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  1. Dalian. But I'd had acid so wasn't sure it had gone in as could see 6 balls
  2. This but Harris on left and FF right. Harris gets good early ball in with left, FF does not.
  3. 10 points please... 3 wins, 1d, 1l and we'll be in and around. If we can make it 12 points it'd be really interesting esp. if one of the wins was away at WBA... 6 pointer...
  4. Agree, look how long it took Nadal to get back to full tilt, looked like he'd lost his mojo. Sometimes with these injuries it's a long way back physically and then there's the mental side of getting the verve back. Hoping he kicks in for second half of season but with Bannan as our first choice CM it's going to be tough to fit them both in...
  5. Sell Lees, Rhodes, Winnall, buy back Joao
  6. FFS how many respective bans do we need? It's like Stephen Hawking being done for a false start at the 100m
  7. Apparently they gave a few birds from the Manor a chin omelette after the game
  8. If he doesn't break through this season then he may have to go and play for Juventus
  9. Err Thorniley is potentially our best CH chill Winston
  10. Look he's got a lot higher talent to words ratio than Rhodes so let's all be thankful. Start him today and he could be the difference this season. X factor, shorts pulled right up into his crack a la Cowell, 3 points
  11. I'd take scraping out 1-0 wins when we're not playing at our best and then tonk a few of the poorer sides, as long as a minimum we're within 3 points of top 2 until last day of season I'll be happy....
  12. Really hope we can get FF back to his best, defo would love to see him, and Harris and Fletch as a front 3 vs Leeds
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