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  1. No, but he's signed them and no manager to manger them.
  2. He doesn't need to, stuffing man is an hour in front of us, he'll have watched it an reported back saying we looked good and there's nothing to worry about. Then probably asked for some more money
  3. Nearly as embarrassing as being the worst team in prem history
  4. I try not to listen to his interviews cause his voice makes me want to stick red hot pokers in my ears, but why does he literally repeat every word when he's talking?
  5. We know what he will do, bury his head in the sand and blame everyone else.
  6. I'm a pay on the dayer, if and when we are allowed back into Hillsborough, I won't be putting anymore money into the club while he's still here.
  7. While ever he is in charge, the only way is down. The man is a joke.
  8. You must've watched a different game cause we were bobbins
  9. Reading that just shows how much the man hasn't got a clue, we're a shambles, an he's just sat there happy with us ambling along in a relegation battle while his 'advisors' argue over who our next manager is going to be. It's your club nobhead, just make a decision and sort this shitshow out!
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