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  1. Spuddy01

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Lower lepp would be the perfect place. Doesn’t affect ST holders, doesn’t obstruct anyone behind and would look good on tv. Never happen there though.
  2. Spuddy01

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Minus a trainer! Ahh, the good old days
  3. I remember watching that game in the O2 academy, walked out after the third goal, couldn’t watch anymore. If that Lampard ‘goal’ had counted we would still have lost but not so embarrassingly.
  4. We came sooo close that night as well. Waddle hitting the post in the final minutes, he even turned to celebrate cause he thought he’d scored. I was 12 and absolutely gutted.
  5. Definitely agree with that. Scholes was completely wasted in the England squad.
  6. Yep, didn’t Maclaren do it with Beckham as well? Even though the press had been slating Becks for ages. Personally I think he did that to prove a point ‘I’m the boss’ but he got hounded for it.
  7. I agree. You could argue that the pressure the press/fans put on the team could play a part but personally I don’t buy that. the Italian press put way more pressure on their national side and they seem to handle it, as like you say, they play to their strengths and give 100%. We just don’t have any bite.
  8. 100% agree too scared to drop the ‘names’ in fear of upsetting the little cherubs.
  9. It was good enough to win the Euros in 04 I think, if Rooney hadn’t been sent off who knows what could’ve happened in that game and afterwards. The main problem with English teams is we just don’t have that winning mentality that the Germans/Spanish /Italians have. Italy don’t have any world class players but they know how to win games in tournaments.
  10. Scrape past Panama Draw with Tunisia Lose to Belgium
  11. That really was a low moment watching England
  12. Exactly, not sure if I read on here or somewhere else, someone saying ‘why take Butland and not Hart? Harts had a bad season but Butland has had a worse one!’ Just because Stoke got relegated. If it wasn’t for Butland Stoke would’ve gone down well before they did, he saved them in a lot of games. He deserves to go. Agree with your second part, too scared to attack. I’d rather we go out and lose by actually trying to win the game rather than not to lose and still lose. Im still not sure about Southgates team but at least he hasn’t picked names for names sake. Don’t rate Llalana or Henderson but who else is there? And don’t get me started on Sterling, most overrated player ever! And he runs like a duck
  13. I was thinking that as I wrote it
  14. That team was good enough to win something in my opinion just wasn’t used right. It was obvious the Gerard/Lampard combo just didn’t work in a 442 but we kept persevering with it.
  15. Couldn’t agree more. Until it changes at the top, nothing will change. And stop picking players because of their name or who they play for. Perfect example, when Leicester won the title, Drinkwater (not everybody’s cup of tea but) had an amazing season but Wiltshire got chosen over him to go to France and he only played 4 games!!! that season, an If I remember rightly he got injured over there and never played a game.