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  1. I name this banger ‘Mr Wednesday’
  2. owlsite

    Neil Warnock

    I think that perhaps the only two managers who could help us in our current plight are Warnock and McCarthy. Ironically though, it is likely that both hate us with a passion. Even with these guys however I do worry that we do not have the right sort of players to fit the way they would want to play. We never seem to be a threat from set-pieces- Carlos didn’t appear to rate the value of these as we didn’t ever seem to exploit free-kicks and corners. We know that the two guys mentioned above certainly would. In fact did Carlos have a ‘forward ‘ coach? He was a centre half I think and his Portuguese coach was a defender, as was Bullen and Rhodes senior, was a goalkeeper. Do we actually have a forward coach for the first team? Despite Carlos’s apparent weakness in attacking play, I would have kept him on until we reached safety (50 odd points) for his defensive qualities and know how, trusting that the injury situation improved sufficiently. After safety was ‘asheeved’, move Carlos out or upstairs and this would have given a new manager time to get the squad ready for another tilt at promotion next year.
  3. I would be happy for us to play in a similar strip to the very first one recorded (blue and white hoops I think) but for our Anniversary season only. Afterwards Mr Chansiri, whilst I appreciate and thank you for all you have done so far for our club, please bring back our familiar BLUE AND WHITE STRIPES. This kit is synonymous with Sheffield Wednesday, its great to look back at old photographs and see some great players of our past in the famous blue and white stripes, a kit which is recognised as SWFC by all, including other teams and fans as well as the media. Some have said that it's only a shirt, but no, sorry, it's been our main identity over most years and our heritage, despite the fact that we have changed before in the past. I'm probably a bit old fashioned, but truly, I struggle to recognise us in any other colours. I know that sponsorship is key, but I'd like to see us play away in blue and white stripes as well. There's my vote !
  4. owlsite


    If/when we miss out on Hourahane I think that this lad would be a good alternative, especially whilst Lee is out. For me he's similar to Lee in that he puts in a great shift, has that box to box aggression and can score goals. Does anyone agree? (Sorry Barnsley fans!)
  5. Wednesday playing Arsenal in FA cup replay at Filbert Street Leicester
  6. What is the stirring music played minutes before the match at Hillsbrough and before Hi Ho Silver Lining?
  7. owlsite

    Happy Birthday Colin Dobson

    Torryowl, I'm also pretty certain that the player in the background of said picture is Derek Wilkinson. Derek and Colin Dobson were both formidable players for defenders to deal with. They both had great pace, could cross a ball and could finish. I remember the Blackburn match, the Rovers had the likes of Ronnie Clayton, Matt Woods and goalkeeper Fred Else and their team. Upfront they had the three "D's" : Douglas, Dobing and Dougan... wow, although I'm not sure that they all played in that match. However Colin ran their defence ragged and his best trick was moving at full pace and then he would cut in and shoot into the bottom corner! Great memories, Happy Birthday Colin.
  8. Press conference at 12noon today?