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  1. They could put everybody's 2nd favourite club 19/20
  2. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/12114878/8216leeds-becoming-fans8217-second-team8217 Dem blades are going to be devastated
  3. Still get goosebumps watching that, just an amazing day!
  4. Haven't seen much of them, but on this showing Fulham are a good bet to beat Derbys 11 points total, they're dreadful.
  5. Yeah, but it's on paupers lane next to primark an sports direct, at least ours is in a decent location.
  6. We are globally recognised! We are popular! We are everyone's favourite, or second favourite team! Jesus Christ, and they call us arrogant! Also, why would they be everyone's favourite team? Like every fan of every other club on a Saturday goes "not going to the match today, dem blades are on TV"
  7. In club stature, I agree, my reference to L**ds was more about how much I can't stand the fans.
  8. fizz em! Always disliked Charlton, hate them after the 2012 season, listening to their fans after they beat us 1-0 at ours, then the FA cup game with Powell swinging on the bar! L**ds of the South.
  9. WTF are those monstrosities? I wouldn't put them on my Guy Fawkes
  10. Can't deny he's a quality manager, but it baffles me how he gets his points across with not being able to speak a word of English,how does he get his passion, anger across? If he's giving his team a bollocking, does he scream at his translator, who then screams at the team, doesn't have the same effect, obviously works though.
  11. Promotion is more important cause he gets a nice big fat pay rise, selfish tail!
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