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  1. You see him point and make the run for Borner to give him the ball, then as he's receiving the ball he's already looking for the through ball for Reach. Quality player.
  2. Love that bloke in the background about 4:45 banging his seat and shouting "I knew it were coming, every flipping time, flipping rumblezoids" Fantastic
  3. Yep, making it nigh on impossible to compete with them. Who actually made the rules regarding PP, the EFL or the EPL? Cause they blatantly don't care that clubs don't adhere to them.
  4. That's exactly what failure payments were introduced for, but no club ever uses them for that!
  5. Seeing as most L**ds fans are animals surely this doesn't matter?
  6. I was unsure, but watching that, he's definitely gone for him. Red for me.
  7. They seem to be making a habit of losing to 'lesser' sides.
  8. Shame some of the fans don't think the same.
  9. Age with this. I think they're the best coppers I've met at away games.
  10. Even better scenario, they're top, we're second, anyone else third. They're two points clear with a big goal difference so only need to draw to win the league. They lose, we win, whoever in third win, they drop into third then lose the play off final.
  11. Couldn't agree more, I went down at 42 mins (North stand, away end) there was about 10/15 people in front of me, I got served just as the 2nd half was kicking off. Missed 10 minutes of the second cause I weren't rushing my drink. One person pulling the drinks as the orders came in, why not just pull 10 pints of lager /cider about 40 mins, when you get down to five start pulling a couple more, just keep a steady flow. The service in the ground is pathetic, I don't like to berate the staff, they're only doing their job, but anyone who needs a calculator to work out what 2 × £3.50 is shouldn't be working in sales or with money full stop.
  12. Totally agree, he can be surrounded by 3/4 players and still come out with the ball, you stand there and think, how has he done that? Quick feet, quick brain, quality player.
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