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  1. All time Football league positions

    Id say Bristol City are the stand outs to be fair.
  2. manager for next season

    He'll cost you a fortune.
  3. New home shirt

    This kitchen sink that owns you is destroying your identity bit by bit, first of all he gets rid of one the most recognisable, simple stylish iconic football crests in the world of football, then he changes from traditional thick blue and white stripes, to blue with white pin stripes, now you've gone for a more traditional Ipswich shirt next season. I know all the money being pumped into the club as given you the ability to complete at the right end of the table for the first time in years, but it's coming at a price, it seems to me your selling your soul for a bit of progress, It'll not be long before he's trying to relocate the club and changing its name, you'll be London Wednesday before you know it if you don't take your club back pretty soon.
  4. When Winnall Scored

    That's the difficult thing with our strategy, last summer we signed Angus MacDonald on a two year deal from a conference side, by late October he was being linked with a move to Norwich, they pay the sort of wages we can't compete with, luckily he signed a year extension last week, but others such as Roberts who have one year left will not sign extensions because they know clubs who pay better wages than us are sniffing around, so do we cash in in the summer or keep him to help us retain our championship status then sell him for less money in January but still making a small profit having used him to move the club forward, I think you have to be looking at the latter, having brought in his replacement this summer, so we have six months to develop him as we did last summer, Bradshaw was bought as Winnalls replacement, Moncur as Hourihanes, Yiadom as Brees. It's working fine at the moment, and we are an attractive stepping stone for players looking to move to a club that can make them into players who can earn 15k or more a week.
  5. When Winnall Scored

    You're spending lots of money on players when you've no need to, come the summer you'll be at it again, what needs to be done is some hard work on the training ground, finding a system/formation that gets the best out of the players you've got, you spent a fortune on Rhodes in January absolutely pointless signing, if you're not going to play a style of football that gets him at least 3 good opportunities a game in a area where he can be deadly, you already had three good strikers in FF, Winnall & Fletcher, but you're not getting the best out of them, you're wasting some fantastic footballers by playing the wrong style & tactics, that first half on Saturday was a casing point, every time you're centre backs got the ball they lumped it forward, but it came straight back because you had Rhodes and Winnall up front, if you're going to play like that why wasn't Fletcher on from the start, but more to the point why are you playing like that when you have players like, Bannan, Reach, and McManaman, surely you should be playing a style of football that gets them on the ball as much as possible, all three are top draw for this level but they were wasted on Saturday due to the way you played. If a midfield like yours can't create your strikers 7 or 8 really good chances in each game surely you're doing something wrong.
  6. When Winnall Scored

    You can spend as much money as you want it doesn't automatically buy you promotion, we've reached our target this season, we have a modest budget so all we could hope for this season is staying up, we've met our target, let's see if you meet yours, with the budget your club as top six should be your minimum target, but to be honest you should be getting promoted, but from what I've seen this season you might fail to meet your minimum target. If Heckingbottom leaves we already have his replacement at the club, our player recruitment team will still be here, and we'll just move on having banked another substantial wedge.
  7. When Winnall Scored

    We sold players for a profit, after using them to get us promoted, win us a cup at Wembley and retain our championship status, because we developed them so well they became players good enough to play for teams who can pay 15/20/30/40 grand a week in wages, we can't and won't pay anyone that kind of money, so when they reach that level they have to move on, we recruit and develop again, as long as we sell some players for big wedges, Stones, Mawson, Bree, you can afford to hold on to other players and let their contracts run down so you get what you need from them out on the pitch it's working perfectly at the moment, Houihane and Winnall, helped keep us up which is worth about £4M we then sold them for a small profit, we offered them new contracts but we were a million miles away from other offers they had been informed of, because we'd developed them so well and turned them into top championship players, Scowen and Watkins will leave for free in the summer but they've helped move the club forward with leaps and bounds and our coaching staff have done the same with their games, we've had value out of them no question about it.
  8. When Winnall Scored

    No doubt Roberts, Yiadom, & Watkins, are too, but we'll replace them, Lad who scored yesterday came from the conference as Mawsons replacement he's been brilliant all season and gets better and better every week, he's replaced a £6M player with ease and he cost £75'000, we'll sign 15 players in the summer and develop them into better players we've been doing it 3 years now.
  9. When Winnall Scored

    We'll only replace them with cheaper options, develop them into better players, use them to move the club forward, and sell them for a profit.
  10. When Winnall Scored

    Not everyone abused him did they
  11. When Winnall Scored

    Not all Barnsley fans hate him, some will always be grateful to him for the effort he put in for us, and the contribution he made to our 2015/2016 season, which resulted in him netting us over 20 goals and helping his team win twice at Wembley, our club and coaching staff helped make him into a player who is now taking home over £50'000 a month, he as made the same mistake you lot on here make, because a load of bell ends on forums and twitter give him stick due to the fact they don't live in the real world, it means every Barnsley fan hates him, when this is not the case, what he did yesterday was a kick in the baIls to the club who paid him for two and a half years, and the more sensible BFC fans who see the bigger picture, he acted without class and respect in my opinion, what he should have done is gone over the wall into the away end and celebrated with you, then at the end clap all four stands.
  12. Tarn vs T'Owls

    What do you think your starting line up will be, I'm expecting something like this for us .... Adam Davies Josh Scowen, Angus MacDonald, Marc Roberts, Andy Yiadom Marley Watkins, Alex Mowett, Matty James, Adam Hammill Thomas Bradshaw, Adam Armstrong.
  13. A Dry Oakwell

    Probably scared you're a pack of ******* like them lot from the west. As soon as you step into Oakwell tomorrow Barnsley Football Club have duty of care, they have to try to make sure that the idiots you bring with you don't put any of you in danger, climbing the metal work under the ground, setting things on fire and throwing them around, as well as people being soaking in ale, if these things happen the club need to prove they did everything possible to avoid it happening.
  14. Tarn vs T'Owls

    Ive just been reading about the woman from parsons cross, who chopped off her boyfriends c0ck for cheating on her, the way she did it was amazing, she followed him into cellar and kicked his daughter under the chin. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield_incest_case
  15. Tarn vs T'Owls

    He's not refusing to play again is he ? How many wage rises does he want FFS ? .