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  1. ‘ his’ decisions - iE to reverse the Jos policy of getting rid of all the high earners and building a cheaper, younger fitter team ultimately was responsible for our relegation. Jos was carrying out the brief we needed carrying out to stop financial Armageddon. DC bottled it and hired Bruce.
  2. One of the great footballing roasters, despised by pretty much every club he has managed including his current one. Jos was delivering the brief - save the club from meltdown, by releasing all the top players, getting kids in and somehow staying up to restart. Bruce turned up late , brought back and recontracted a broken goalie on huge wages, signed the woeful borner, odebajo, lined up the crock Luongo on big wages and blew the last chance we had of financial salvation. He then left on the eve of a season and cleaned our staff out so badly we started the season with an estate agent in charge. One of our worst ever managers. In there with Pulis and eustace.
  3. It is absolutely astonishing that this takeover is going through. The premier league now needs to simply abandon the fit and proper test, as it is completely meaningless. Newcastle are being taken over by a government and man that ordered journalists to be hacked to pieces and people flogged for just being who they are.
  4. Agree, it is down to him and a fit Windass.
  5. There is no space to play up to, as teams are squeezing us up the park due to no attacking pace. By all means wallop it forward but we will be either offside , the ball will go to the keeper or we will be challenging for it miles from our goal. When we get the ball wide the opposition simply stay in shape and shift over. the faff is to pull the opponents out of shape and create space . no pace up front is the killer. As it was last season .
  6. Kamberi the new Nuhiu. Will divide opinion like the big man did. Personally I think he is pretty limited, but puts a shift in and gets a goal. If I were a centre back I'd rather play against Gregory than Kamberi.
  7. I agree, but we don't have enough quality to do it very well (rest of this league no different). Also pinging a ball quick into space requires pace to get to that ball. The latter we dont have much of (yet again). It looks great when it comes off (see Paterson v cardiff with every pass and touch perfect from the throw by reach) but our quality means we will very rarely successfully do it.
  8. Down to quality. best goal we scored last season was Paterson v Cardiff where we got each pass absolutely 100% right. Quality wise in our team that was a one in 500 goal as players arent good enough to do that the other 499 times without a bad touch/ pass. That is not a criticism, as they are in the main cheap players on free transfers, not Mane and Salah.
  9. It does though. No attacking pace means we get marched up the pitch as there is no danger of a ball through or over as our attackers wont outrun the defenders (who remember will generally always have a head start owing to the offside rule). Our whole team therefore moves backwards especially Bannan and if playing there Hutchinson who always retreat into space. We therefore try and play creative and passing move football a long way from the opponent goal to try and pull the other team out of shape, as we simply dont have the pace to do a team when in shape (a quick forward line can do that). The threat of pace itself sends the opponent defence into retreat. As a CB you want to be closer to your keeper who can help by sweeping the ones through and over you before billy whizz scorches past you and onto it. It has been the same issue really for over 4 seasons now. Monk knew this, and so landed on a system of clean sheets plus set play goals to try and survive. Pulis also saw this and had no answer to it as he was not allowed to buy any players. Moore knows this, and in the absence of the only player who causes any pace threat (windass) is trying to score more goals by pulling the other team out of shape . That means playing out from the back, pulling the opponents closer to our goal when we have the ball in the hope we create space further up the park as a result. All of it is related to no pace in attack.
  10. Without Windass we don't have the legs to push a back 4 backwards. Kamberi looks fine as a unit to play off and around. The signing of Gregory, another OK unit to play off but won't push a back 4 back, instead of a quick , young loan forward is probably the mistake that will wreck our season.
  11. You can’t play with pace and power without players who have pace.
  12. Scored. And it was a winner IE did his job. worth every penny .
  13. Great plan we usually sack managers for losing and it hasn’t really worked for us - hence why we are mid table in league 1. your idea to reverse that - sack managers for winning, may well be the magic answer we have been looking for .
  14. Brilliant result . away win , dug in and won the game after conceding an equaliser . Two fantastic away wins in a week, scoring 2 goals in each. hopefully the filthy ghouls who enjoy us losing and want yet another manager will return to their tombs , two wins in three, we go again .
  15. 11 heroes out there. This is sensational stuff. our season officially starts today
  16. Agree re the batman films arguably same for mission impossible films. First one almost film noir. Quite an arty movie with odd plot . After that, just ludicrous. Casino royale is Craig’s legacy as bond, suspect in 40 years will still be remembered as one of the top 3 . OHMSS and royale both have a new actor in role, quite faithful to the books and a more human bond at their heart. To me the two stand head and shoulders over the other films albeit I think dr no is a great film as well, but none of the Connery scripts match royale or OHMSS
  17. Arguably there has only been three great bond films: OHMSS Dr No Casino Royale. There are some good films in the rest but not truly great.
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