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  1. Spuddy01

    February 1st

    I'm sure I read something last year that stated he couldn't work in football till February or he would lose his compansation from Villa.
  2. If the tea lady goes Well, that's it for me! DC out!
  3. I thought Peter Sutcliffe was locked up
  4. Spuddy01

    Bruce on his way

    He's got a face like a dropped pie.
  5. Spuddy01

    Club response required

    Let's hope he's better at that than sorting out the player roles then.
  6. Spuddy01


    Surely no real wednesdayite would use that name
  7. Spuddy01

    Hillsborough & Frustration

    Seating! When it was standing the atmosphere on the kop used to be second to none, now it's boring.
  8. Spuddy01

    vote for reach

    I voted Barnes The way he evades all those challenges is absolutely majestic *voted Reach really
  9. And if that doesn't work, at the end of the season they get another nice big bag of money to go and try again! Needs abolishing or be made to use it properly.
  10. If parachute payments were spent where they're supposed to be spent then I wouldn't have a problem with them, as the way they are being used now is a joke. A team coming down gets £30m, which is supposed to help them cover PL wages still being paid until they can get rid of those players /negotiate a new contract but they don't, they go out and spend it on more players, which in turn makes the other teams do the same (namely us) that can't afford to spend like that and then get in to poo, then get fined /embargoed for the pleasure (they're already in the poo but yeah, let's take some more money off them ) There needs to be tougher regulations on what teams can spend the PP on but obviously it'll never happen cause the PL teams will never go for it.
  11. Spuddy01

    From a player.......

    It seems our players are worse at keeping their mouths shut than they are at keeping clean sheets.
  12. Spuddy01

    Forcing high earners out?

    Unsurprisingly, this has been ignored.