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  1. The one just outside the 6 yard box looks like he's drinking a can of Stella! (Might not be Stella)
  2. The Pitsmoor Punisher..

    The fear building up inside as it got closer. You needed a neck like ram man to avoid injury!
  3. I'll be doing this, much more fun!
  4. He could play there but personally I'd start Bannan there, start FF left and just let him drift in and out.
  5. It's been proved time and again FF is far more effective playing on the left!
  6. F.A.O John Terry

    The man is an odious fückïng cockwomble! And an arrogant wänkër to boot!
  7. Poppy badge with owl

  8. It will on the 30th November...........up!
  9. Unfinished Business

    I can never just watch this once
  10. Maybe they did call but you just didn't hear it?! Damn it, just seen I was beaten to it in the other thread
  11. F a o swfc merchandising

    This is my favourite too
  12. F a o swfc merchandising

    It's from before my time but looks cool, I ordered it off toffs last year.
  13. F a o swfc merchandising

    Yes and yes, love that away shirt.
  14. Wednesday or England

    Lost interest in the national side years ago, don't watch friendlies and only watch qualifiers if I can be bothered. I'll watch the tournament games but don't get too upset when we inevitably lose like I used to. Wednesday all day for me.