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  1. Anyone that thinks Zola should get the job needs to have a look at his win percentage at Birmingham. played 24, lost 14, won 2. Win percentage 8.33%
  2. If anyone has or knows anyone with any spare tickets please let me know, I am prepared to collect them. Thank you
  3. In fairness to the police they were very apologetic, and told us to take up any complaints about the stewards with the club. As usual the stewards were out of order, treating football fans like animals. Not that I’m condoning the firework incident but there was no need for the way the stewards dealt with my brother and spoke to me when questioning why he’d been frog marched onto the concourse.
  4. My brother was falsely identified as setting off the “firework”. Stewards came up to the stand shortly after the second half kicked off and said the police wanted a word with him. The police took him onto the concourse where he was questioned, and arrested on suspicion of setting it off. A couple of Wednesday fans who saw he had nothing to do with it mentioned this to the stewards who then looked at cctv to confirm it had nothing to do with it. Thankfully he was released and we managed to catch the last 20 mins of the game. No idea who set off the firework, and no idea if they were later identified by police.
  5. I know this is a long shot but are there any spares knocking about for burton tomorrow
  6. He's heavilly linked with Bradford city! Heard it Through a friend of Phil Parkinson's son at last nights game. I saw the text to be fair to the lad he wasn't talking sh!t, only time will tell!
  7. Were gonna rock down to Oguchi Onyewu The Wednesdays going higher To the tune of electric avenue is by a mile the best one I've heard!
  8. The "summer songs" such as honnalulu Wednesday are absoloytely brilliant, days out in the sun arching Wednesday, with a big crowd of us singing our hearts out, nothing beats them! I remember peteborough last away day of last year! Honolulu sounded absolutely brilliant
  9. Over the years watching Wednesday there have been some brilliant songs created by our fans, albeit some have been adaptations of other clubs songs. My personal favourite of the past few years has got to be the Kenny Lunt song! Who ever created that is an absolute genius! The Gooch song from yesterday in the pub before was also a peice of creative genius! Let's cast our minds back and come up with what we have all enjoyed, not the usual suspects of "Lewis Buxton needs a song". UTO
  10. Very intresting interview from Gooch. Really hope we manage to keep him! And he's learning not to just call us sheffield.... Just!!
  11. I think erm What we should do is ermmm Like ermmmm You know what I mean erm He sounded like the thicker version of MTPO
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