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  1. Not injured then, which is good. I'm keen for him to get game time, here or on loan.
  2. Sorry if I've missed it somewhere, is he injured? He was looking great at Lwb until Jos moved him to midfield.
  3. The most sensible conclusion I've seen on here for months.
  4. ....as such! His experience at Fulham will have developed him as a coach, which is what we need right now. Or perhaps he comes back as assistant coach under Slavisa?
  5. Can work on a tight budget, will sort out the defence, no ego, and knows how to grind out a result. Doubt it will happen, but would be happy if it did.
  6. 100% that is why sacking the manager won't solve the issue. This year we should regroup, build and it will come. We have been out of the premier league for long enough to know that switching manager is a short term solution
  7. Loovens to one side, who are you talking about? Rhodes? He is only 27.
  8. I'm as unhappy with the results as the next supporter, but who, realistically, would be a better replacement, and would come to our club? I, for one, content to play a patient game. We've had two good seasons, after many years of scraps, and that is thanks (although not entirely) to CC. We have to build, and play the long game. Want a replacement? Name one who is proven, available and would come to our club right now and do a job.
  9. Should have said, please PM me if interested.
  10. One ticket available, £26. I will have to give it to you on the day unless you live local to Bournemouth.
  11. I've got one spare ticket for Saturday - £26, please PM me if interested.
  12. I've got one spare ticket, looking for £26. Please PM me if interested.
  13. Dumb question for my first post. Where is the stream for youth / development squad games?
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