. DuttyTeabags

    According to reports in Portugal...

    Jesus guys 3 negs for making a joke about doing Nora up the dirtbox