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  1. Just Got Back

    Not cheap them DeLoreans!
  2. Must’ve took some photoshopping to get his ears that small!
  3. You can tell what he’s trying to do when we counter, we’re getting the ball forward a lot quicker, we just need someone with a bit more guile in front of goal. ie Hooper or FF.
  4. BBC biased highlights.

    Neither did Swansea but they showed their ‘highlights’.
  5. Daniel Pudil

    Excellent today.
  6. Pudil for me, closely followed by Reach, never stopped running. I’m not Nuhius biggest fan but thought he played really well today.
  7. I love the word ‘oreyt’
  8. Awesome gesture! I flipping love being a Wednesday fan..................sometimes
  9. That’s awesome! Genuinely amazed at that!
  10. I reckon we’ll go for it and play the strongest team possible. Jos doesn’t seem the kind of manager to take any game lightly.

    “I don’t want to moan about it” Then spends half the interview moaning about it.
  12. Winnall is playing for a promotion chasing team!
  13. I’ll take your word for it, I was only around 10ish so only vague memories, think there was a petrol station next/near to it. Was the Rose now the Barrack?
  14. Nags head Don’t remember the name of the one across from the tav but remember going in there as a young en with my mates dad. His pigeon club used to have their meetings there Sunday dinner time.