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  1. Some clubs would put that on their honours board.
  2. Was it? I was only a young en at the time, just remember him doing it.
  3. The only thing Chansiri is a victim of is his own stubbornness and ineptitude.
  4. What the fizz is happening in this thread!?!?
  5. Me too also the bit where Norwood loses the ball for 873rd time, then goes to donkey with his face 'let's do that again' Wilder on shrek 'nooooo'
  6. And uses Leicester as a chance to gain a point away from home, they're third in the league, 2 points off top. And they call us deluded
  7. I wonder if, after hearing that, Wilder will apologise? Of course he won't, he's too much of an arrogant bell sniff to think he's wrong.
  8. Amazes me that so many people still can't see this.
  9. The other bit of skill he did where he won a challenge then did a pirouette round two players on the edge of the box was a joy to watch. The kid has got some talent.
  10. Tbf, we're in the record books for making the worst ever cake. The pigs are in there for making the worst ever start in English football. It could be worse
  11. Out, things will never change while he's still here.
  12. I understand what you're saying, but surely football is supposed to be entertaining, no point paying a fortune to sit cold and bored stiff for 89 minutes.
  13. Absolutely not. I liked Sam, but he'll spend more time in the treatment room than on the pitch, complete waste of money.
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