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  1. Cheers for recommendations, found the ‘algarve owls’ are watching in the cavern pub in albuferia old town
  2. Yeah geordie Viking would be a good shout obviously lol!
  3. Gotta love a good ticket queue, …remember the tents and people camping in the heady days of the early 90’s
  4. Yeah perhaps something like that , two clubs steeped in past football history and triumphs and ‘quintessential’ names of the old English game ….just both lacking in recent history / success lol!
  5. Think there has always been a decent bond /mutual feeling of good Will in general with WBA for some reason
  6. Two long suffering fanbases in ourselves and Sunderland , but really on paper got to hand it to Sunderland …regularly getting approx 30,000 ( yes the 1 club in the city argument comes into play ) honourable nod to Ipswich considering they are where never really in the run in come end of season
  7. Sunderland v Wednesday at Wembley would have Been some event , more akin to an FA cup final , and if it’s not us like you say I’d rather it be them , I’ve nothing against Sunderland whatsoever….fantastic suffering fans just like ours ( arguably more so and factually on paper better supported) On the over hand (IF) , we get there ….nothing to fear vs the plastic ones or the mid life crisis managed high Wycombe ….can’t stand either and I reckon on the big occasion we have more chance over Wycombe , there shithousery will literally count for sh*t on that big stage.
  8. Off on holiday on wed to Portugal …anyone else in albuferia for either Leg? or any recommendations for somewhere to watch it ?
  9. If you are are grown man and attempt to invade the pitch for getting into the playoffs you are the one who deserves a punch. going up auto then fair game for all , but for securing a playoff place is just tinpot
  10. I was gonna say it’s the Wednesday way , …but we would normally be the ones going the other way 4th to 7th … so maybe that way is changing !?
  11. Once went to find a place in las Vegas to watch Wednesday vs at Charlton ( Monday night match away around 2010-2011 seasons , Clinton Morrison header 1-1) was referred to a slightly out of town establishment that showed ‘uk soccer’ in the student area , to say this place was shady was an understatement , Got there …the game wasn’t on , so we thought we would settle in for a drink , I am still adamant today that on the table across from us a conservation was ensuing between two local men ,the jist of which was basically one guy was putting a order out to the other guy for a hit to be done on someone to have them taken out! thinking it was a good idea to leave this very dodgy bar , cue comic timing ….I hear the cry of “ all Wednesday aren’t we” ….in stumbles /walks two lads ( seen Wednesday shirts we had on ) who had also had the tip of this place showed “uk soccer”. now this was proper ‘you’ll always find a wednesdyite anywhere in the world ‘ scenario. One of said lads ended up streaming the match on his phone for us ( and from what I can remember costing him not far off £100 in charges!)
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