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  1. If we sold FF, Rhodes and Joao for combined 20m, brought in Sheraldo, Hector, Austin and a quality DCM + LB I'd be very happy with the summer's business!
  2. He'd be great but it's just another Rhodes situation - spending well above our means. Hector and Gayle together would be a great pair of signings if we could get Winnall, FF, Rhodes all moved on and make some money. Come on Blades sign FF for 14m!
  3. If the talent is built on confidence, the general level of football at the time, and being at your peak physically, then changes do happen. Somewhere between Blackburn and Middlesborough he lost half a yard of pace which he was never really blessed with. His confidence also took a huge knock - see penalties. Football has moved on, the general level is a lot higher in terms of pace, physicality and 4-4-2 being a generally outdated system in which a 'fox in the box' thrives. He's yesterday's man. Move on.
  4. 2-3m, wages off payroll, use cash to buy Hector, ban all future Rhodes threads on Owlstalk thus finishing total number of Rhodes threads at 6,538,901 and total replies at 242,487,424. More than enough for anybody in a lifetime.
  5. Thank gawd Mr C has deep pockets to continue the money pit. Selling ground a huge gamble but if we get promoted and remain stable for a couple of seasons in Prem we prob can afford to buy it back and improve it. If we don't get promoted in next 2 seasons we will be proper up sht creek Bolton style
  6. He'll end up at Grimsby with Jones. They're about the same at the 100m dash
  7. If true Iorfa could be moving to centre
  8. Just sell them Rhodes and FF for combined 15m and we'll be in much better shape financially. They'll have an enigmatic injury prone inside forward and a slow past it striker. Ideal.
  9. He could have a player sale lined up for Thursday so that even though accounts show we've overspent we are within the P&S rules for this coming season. Personally if it is injury prone and histrionic FF to pigs for 14m and it allows us to sign players then it may be a case of thanks for the memories. He's lost half a yard and am sure there are Prem kids with the same skill but better consistency and less off the field crud to deal with.
  10. If the Julian Boner rumour is correct it fills me with optimism that even with limited financial resources SB has tentacles that can identify and capture players early which will ensure pre season is about bedding in, systems, team building rather than uncertainty about players in. Sure there'll be rumours about our top players and a will he won't he panto or two but we'll get astute business done aswell. In *FLASK we trust. *Face Like a Stuntman's Knee
  11. Our GOTS competition mentioned by BBC Sport in their analysis of this out of the ordinary Prem title rave. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48234702 "It's there too in the official goal of the season compilation for Sheffield Wednesday, a club whose season has been at best underwhelming. There are strikes in there - Fernando Forestieri's long-ranger against Norwich, at least two from Adam Reach alone - that would have sat quite comfortably in a nationwide best-of 20 years ago. Now they're happening for a team that finished exactly halfway down the Championship table and never threatened to win anything." Next season I want the chat to be about a record Champ points and goals tally please Steve
  12. Pace on right wing just the ticket. When you see his highlights on YT lots of them were against us at Wembley. tbh this could just be paper talk based on the Bruce/ Hull link but dare I say it he looks an upgrade on Palmer as competition to Iorfa no matter how well Palmer has done....
  13. I thought he was quality apart from his end product. Eze E!
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