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  1. Is that Phil Bardsley next to McGugan?
  2. Actually I have 2. Pm away. Ronio first one is yours
  3. I have one with 0 points. Pm me if anyone wants it.
  4. Bought 1 this morn. Collection only. Bought 2 this afternoon. Standard delivery only. WHO CARESSSSS - WE'RE GOING TO WEMBERLEEE
  5. Same problem, and can't get on see tickets with my ID. What is going on
  6. Not recognising my supporter number. Anyone else having this?
  7. Is anyone not able to get in their account on the Swfc shop? Want to change my address on my account so I my tickets get posted to the right place, guaranteed, if I get them on Monday! But can't log on...
  8. Most probably a loss as me and my dad are going. Other 2 away games together this season - Mk Dons and Charlton...
  9. Think we will see Joao today and then not much over the next few weeks. Looks very raw what I've seen of him, and with language, New country etc. CC will not want to rush him. Think Jones is a pipe dream because people rank him like Marshall, Wickham etc. as the best players at Hillsborough for years (rightly so) although that won't get us past the 25k+ he's on a week. Nickson knows this and is just stirring the pot. Nuhiu will have a big part to play early season I think. Need to keep the team spirit and togetherness whilst the other players settle, and Nuhiu is a massive part of that. Really, he is the only natural forward we have for the focal point role (Joao aside, but as I said above, needs time to settle)
  10. People are going to lose their minds when Nuhiu is starting up front for the BC game...
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