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  1. Yes this 100pc. Success or failure always emanates from the top. The club lacks leadership and guidance and worryingly our Chairman appears to be very naive when it comes to running a professional football club. He surely needs help but seems reluctant to enlist help. All this filters down an I genuinely feel that our famous old club has lost credibility together with the respect of the league, other clubs and players in general. We will lose a lot of players soon (quite rightly if they are not performing) but we will then be left having to recruit many players who actually, might not want to come due to the reputation we seem to be gathering and if they do come, we need them to perform and gell together straightaway. Hard times indeed. Get ready.
  2. Wow, yes, how could I have forgotten that. So recent as well. I claim old age! Thanks Mastered.
  3. We were four goals up at halftime away from home.
  4. We were four goals up at halftime away from home.
  5. Definitely not as a coach/Manager because he has no idea how to attack. I’m amazed that he never employed an expert attacking coach. This was borne out by the fact that many of the close games he won were secured by ‘worldies’ from the likes of reach and Wallace. He never seemed to understand the importance of fast wingers and set-pieces. I enjoyed the football from goalkeeper to midfield though. Would be good as frontman for the club mind, selling his cheekie-chappie personality.
  6. Well done and thanks Jordan. Once a goalscorer, always a goalscorer, especially if given the service. It will be interesting to see whether the right type of service is given to him again in the next match.
  7. I’ve always felt that we need a striker with pace and quality to get in behind defenders. Ideal examples of this type of player are Che Adams or Jordan Hugill. I’ve felt that these players are very effective in the Championship. Therefore if there’s truth in the Adams rumour, I for one would be delighted.
  8. This. Also I think that a few on here would agree that after the Wembley failure in 2015, we needed to address three positions: a commanding goalscoring centre back, an ‘animal ‘ in midfield to protect Bannan and wingers/forwards with pace. Whilst we seem to have very good central defenders I still think we need them to score more from set pieces- free kicks, corners particularly. The good news is that Monk appears to think the same- remember he brought in Bartley at Leeds and also had Jansson. Cattermole was talked about in pre-season and he is the sort of midfielder to do a job to protect Bannan but perhaps too old for us now. Does anyone on here have any suggestions on who we might target for the goalscoring defender and tough midfielder roles?
  9. Reading might be even more keen to sign Joao after his goal against them today. On today’s crazy prices he’s got to be worth 8m at least. He has the ‘x’ factor.
  10. Has to be Hughton. Experienced and successful in this league. Popular, level-headed guy well respected by players and people throughout football. Hopefully would bring a much-needed honesty and stability to our club and a person who you would expect to be a reliable, knowledgable and loyal servant and ally to Mr C, something which he and the club so badly needs and deserves right now. Chris Hughton please Mr C.
  11. This, but we had been so poor financially for so long that when the Chairman gave the impression that money was no barrier and, if I remember correctly, naively ‘promised ‘ promotion within 2years or words to that effect, us fans wanted to believe him, so it was easy for us all to get carried away. I think some of the business decisions which have been made have shown a lack of business acumen but IMO the appointment of Bruce at the time was a master stroke, unfortunately for our very generous Chairman, it has now undeservedly bitten him in the bum, although the Bruce episode has probably got the fans on his side and rightly so. However, Mr. C now has another opportunity to prove that he can take us forward from the tricky situation we find ourselves in. This is not intended as a negative post against the owner or the club but an honest view of how things are and have been. I would so ‘love it’ if we were promoted under Mr C as his genuine generosity deserves it.
  12. Turned West Brom down recently didn’t he? I still think that we need a proven Manager in the Championship who knows this league although I have been tempted by some of the suggestions of appointing a young, recently retired big name prem player eg: John Terry.
  13. I really like Lucas Joao but agree with the many comments on here about his attitude/commitment at times. He has class but after that first season, doesn’t seem to be the same player and seems to have lost confidence since he had his teeth knocked out at Rovrum.
  14. That could be good for us. Man U buy him and Bruce, er.. gets him for us on loan - lovely.
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