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  1. Not communist Russia, just capitalist Britain 2018. £59 is abit steep imho, but to have the cheek to put something out there (made inhouse by elev8) at £99 is taking the wee wee
  2. Dawson hunt lees venancio pudil boyd jones reach abdi nuhiu joao
  3. From us?!.....from anyone....even kids Sunday league would have got it up field
  4. First 3pm kick off at bellend road since 2007....still time for that to change
  5. Hunt, abdi, Westwood and fletcher could be back for blunts (bullen press conferences last week)
  6. If abdi is fit (I know it's asking a lot!) I'd have Hutchinson in centre of midfield alongside him with reach and Boyd wide..... butterfield and jones should be nowhere the starting 11 after burton.
  7. Need him around for Friday at least surely
  8. Westwood (bullen mentioned chance might be back...fingers crossed! Hunt loovens venancio pudil boyd hutchinson abdi reach rhodes fletcher( hopefully back aswell) subs: Wildsmith Joao nuihiu palmer jones Wallace baker/or O'Grady Hopefully back in training this week after illness according to bullen pre match Carilse
  9. Cracking, a Wednesday favourite in the making quite clearly
  10. FF knee injury now and winnall out on loan at derby slow hand clap. Cant wait to see more of Niuhu.
  11. "We play like Tottenham" must be hard work trying to convince players to come to them, mind you doesn't look it playing pool all day. What a nob
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