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  1. I love how he walks like his spine is fused to his arsebone but then next minute you see him crouched down. I've never seen the transition so wonder if he uses a car jack to get up and down? As a manager this is a guy with a long term plan and he's brilliant at selling the club to players plus we had best home record last season. So I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt even if he does walk like Robocop who's not had an oil change in ten years.
  2. Jesus we may be in net transfer fee surplus for first time in years
  3. He's the new Royston Drenthe. Without the Crack, Drill music and Uzis hopefully
  4. Yeh but you probably were one of those who wanted him, I remember getting vilified on here for being a very small minority who called this financial suicide.
  5. If this is the shirt we wear when lifting the L1 trophy I'll be happy pinstripes or none.
  6. Missed a few sitters which cost us, like the 1 1 home draw with someone crap where we took an early lead then he dragged one wide from six yards. Would have put us two up and cruising. Trying to remember who it was....
  7. We were once down at Millwall, got glassed across my eyes 5 mins after getting of the train, didn't see any trouble
  8. Oh Sheffield, Oh Sheffield, OH Sheffield is wonderful, full of teeeits, faaaahanny and Wednesday, OH Sheffield is wonderful. Of course the 21st C version wouldn't scan. Oh Sheffield, Oh Sheffield, OH Sheffield is wonderful, It's full of he she, him hers and they thems, oh Sheffield is wunderba
  9. I thought it was the new Michael Palin series where he is given a raft and a can of beans and asked to migrate
  10. MIA vs Hull at Wembley, SAFC semi away bad mistake, out of position for Wycombe goal away. I love the guy but cost us when it mattered the most.
  11. I thought this was a thread about our Chairman snorting sage and onion powder
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