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  1. Radio Sheffield are scared stiff of Steve Evans, he has slammed them on radio when being interviewed and they just let him. He banned them over the Stevie May saga, blaming them for us signing them. They need to grow some to be honest.
  2. Paul won't want to upset Steve Evans even if he thinks the comments were strange (which they clearly was).
  3. I don't think Wednesday fans have have really gave too much thought as to Barnsley, Rotherham or Doncaster, it seems it's been their fans in the past that have made an issue and Wednesday fans have reacted.
  4. That's disgraceful. Will their history books say it finished 2-2? What a really sad thing to do.
  5. The Rotherham fan in the blue coat going mental at Nuhiu after he scored Then that long walk Steve Evans made to shake the hand of Stuart Gray and the camera showed every step
  6. Now you can watch Sheffield Wednesday being outplayed, out passed and lump it up to a 6ft 6 player - according to Steve Evans
  7. Before the game; Steve Evans: "SWFC could be a club in the top 6 of the Premiership! After the game: Steve Evans: "We will be playing bigger clubs than SWFC in the next few weeks"
  8. Sorry i forgot to add i would like Radio Sheffield guys to stand up to him, he has seemed to have a go at them in the past and they just take it.
  9. Cant believe Milan even gave him 1 minute of his time. The guy is so bitter and blames everyone and everything for when his team loses, it's never him. Slates players in public and then brings in a loan player and replaces them.
  10. Labels Mike Dean as arrogant, "What is the point of talking to him, he's one of the most arrogant men i have ever met"
  11. He seems awfully quiet. Wonder why?
  12. Looking forward to next season who are you hoping is out of this league? Promotion: Bournemouth will go up, they look class and just seem to push teams aside. I would have loved to see the back of Watford, Wolves and Derby (even tho that's not possible) we can just never beat these teams, talk about bogey sides. Then there is Norwich who look very strong and no doubt next season if they don't go up will look very strong. Relegation: Blackpool are gone, seems a disgrace what's gone off at that football club. Millwall, happy to see them go, vile. I'm hoping Wigan can claw it back and Rotherham go down, from what Evans was saying today (apart from being very bitter) they seem sunk, tears in the dressing room etc.
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