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  1. Promotion is more important cause he gets a nice big fat pay rise, selfish tail!
  2. Willie Hamilton . I once saw him take the ball fully 70 yards down the pitch juggling the ball off his knees , head , shoulders and feet going past players as if they weren't there and then unleashing a volley . I can't remember whether it was a goal or a near miss but it was an astonishing piece of skill , among with others he produced for us . Think he's getting confused with Roy of the rovers. And surely if he remembers seeing something that skilful, he'd remember if it ended in a goal or not!
  3. You see him point and make the run for Borner to give him the ball, then as he's receiving the ball he's already looking for the through ball for Reach. Quality player.
  4. Love that bloke in the background about 4:45 banging his seat and shouting "I knew it were coming, every flipping time, flipping rumblezoids" Fantastic
  5. Yep, making it nigh on impossible to compete with them. Who actually made the rules regarding PP, the EFL or the EPL? Cause they blatantly don't care that clubs don't adhere to them.
  6. That's exactly what failure payments were introduced for, but no club ever uses them for that!
  7. I bet the sour faced turd isn't fed up with football this morning!
  8. Seeing as most L**ds fans are animals surely this doesn't matter?
  9. I was unsure, but watching that, he's definitely gone for him. Red for me.
  10. They seem to be making a habit of losing to 'lesser' sides.
  11. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united/latest-blades-news/sheffield-united-blades-become-latest-club-set-loan-facility-australian-bank-macquarie-secured-against-premier-league-payments-819341 Bog roll taking loans out against the club already.
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