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  1. Yes daveyboy66, Bronco Layne, what a player. I once went to Leyton Orient as they were then known, I think it was a cup game and I was right behind the goal when we had a free kick outside the area. Bronco stepped up and lashed the ball into the net. He hit it so hard I thought it would break the net. I think we won 2-4. I was devastated when the bribes scandal broke.
  2. Eddie Holliday, from Barnsley I think, although we signed him from Middlesbrough for twenty odd thousand pounds, which was a decent fee in those days. I remember being excited when we signed him, fast raiding winger who had played for England, to get crosses in to our forwards, what could go wrong. Well, unfortunately, although he was fast, he didn’t always take the ball with him! He WAS very exciting to watch though, tearing down the wing. ‘Our forwards’ were usually Fantham, Dobson and Keith Ellis. In my memory, from 1959 onwards, the team just needed a big centre forward who was strong in the air to get some goals from crosses and we could never get that Player, having missed out on Joe Baker and Wyn Davies in particular. We ended up signing big John Ritchie in the end but it was too late by then. That kit though, with the hooped socks is my favourite all time Wednesday kit.
  3. Peter Swan, along with Ron Springett and David ‘Bronco’ Layne were my heroes as a boy and between them, they provided the backbone of a very successful team in 1961, when they finished runners up to the fabulous, double -winning Spurs team of that year. I have great memories of his personal battles on the field at that time with the likes of Bobby Smith, Ray Pointer and Derek Dougan, all of whom were uncompromising, tough, top, goalscoring, international centre forwards of their day and he usually got the better of them. He was a rock, could mix it with anyone, but also had class. I remember watching as a boy from the Kop on many occasions that when being chased down by one of these guys, running back towards his own goal ‘Swanny’ had a skilful step-over trick, which he would use often and this would result in the ball being easily collected by Springett, or he would shepherd the ball out of play for a goal kick to us. Yes, he ‘blotted his copybook’ later, but I will always have great memories of a classy, dominant centre half, who was my boyhood hero. RIP Peter and sincere condolences to his family.
  4. This, if true, would be a great appointment for us imo. If he did come though, it would be such a shame that he/Donny has only just sold Ben Whiteman, because that kind of young quality player would have been a great addition to our squad at this time. So yes, although I’d be happy with Paul Cook, I’d be just as happy with Darren Moore. Get one of those two in Mr C as soon as possible.
  5. Surely, nothing to lose by appointing a man who appears to want the job, knows the score with Chansiri, has managed in the division before and, on the face of it, would also be good for League 1 if we go down.
  6. Spearmint chews or Nuttall’s Mintoes. Great memories, but as has been said, shocking for teeth!
  7. Andy Hinchcliffe, allegedly, has said - that Mr Chansiri needs a coach, not a manager. He may have a point. If our Chairman wants to Manage the club by effectively telling his managers how they must play and who they must play, then this seriously reduces our options of appointing a person with previous success in promotion/relegation. They will want to do it their way. Therefore it is likely that he will appoint Neil Thompson (perhaps with Lee Bullen). Although this partnership is doing well at the moment and may prove to do the job and I have no issue against either of them, I personally still feel that we need a proven manager with character to give the club a profile. To stay up we will, more than likely, have to play ‘ugly’. We absolutely need to stay up because I cannot see our Chairman having the tactical know how and football knowledge to manage us in these lower leagues and I certainly don’t want our great, historic club playing regularly in Concord Park! We need a manager to keep us up this season, then we can dream about a ‘beautiful football’ manager in the summer .
  8. A very important win tonight and to me the irony is that it was quite probably a rehearsed Tony Pulis set piece that won us the match coupled with how he had been coaching the strong defensive work ethic which we all knew the team would need as a basic requirement, to survive the dreaded drop. I hold my hand up and I did write a piece on why we should have appointed Pulis at the time, but I must admit that I’ve been shocked by Chansiri’s accusations (if true) about Mr Pulis’s alleged behaviour.
  9. Perhaps if we let big Sam get Windass, he might be more amenable to giving us a decent loan player or two to fit with the way TP will play.
  10. Perhaps the FA punishment should be to extract all Lerma’s teeth.
  11. Pulis has been out of the ‘front line’ in management for a while prior to coming here but as I’ve said in previous posts, he is organised and will have kept abreast of things in this league and hopefully will be able to pull off a quality signing or two with his contacts and knowledge of the game and this division. I trust him to do this for us because of his genuine feeling for the club with his admiration for Don Megson and latterly, Gary Megson. Therefore, I believe him when he talks about us as being a historically great club with a fantastic fan base that needs waking up and wanting to be the one who gets us going again. It is a massive job and the priority is to make sure we don’t get relegated before having a summer to bring in more quality, attack minded players. Unfortunately, it is likely that, to do this, he will have to make sure we don’t lose matches first and this will be dull and dour. I agree that he must get us winning games also because drawing games will not keep us up, but when the three or four quality players we have injured, get back playing, I think these, coupled with some astute signings will get the juggernaut rolling. I hope so anyway, but it will be tough and perhaps even horrible until then. He’ll know that usually, successful teams must have a team with leaders, and a strong backbone I.e a quality goalkeeper, centre back, strong midfield and quality centre forward/striker. Let’s hope he knows these players already.
  12. Yes but when I suggested those sixteen reasons why we should appoint Tony Pulis, you were saying that you could give seventeen reasons why we shouldn’t appoint him. Are you now taking that back? The thing for me is that he’s already living up to those 16 reasons and he’s just the man we need at this time bearing in mind the absolute mess the club is in. I’m really looking forward to January to see who he brings in because for me, he has already nailed where the problems are. I’ve pretty much agreed with everything he’s said about the club and what’s required, up to now. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t already got players lined up. He’s organised in his thinking and clear on what he needs to get for us. Hopefully in time, all those 16 attributes will materialise and he will become the hero that the club and us fans have yearned for so many years, getting us promotion, giving us identity, guiding our owner in football matters and regaining the respect the club has lost.
  13. Initially, the thought of hiring Pulis left me feeling uninspired, but then, with deeper thought, I quickly listed sixteen, yes sixteen, reasons why he should get the job at this time: 1. Experienced man-manager 2. Great tactical experience 3. He has never been relegated 4. He has promoted teams 5. He has an ability to lead 6. He could be the much-needed figurehead at the club 7. He could advise DC on football matters within the Club 8. His experience gives him an ability to attract players who are mentally and physically strong (needed for this league) 9. He is well-known in the media and could give the club identity, which I think we have lost 10. He has a game plan- albeit sometimes ugly 11. Players will know what is required 12. He is a disciplinarian and this could help some of the players 13. He will bring experienced assistants 14. He is likely to ensure we avoid relegation 15. He knows the Championship 16. In our situation he’s probably the best we can get. No, I’m not Tony Pulis, nor his agent, just an owls fan of over 60 years who cannot contemplate League 1.
  14. Signing Dion Sanderson would continue the Cardiff City connection and would also be inspired. Congratulations Mr Chansiri for backing the Manager. Hopefully it will be enough to save us from the dreaded drop.
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