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  1. Spuddy01

    Do you know what ....

    Hutch definitely wouldn't!
  2. Loved seeing some of these again, the original was the best thread ever
  3. Spuddy01

    'i dont wear red'

    I didn't even watch the Millwall game the other week because I refuse to touch the red buton on the remote.
  4. Arsenal other year. Was working away and couldn't get home
  5. Loved reading this thread, having lived a stones throw from the ground all my life there was no other option for me. Neither of my parents liked football but Wednesday chose me, my mates when I was young were mostly blades with the odd man u, Liverpool fan. My mates occasionally came to Hillsborough with me to watch Wednesday but I never went to the lane unless it was a derby, just couldn't bring myself to do it.
  6. Spuddy01

    Total disgrace

  7. Spuddy01


    Ignore this apparently not.
  8. Spuddy01


    We signed Danny Batth earlier today!
  9. Spuddy01

    North Stand tonight

    Beautiful sight
  10. Spuddy01

    Listen to this...

    Where in that interview does he slag players off? All he says is if you don't pull your weight and put in 100% you don't start, nothing wrong with that. And at no point in that interview does he point the finger at anyone.
  11. I wouldn't call getting your ankle fractured by a challenge injury prone.
  12. Just admit you were wrong and go to bed.
  13. I agree with this, the only problem is it will make it harder for the lower/newly promoted sides to sign the better players as they won’t want to lose wages if they’re relegated.
  14. Spuddy01

    How about this for an Idea

    Totally agree.