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  1. was at fault for first and second goal, absolute liability. Whether or not rest of his play is good from time to time he costs us at least one goal per game, mainly getting wrong side, or clumsy reckless foul, or not winning a header. If we have to rotate get someone from youth team in at CB, this guy should never ever wear the shirt again.
  2. Should be Captain to be fair. Agree with OP that he is talismanic to us. We just look a different side with him leading the line. And to think we risked him in FA Cup which is where he pulled up. Not good management from Monk at all. He's such an important player u have to wrap him in a condom and put him in the fridge between league games.
  3. We've never really sorted our CM, always been a bit lightweight even in Carlos first season hence being overran at Wembley. Bannan looks like he's had enough, but Monk really needs to bring back Hutch and WW from the cold or he's going to go the same way as dross...
  4. A lot of good points there. Our CH pairing are good, wingers started off well. Bannan stale. Still hoping we can get PO but defo need WW and Hutch back. Peasy is hash...
  5. Listen as Wednesday fans we're a passionate bunch and have been starved of success and quality for a long time. Dawson is a great young keeper but playing in front of either 3,000 away or 20,000 home supporters is a pressure cooker. He's good, will develop into a good keeper but I'm hoping Monk can put his hands up and put Westwood and Hutch back in or I fear for the manager as he's not playing his best team. Easier said on a forum than reality but we're defo having a mid season blip. Probably difference between Bruce and Monk is that panface would have been able to handle these egos better....
  6. Yep my mistake , lets snap their hand off in this case!
  7. He didn't cost us our entire annual income in fees and wages and mean we had to sell our stadium to avoid FFP
  8. He bagged loads of goyals for Barnsley let's hope a run in the side does him good. Monk gave Nuhiu a run, Rhodes a run. Let's see if Winnall can come good. We need better but right now him starting with Nuhiu off bench is about best we can do without playing Iorfa up front...
  9. Is Bannan really CDM or is Luongo in the holding role?
  10. Flog him for 1-2 mill as long as we can lock down Dawson
  11. I'd love to see Wickham, Gayle, Adams, and Nketiah 4x 100m relay vs Rhodes, Winnall, Nuhiu and Fletcher. Reckon it'd be pretty close.
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