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  1. If this is true he's gone up in my estimation
  2. This, absolutely nothing will change at the club until either DC ******** off, or he changes the way he runs the club, I very much doubt the latter will ever happen.
  3. I'd like to bet that stuffing man has made a lot of money out of the club!
  4. 100% Lees fault. Bannan annoys me at times, but can't blame him for that.
  5. Of course they're wrong, they're fans, sorry customers, it's all their fault!
  6. I've heard he was offered Mitrovic, but turned him down and signed Mcburnie instead.
  7. Surely that's all lies, Mr. Humble wouldn't do that to his beloved blades, would he?
  8. I'd like them to pan the camera round and watch the cars go past on Penistone Road, be more entertaining.
  9. I stopped getting upset about 2 month ago.
  10. No, but he's signed them and no manager to manger them.
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