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  1. Joost van Aken

    Cracking, a Wednesday favourite in the making quite clearly
  2. No Nando

    FF knee injury now and winnall out on loan at derby slow hand clap. Cant wait to see more of Niuhu.
  3. Deadline day mini doc.

    "We play like Tottenham" must be hard work trying to convince players to come to them, mind you doesn't look it playing pool all day. What a nob
  4. predictions for Septembers games

    Forest W Brentford W Cardiff D Pigs D Brummies L
  5. Personally I wasn't buying anyway, they look crap and I have no doubt they are crap quality. Instead of going with a reputable kit manufacturer, cutting corners to save a few quid will backfire in the long run as probably not as many will buy it now

    Poor. Just think in a few weeks when we are fetching Niuhu on off the bench instead of the option of sam winnall. not to mention when winnall starts banging them in for derby giving a fellow promotion contender a leg up
  7. £30m to spend this week

    Christ if we sell both FF and Rhodes I don't care who we fetch in, I'm done.
  8. Work's going to be dreadful on Tuesday

    Christ how many games have we played, if we were 15th come winter then fair enough, It's August though. A few wins in September will see us right, if we play like we did against Sunderland( second half) we will beat forest and Brentford at home.
  9. Fulham Tho!

    Sweet victory today considering they gave it the big one at the very end of last season and the media drooled all over them( even further drooled when they beat only our 2nd string side last match) still a long season, great victory and I would have taken a point before KO
  10. The new Sheffield Wednesday home shirt

    Looks tacky and worse quality than sondico if that's possible. I know the kit manufacturer doesn't make you world beaters but christ what I'd do for some Nike or adidas, or even Umbro right now!
  11. Elev8

    Looks cheap and tacky and a lot worse than sondico. What happened to Brand on the training wear the players were sporting pre season beginning with L? Lacatoni?
  12. Rubbish huge numbers in the north stand were singing particular songs that are banned in Scotland due to them being racist/secterian.
  13. Supporters put to shame.

    They'll be Alongside all the thugs from Leeds, Chelsea, hull, millwall etc etc who have an special friendship /affinity with rangers
  14. Supporters put to shame.

    Plenty of videos on social media and YouTube of their Racist secterian chanting
  15. Supporters put to shame.

    Unreal comment