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  1. It's his kind of maturity that will keep us up. Intelligent player. Would actually like to see him further up the pitch more often. Was great to see him bombing on today.
  2. Is it me or do the insulated / quilted jackets look like they were made in someone's garage?
  3. A much more balanced formation, but we still need to be playing two up top if we're gonna keep playing hoof ball.
  4. Bags of energy, covers every blade of grass, creative and intelligent, and a bit more bite. Hopefully he kicks on from here.
  5. In the Carlos years we used to pass the ball around on the edge of the box trying the thread it through the eye of a needle. Now we are hoofing it up front or putting crosses in. Many of the players we have in our squad have been under a number of managers with different tactics in recent years, and I think they'll need time to settle to Monk's style. As much as I was a Carlos fan, I am glad to see the back of one dimensional possession football.
  6. Does anyone have stats on number of crosses this season vs previous? It feels like we are crossing from the line a lot more, and I believe that suits Jordan's style of play much better that the possession based football of previous campaigns?
  7. Lee Bullen. Club legend on and off the pitch.
  8. Not injured then, which is good. I'm keen for him to get game time, here or on loan.
  9. Sorry if I've missed it somewhere, is he injured? He was looking great at Lwb until Jos moved him to midfield.
  10. The most sensible conclusion I've seen on here for months.
  11. ....as such! His experience at Fulham will have developed him as a coach, which is what we need right now. Or perhaps he comes back as assistant coach under Slavisa?
  12. Can work on a tight budget, will sort out the defence, no ego, and knows how to grind out a result. Doubt it will happen, but would be happy if it did.
  13. 100% that is why sacking the manager won't solve the issue. This year we should regroup, build and it will come. We have been out of the premier league for long enough to know that switching manager is a short term solution
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