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  1. Amazing what a run of games can do. Agree can be limited and switch off but he's doing that dirty job very well and having him in front of back 3 means we have a pretty solid base. Frees up the wing backs and more attacking players but agree that Luongo offers much more offensively. As has been said on here, he also can strike a ball so hopefully his confidence will keep building and he might thrape a couple of winners into top corner. If Jordan Rhodes can go from mincey thumbs up merchant to aggressive aerial dominator then who knows?!
  2. I'm hoping DC will take a huge write-down on valuation (e.g. write off at least 100m of his losses) if the right offer comes in. Am still hoping Red Bull come in for us, Owls = Wings?!
  3. Disagree, think Luongo has a lot to offer further up. Be great to have MF of Hutch, Luongo and Bannan with Shaw rotating in as needed. Dunkley and Iorfa should be our long term CH partnership, u want Hutch sitting in playing sweeper role, but this requires good attacking full backs as Hutch would essentially play the third CH when FB push on. Odjob would get more freedom down the right but def need an attacking minded, fleet footed LB to get the most out of it. Unless we go back to Jos where Hutch was played as a RW with Penney filling in RCM!
  4. Agree with this, he brought Hutch on against Brighton away when we were getting overrun which was the right decision but should have brought Lopez back for final and gone for 3 man centre midfield of Lopez, Bazza and Lee. We lost it in CM and needed Joao out ball over top to keep their defence deeper and give our MF more space. It was obvious after 10 mins but CC did nothing about it. Would be happy if Sam came back as PC alongside Thompson
  5. He'll find his level in League Two and have a couple of decent seasons being a jonny on the spot whilst having 5 to 6m quid in the bank. Meanwhile HMS cash haemorrhage SWFC will have stemmed the bleeding but won't own any assets (stadium sold and only decent players leave on frees) and have no income so will be floating aimlessly around the sub regions of the Champ for seasons to come. JR sits like the fairy atop a pile of the worst transfer dealings the world has ever seen, buy high, sell for nowt.
  6. Shame we didn't sell some of the other players when we could have such as FF, and then proceed to buy players with a quarter of the talent of Joao for 8 figure sums. Ridiculous. Nuhiu, Joao and Hooper with the addition of a younger pacey talent such as Watkins would have seen us promoted if we'd have worked out how to build the team around Lucas. Absolute shambles
  7. Would rather have Hutch over Wilson Fisk as manager.
  8. He's spent well over 100m. Losing 20-25m per season and buying stadium on top. The club as it stands doesn't have many assets but lots of liabilities and the only potential bailout is Prem revenue. Maybe there is a rich new owner but tbh they will be hamstrung by FFP and under current climate with reduced matchday income and a playing squad whose biggest sellable assets are either out of contract or non existent I'm calling BS on anyone imminent.
  9. More chance of Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran notching one after canoodling Save a Prayer on the touchline out of a Bontempi organ
  10. Seems he has a manager who knows how to get the best out of him. Looking absolutely Premier league. Been watching Reading highlights and he's showing the full array of skills. Shame we didn't have a manager capable of getting him playing consistently. Another Carlos Clown debacle...
  11. If you look at the Nico Kranjkar article about Windass and look at some of the comments from the Rangers staff/ players about his physicality, pace, power etc. you can see how highly he was rated.... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/niko-kranjcar-backs-rangers-teammate-11843037
  12. After hearing Monk post match comments about match sharpness and needing games to get that into your legs wouldn't surprise me if does give a run out to the rest of the squad to get everyone up to a level. A cup run would be good for the coffers and am assuming DC has given this to Monk as a secondary objective. Wildebeest Shaw Iorfa Borner Odjob Dele Bannan Palmer Reach Kachunga Rhodes (get him
  13. Think the player himself wants to come back if he can't nail down a place at Newcastle. With them signing Fraser etc. he's gone even further down the pecking order. He'd be competing with Harris, Odjob and Palmer for RWB birth mind....
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