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  1. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    If it's next season you could probably swap JVA for Penney and I'd switch Reach and FF to have early crossing opps rather than the Carlos 'cutback' which seems to slow things down and make it easier for defenders to get in position
  2. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    I reckon we could actually put out a decent side if everyone were fit: Wildbeast Fred Lees JVA Hunt Sammy Reach Forest Bannan Hooper Joao Any from Nuhui, Boyd, Matias, Pelupessy, Lee, Westwood, Pudil to step in from the bench. The above has a bit of pace, bite, guile and power in the right positions
  3. Have we got enough? The embargo thread

    Hopefully some idiots will buy Rhodes and Fletcher (I wouldn't normally wish this on anyone) knee injury is beyond repair which means insurance kicks in to pay him and we free ourselves of his wages (if the docs opinion is his career is over) Wallace, Loovens, Butterfield et al off the books. Matias out of contract and doubt we'll re-sign due to injury issues which is a shame as there is a real player in there. It's not beyond hope but we're sailing v close to wind
  4. Did he not mean they are unbelievably offensive?
  5. I think we all knew this though. Would CC have spaffed 10m on a slow, weak unskillful striker? Nah
  6. Glenn and Wallace served us well for freebies. We were in free fall when Dave Jones signed him and he stabilised the team then formed a bedrock of 2 of our most successful seasons in 17 years. Should be moved into coaching team without a doubt as we'll need some continuity at the end of the season when the sweepout comes. And as much as I love the guy Bullen hardly covered himself in glory during his caretaker spell...
  7. Neil Harris and Alex Neil.

    Dean Smith. Great scouting network and very good at building lower league talent into stars, rather than buying twits at 10m who are finished
  8. 5 at the back?

    Hooper Forestieri doesn't work as a front 2. See Wembley, Preston etc. If Lee unfortunately is shot, Clare could be the rangey wing back we need....Penney is quick and has a dig / cross on him. I'd love to see this - Bannan is good but can't shoot, at least we know FF and Reach can shoot from distance, go outside and get in crosses and support the wingbacks. Decent pace in that side.... Westwood ------------------------ ----------- Venacio - Lees - Van Aken ------------ Clare ------------------------------------------------- Penney ------------------------ Hutchinson ---------------------- --------------Forestieri Reach -------------------- ------------------ Hooper - Joao -----------------
  9. Snoots, excellent as always but I fear that the side you proposed has a weak spine - no real physicality up front or in CM. Afraid its a match for Corp D Jones to patrol midfield but would like to see Reach and Clare in tandem on West and East of a diamond with Abdi in behind whichever big lump we have available. Fll the defence and midfield and get runners to support playing off Abdi little one twos. Hirst on bench.
  10. Terrible player makes Helan look like Roberto Carlos. Do you reckon we have an option on bringing Helan back from bible studies if we have serious injury problems? Makes you wonder why we let Penney go out on loan, I'd much rather have him starting. Makes you wonder what Urby could have been like had Carlos actually played him. He looked good in his one cameo.....
  11. When did it start to go wrong?

    It can be tracked back to when we sacked Roeder and our scouting / player strategy went from on the underpriced and on the way up to overpriced and on the way down. We tried to bet the house on 'proven' but we ended up buying over the hill. The Winnall / Rhodes debacle consummated this and unfortunately this gross financial negligence, coupled with Abdi, Fletcher, Jones et al will blot our copybook not only for this season but for the foreseeable in terms of financial restrictions. The appointment of another foreign manager instead of someone like Dean Smith who has proven themselves adept at recruiting future stars (we could have picked up any of Ollie Watkins or other quite easily) and Prem loans and moulding them into aggressive, pacey, football sides just shows how out of touch our Chairman is becoming. Even worse, Prem teams have our card marked because of Carlos refusal to play loanees so we're left with having to take chances on players like Pelupessy or Joost Van Aken when Bristol have Bobby Reid or Abrahams banging them in. In short, the seeds of our issues this season were sown a long time ago with Jan 2017 being one we should be looking back on with pride (we got Winnall at a snip) when in actuality we can see it caused all sorts of personality issues in the team with Winnall quite rightly getting the hump that he'd signed under false pretences and was going to be playing 3rd, 4th or 5th fiddle to Fletcher, Hooper, Rhodes etc. And this without mentioning the psychological impact it had on Hirst in terms of path to first team. We should be sitting on prize assets in the form of Winnall, Hirst, Clare and instead all of them want away and we're stuck with the Championships finest who runs slower than my gran and can't hit a cows arris with her banjo
  12. £100m

    We'll be fine. Get players back from injury, let out of contract players go (but try and sign Clare and Hirst if poss), offload some of dead wood where possible. Shame that Winnall got injured when he did as if he'd have help Derby to promotion scoring significant goals along the way there would have been $2-3m in profit from him, although I'd rather take a loss on Rhodes and keep Winnall. Let's just hope one of the relegated teams are in panic mode and splash parachute cash on the Championships most proven goalscorer.
  13. Luhukay out.

    Decides to change to 4 at the back and playing some strange formation with Stobbs floating right and Joao. Not the time for experiments. Dread to sat it but had we played 5 at back with Jones in midfield we wouldn't have lost 4 nil.
  14. Recapture pace LOL! Yeh let's get Lance Armstrong trainer and the man who put together Steve Austin in 6 million dollar man to build old Jordy a pair of new bionic legs. Are you living in la la land?