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  1. Pulis has been out of the ‘front line’ in management for a while prior to coming here but as I’ve said in previous posts, he is organised and will have kept abreast of things in this league and hopefully will be able to pull off a quality signing or two with his contacts and knowledge of the game and this division. I trust him to do this for us because of his genuine feeling for the club with his admiration for Don Megson and latterly, Gary Megson. Therefore, I believe him when he talks about us as being a historically great club with a fantastic fan base that needs waking up and wanting
  2. Yes but when I suggested those sixteen reasons why we should appoint Tony Pulis, you were saying that you could give seventeen reasons why we shouldn’t appoint him. Are you now taking that back? The thing for me is that he’s already living up to those 16 reasons and he’s just the man we need at this time bearing in mind the absolute mess the club is in. I’m really looking forward to January to see who he brings in because for me, he has already nailed where the problems are. I’ve pretty much agreed with everything he’s said about the club and what’s required, up to now. I cert
  3. Initially, the thought of hiring Pulis left me feeling uninspired, but then, with deeper thought, I quickly listed sixteen, yes sixteen, reasons why he should get the job at this time: 1. Experienced man-manager 2. Great tactical experience 3. He has never been relegated 4. He has promoted teams 5. He has an ability to lead 6. He could be the much-needed figurehead at the club 7. He could advise DC on football matters within the Club 8. His experience gives him an ability to attract players who are mentally and physically strong (needed for this le
  4. Signing Dion Sanderson would continue the Cardiff City connection and would also be inspired. Congratulations Mr Chansiri for backing the Manager. Hopefully it will be enough to save us from the dreaded drop.
  5. Cardiff Wednesday could be our new name if we bring in Zohore, Flint, Sanderson and Mendez-Laing. We already have Harris and Paterson! At least they would all be used to a successful way of playing and know each other’s game - Cardiff reached play-offs. Seriously though, players knowing each other’s game is vital for us in our position where we need the new players to hit the ground running. On Bannan, if we sell, we must replace with at least the same quality. Doubtful that we would now have the time before the window closes.
  6. ‘Positive signings at just the right time’. Two spring to mind for me: 1. Ken Knighton - provided the leadership and midfield ball-winning skills much needed at the time 2. Mark Bright- cost a million pounds I think, but gave David Hirst great support from which he flourished.
  7. Perhaps someone like Lukas Jutkiewicz. Not the young hungry type but deadly in the air and has played at this level for a while fairly successfully. If we use our wingers to put in crosses, he could definitely do a job and give us another option to win games, when a plan B or C is needed- or even plan A! very well known by our management team and would Likely be affordable on a 1 or 2 year contract.
  8. Well, if we were to get Gregory, Adams and Hogan what a ‘sharp’ (no we don’t need him as well) strike force we’d have. All possibly realistic because Monk likes them all, BUT is Anybody up for that?
  9. Mr Chansiri has now backed Monk big time. I’m glad he’s got help and from reading about these newcomers, they would appear to have the balance to give us success as well as, perhaps, good contacts for the sort of player recruitment which is vital for us. Hopefully we will now bring in the mixture of experienced leadership type players and hungry, quality, young players to give us the best chance of a great pre-season. Positivity needed now- onwards and upwards.
  10. If he has recovered from his broken leg and could get back to his great form with Wigan, then he could be a great signing. Big, strong, defender, who is a real threat in the air from set pieces. Risky because of his injury but if cheap enough, I think he’s worth a gamble.
  11. Ken Knighton. He was with Hull before us and seemed to enjoy kicking everyone. He came to us and became a real hero. He still kicked a few but it was good because he was on our side!
  12. Have the EFL/points deduction committee yet sent us a copy of the reasons for its/their findings and decision. If not, why not. Surely this information would normally be sent to the Club BEFORE the decision was made public. Having made a decision, surely they would have formulated a file of findings, which could be scanned/copied and sent straight out to the Club - or is the delay deliberate? If not Why are these organisations so inefficient? Has anyone got an update?
  13. If Mr Chansiri decides that Monk’s time is up, then I think that Paul Cook, if available, would be a great appointment. He knows this Division, has a great success rate, appears popular with players and the media and would galvanise the club at a time when it’s most needed. We will have to be quick though as others clubs will be keen. Middlesbrough come to mind if Warnock leaves.
  14. Regardless of what people think of the players who have left, we need to recruit with the same quality at least. I agree that we need hungry young players who really want to play for the club but we must retain quality. As I have said in a previous post we need leaders at the club. A strong backbone of a quality experienced goalkeeper, a strong leading centre back, a hard running and tackling midfielder and a tough strong running centre forward. These positions are key to form the backbone of any successful team.
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