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  1. So that’s that then, the season is over and my Sheffield Wednesday odyssey of 29 years has come to an end. I simply can’t justify the cost of 2 season tickets anymore as year 7 of austerity bites watching live football has changed from being a way of life in to an expensive luxury that we can no longer justify. I certainly can’t get my head around the crazy pricing on the day and a membership price is excessive for what it is. The uncertainty of the Wednesdayite car park also plays a part and although I understand the majority of the posters on here live in Sheffield and can’t see the problem
  2. They have the car park until the 31st of December now. http://www.wednesdayite.com/en/news/wednesdayite-news/item/2947-car-park-update
  3. If we were to get promoted and a good season was finishing 10th then there aren't going to be any exciting ends to the season like we're used to. All that money will just go on wages and sadly Wednesday just aren't the brand name we wished they were to become a worldwide club on the scale of some clubs from home and abroad you could mention. Yes i absolutely want to see Wednesday in the premier league but i want to see them fighting for a top 6 place (eventually) not a lifetime of mid table plodding where the main event is the odd time you beat a big boy.
  4. You have to say on the highlights it looks an absolute nothing challenge, it looks no where near as bad as it did looking at it from the side.
  5. Harsh? From the Kop it looked like he was auditioning for a part in an Enter the Dragon remake!
  6. I think a polite and gentle applause from everyone involved is the way forward.
  7. The bib i bought my daughter when she was born (she is nearly 26 now)
  8. It is also an excellent way to keep up with a match if you are out and about etc. You are allowed to follow official accounts and ignore the nobs.
  9. You see this is a dilemma because last Friday at the Cardiff game a bloke with a print at home ticket said to 2 people i think one of you is sat in my seat, to which the bloke of the pairing smartly answered no we are not!, we have season tickets. At which point he promptly pulled out the season ticket only to prove he was indeed sat in the wrong seat If you are going to borrow a season ticket at least get it right.
  10. Lets make the Fulham game a crowd in stripes day and then all move on to pastures new and all blue.
  11. That analogy is crap, if i bought a house it wouldn't have a public history and identity shared by many thousands of people who have pumped vast amounts of money in to it and who rightly or wrongly feel like they have a say in what i do with it.
  12. Bargain if you are a millionaire because you was born in to a very rich family.
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