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  1. No idea how true but apparently this guy is usually on the money.
  2. Steve Gibson will literally combust if we sign his nephew from under his nose
  3. I agree, and with bannans against Bristol we could've had all 5!
  4. So, after his team get promoted his first thought is, I'll put my streaky bacon style shirt on and go have my photo taken outside Hillsborough! What a strange fella.
  5. I could be wrong but I think we got him for free but had to pay the remainder of his contract.
  6. Depends how you define a 'thrashing' Winning by 2 is a 'massacre' according to some.
  7. Cheers mate, and hope your wife is well. I have my good and bad days, it's more manageable nowadays but it's took a few operations to get where I am. No idea how he played football, I couldn't leave the house. And respect to your wife, can only imagine what running around after a kid feels like when she's in agony and all she wants to do is sleep.
  8. He had ulcerative colitis, not being argumentative, two similar but very different diseases, I know cause I have UC myself. Fair play to him cause how he managed to play football while suffering from it I'll never know, poopydoo of a disease!
  9. Looking at their recent results, I'd say they can't
  10. I was going to vote but there was no option for chip pan in the gender section so unfortunately I couldn't fill the form in.
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