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  1. DuttyTeabags

    Sam Hutchinson

    Poppycock is much underused, should be more widely deployed
  2. Glenn Murray and Jordan Rhodes are a very different kettle of poissons!! One has always been a strong battling Fletcher type and the other a pansy who was a little bit quick and v sharp in the area.
  3. LOL, love the bromance of those still clinging to the idea Rhodes is suddenly going to come back with more skill, more pace, more ability cos he's been hanging out in Norwich. Just stick to watching those videos of the 4 4 draw at Hillsborough because that is the player you have in your mind. He no longer exists through a mixture of injuries and the loss of joyful exuberance of being hot stuff.
  4. DuttyTeabags


    Well played apparently and glad for him. Just wish he could bury the ones from 8 yards...!
  5. DuttyTeabags

    February Fixtures

    15 points minimum if we want to close the gap. Gutted we dropped silly points to WBA twice, Brum and Hull at home, 6 to 8 points additional on the board and we'd be set for a flying run in. Hope we make a couple of quality additions to get things moving, pacey wide players please...
  6. DuttyTeabags

    Neeskens Kebano

    Hope he's better than Sougou....
  7. DuttyTeabags

    Chairman’s statement

    Just a conspiracy theory. Dc has seen Wagner come on market and is trying to put Brucey off!
  8. DuttyTeabags

    Chairman’s statement

    Sell Bannan over Reach any day of week
  9. DuttyTeabags

    Westwood - toe injury

    Done his camels again, his shorts did seem a bit Simon Cowell in the last few games and I thought he might tweak it.
  10. Our best performances this season have been when Bannan was out. Team seemed more balanced. Flog him to Celtic!!
  11. DuttyTeabags

    John Marquis

    I like Fletcher but if we can pick this lad up and move SF onto Celtic that would be great business. Big wage, misses lots of chances and quite injury prone.
  12. DuttyTeabags

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Agree, if we'd played the 3 diddymen, Lopez, Bannan and Lee in midfield we would have won. And Joao Hooper FF up front. Oh well... Hope Boyd comes back to haunt them...
  13. DuttyTeabags

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Love Bransholme, metal detectors on way into pubs. Lockers outside to leave your weaponry...!
  14. DuttyTeabags


    OK let's put the generalisations away and get down to Facts. Jordan Rhodes Norwich league stats this season. 6 starts, 15 sub appearances (21 games played in) , 909 mins played. Average 1 shot per game, 26 total shots, 5 goals, conversion percentage 19.2 pc and a goal every 181 mins. Lucas Joao, league. 12 starts, 8 sub appearances (20 games played in), 1093 mins played Average 1.7 shots per game, 34 total shots, 8 goals, conversion percentage 23 pc and a goal every 136 mins. I'd take Joao any day of the week. Just to put this in perspective. Steven Fletcher 1 goal per 10 chances. 10pc conversion rate. Ouch.