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  1. If FFP is the problem, this is my solution

    Get Cher in to sing if I could turn back time then sell facking Rhodes, Abdi, Fletcher, Jones, Pudil for the money we paid for them. Bring back Roeder and at least get our scouting back on track. We've made nothing but terrible investments since he left. I think the guy looks like a rodent but it is clear Chansiri wanted to go his own way and use Doyen to scout instead. Cue aforementioned overpriced poo .
  2. The whole issue here is one of persistence vs ad hoc. Wallace gets a run of games no matter how poo he plays. Then the odd game he scores a belter and half the forum cream. Palmer makes a mistake in an odd game and loses his place to Hunt who has been generally stuck with even when playing badly. Matias has got undoubted ability has spent 2 years grafting his nuts off to come back from injury and has a bad half. Joao has the odd half here and there. I promise you this if we persisted with players who have more ability than half of our first team in there little toe we'd be a much better side. Instead we get these threads based on judgement of a player on 2 performances per year. You're worse than Carlos.
  3. Pinpoint the game that did it for you..

    Wembley when he dropped Lopez and didn't play Joao in attack. The song was prophetic at the time and we didn't stick to it!
  4. Defensive options

    Venacio and Loovens please
  5. SWFC press conference live

    Just play Matias you con (put con into French to English translator)
  6. i dont buy this 'he's a nice guy'

    I thought this thread was about Josef Fritzl wrong forum.
  7. Dean Smith - next SWFC manager

    This is the best shout I've heard on Owlstalk for a while. He could turn Matias into Jota and Van Aken into Philippe Albert
  8. Post a positive!

    We're only 18 points off the top, which is 6 wins.
  9. Looks like our lass after the triplets came out
  10. Perfect fillip on a bad run. Play the Wednesday. The team who go to Reading in 19th set up to scrape a nil nil draw.
  11. 5 shots on target...in November.

    Fair point but we had him in Jan and he didn't cost $8m and his general hold up play is OK. Rhodes can't even pass a ball 5 yards
  12. 5 shots on target...in November.

    If Rhodes could steer a header on target we'd have won the last 3 matches. Appaling waste of money which could have injected pace and creativity into the side. Jan 2017 is going to go down as the transfer window which set us back 18/24 months - we had already got Winnall. Why oh why.
  13. Edmund Blackadder after reading Carlos bible on 'how to show opposition managers exactly how you will set up'...
  14. Man of the match v Reading?

    Rhodes is cack, paid to hit the target so when he does get a chance and heads it over, wide, or whatever it is amplified cos he has absolutely eff all else to his game.