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  1. Great day and experience. Also on the winning team which always helps! Makes you realise how big the pitch is. Well done everyone involved for raising a lot of money for two great causes. There will be some sore legs tomorrow morning!
  2. He’s back to what he does best, defending and keeping it simple. Previous managers had him receiving the ball at the back and effectively being a playmaker, not his game! We’ve cut out the backwards/side ways passing and they all look better for it.
  3. To the tune Suger, honey honey..... Bannan, Oh Barry Bannan, He is only 5ft tall, but he's always on the ball I'm sure you lot can come up with some better lyrics though?!
  4. Thought we might have given May a little more time............
  5. May needs to benched! Nuhiu - Bus - Keane up top Also need Helen's pace on the wing
  6. Unfortunately, while ever he is starting matches and not scoring clear cut chances, he will always get grief, just like Nuhiu does (and no doubt Keane and Bus soon). If he is 'one for the future' surely we need someone for today? You can't carry a player just because he 'will come good' one day. We carry too many as it is!
  7. Following the takeover and the excitement that came with it, we are back down to earth with a bang after the last few games. I can't fault Gray for what he has achieved since taking control of the team, especially with limited funds. However, recent team selections have made me start to question his ability to win games and to change tactics during matches. For weeks Helen has been our main threat (when on the pitch) but he has stuck with Maghoma, hoping that he would come good. As much as Maguire works hard, he's not a winger and I get that there is no other option so why not make a winger a priority in January? I'm sure Gray and others spent time searching for the right player but when you see other teams bringing in players, surely we must be able to attract someone when we have secured the likes of Westwood, McGugan, Lees etc. As for not throwing new players straight into the side, WE CAN'T SCORE GOALS! Why not start Bus and bring him of when he is knackered? I'm not saying he is the answer but so far, no one else is either? Also, he would of been desperate to get involved to show us what he can do? I've tried to stick by May, hoping that he will come good and start smashing a few in but I just can't see it. He will run all day but after seeing Will Keane and his positional sense/off the ball movement, he has looked more the part after several games than May has all season. Last Saturday against Cardiff, why not start with Nuhiu and Keane as we couldn't make the ball stick up top. May hardly touched the ball and when he did, he missed a sitter. It can't be any good for his confidence? Yes, Nuhiu can be frustrating at times but he brings others into play and with McGugan on the bench we struggled to create anything in the final third. Like all other fans, I want to see us having a go at teams and trying to play football. At times this season we have played well but I want to see us taking games to teams, especially at home. Hopefully we will get a winger in on loan this week and we will see a better starting line up on Saturday? I can't help thinking that once the fading light of the playoffs has gone out, the new owners might start thinking about who they want to spend there money in the summer?! Rant over! UTO
  8. Stripes are vertical on the away kit, just a matter of if we ever see it!!
  9. He is also coaching kids football on Saturday mornings in Sheffield. My son has been going for a few years and Yoann Folly turned up a few weeks ago to coach. He is a proper decent lad, just a shame that he has suffered with his heart condition and that it cut his footballing days short.
  10. Is there any chance of seeing the Fan Cam from the Cardiff match last season? It's was my sons 7th birthday and he keeps asking if it has been uploaded?
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