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  1. Wants to play more centrally but he isn't an out and out striker and with the amount of strikers we have I believe he isn't being utilised very well upfront but he does give the opposition problems When on the wing.
  2. All he needs is abit of good consistent service and a player like Rhodes will get them goals we all know he can score.
  3. I get your point, if the team doesn't have any confidence in the gaffer then how can they put on a good performance.
  4. You sure they don't want nuhiu instead?
  5. Must have been doing something right if they couldn't score a goal from open play and it took a penner to seal the win for them.
  6. I suppose if you disagree with gaffer that's what happens
  7. Rather keeps Rhodes though, nuhiu can't win a header never mind score a goal
  8. Didn't need him anyway, it's not like we're short of CB's or anything
  9. Doubt we will let him go if they haves just forked 10 mill out for him.
  10. IMO he's the driving force of the midfield when he's fully fit
  11. Hutchinson is too defensive minded and doesn't move up the field much when he has the ball which is why the build up play is so slow.
  12. Not fussed what score is as long has we get the 3 points
  13. Wants them to play with heart and determination which is what it should be like playing for Wednesday.
  14. Good signing plenty of experience at top level and international level.
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