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  1. So he is at the helm Of the sinking ship
  2. Same as our first goal blocking their defender to give Wickham a free header. We just take the rough with the smooth. Sometimes the decisions go for us, and sometimes against. It was one each today and fortunately the better side went onto get 3 points
  3. She was in the Cormoran Strike series' - which was the books written by J K Rowling using the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. I think she'll start to be in a lot of things.....
  4. One of the only things that I thought was poor about the Blades was their record signing. Meant to be some brute up front but was getting knocked over all over the place. Think I’d have spent the £20m somewhere else.
  5. Ben Stokes clearly sounds like a head case, and not a nice bloke. If the reports from court are correct then they could look to make an example of him.
  6. It’s being reported that the ball from Simonsen’s penalty kick at Wembley has just returned to earth.
  7. Bannan looks like he’s gained a yard of pace....
  8. Chansiri knows nothing about English football even after 3 years. He is just seeing that McClaren once managed England so must be good....
  9. Was very good and has a really bright future. Made our defence look amateur, so make of that what you want. we need to give the likes of George Hirst a go before we end up losing another Jamie Vardy.
  10. Utter disgrace....totally agree
  11. He's not in the Blackburn starting line up tonight. Is he injured?
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