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  1. Very much agree that lack of goals is our issue, has been for several seasons. Through that period I have posted the reason why (pace up front) which drives how teams play against us. Windass fit will be the difference hopefully. My point was more that you can set up how you want, and your tactics can be spot on but no manager can account for international goalies making howlers,
  2. Of course Keegan was hopeless as an England manager. Personally I'd rather get to tournament finals/ semi finals than get knocked out in the groups as we did under Keegan. Very entertaining losing 3-2 twice but ends up with an early flight home. Worth also saying that the following managers who play very positive football were defenders: Jurgen Klopp Pep Guardiola Dean Smith Thomas Tuchel Poccetino ETC ETC
  3. Without some goalie howlers we would probably be top.
  4. Exactly proves my point . Thank you for taking the time to post to do so.
  5. Good balanced view. Very much feel the same
  6. Just got email to say 'drift' gig in st albans is off tomorrow? Hopefully nothing bad that has caused it.
  7. if we were drawing 1-1 at home you would expect us to do nothing of the sort. You would want us to get people forwards and try win the game. That can go wrong - eg Rotherham at home last season and Oxford Utd this season.
  8. the week before Monk was sacked we accumulated 10 points - possibly an all time record for number of points in one week.
  9. There is space when teams push us up the park but we dont have the pace to run into it. There is no point playing hoof ball with our team at the moment. When Windass is back who is quick, defenders will be a bit deeper and it will make sense to go more direct at times
  10. @Incognito Owl - 100 % Dog Soldiers - arguably the best British horror/ action film of all time. Absolutely sensational movie.
  11. Likewise my favourite bond by a mile and a tremendous actor. Casino royale was the shot in the arm the series needed and is an outstanding film. Tough one to follow in terms of next actor and also the type of bond film to come. Go to gritty and real and you lose the fantasy element of bond films and it becomes borne/ reacher esque. But I think audiences don’t warm to the ridiculous any more in bond films, again probably because casino royale reset it all so well. personally I would shoot for next one being a bit undercover in something as mental as QAnon and play on some of the ethics ( relationships whilst undercover) as well has having some nutter at the top of it all .
  12. It’s all context really. It’s watchable as a film but Craig is a very good actor and a terrific bond yet has had at least 2 real dud films so ultimately will be remembered as an excellent bond rather than someone who was in brilliant bond films, with the exception of Royale which is a classic. As noted it is the opposite of Lazenby who wasn’t a great bond but had the best film of the lot to go at .
  13. win our game in hand and we are 2 points from the league leaders. That is far from a negative start. To be 2 points off the top if we win our game in hand in Mid Oct is a good start. Re squad rotation - remember a fair few of these new players played very limited amounts of football last season as they were not first team regulars .Bit of rotation now might protect against injuries and give us more legs as we get into winter.
  14. The morning after the film I am still almost annoyed at the film. the plot and script are by some way the poorest of the 5 Craig films. It was like they came up with an ending, and a decent start, and just didn’t bother with the middle of the film. I thought Craig was doing it by numbers in the film, a bit hammy at times. Likewise the old supporting cast of Q , M and moneypenny were very peripheral and didn’t add much to the film compared to other Craig films. It clearly takes much from OHMSS including of course the music , but it’s an insult to use the music and some of the themes of the greatest bond film of all in this half baked effort . Craig leaves with two great films under his belt of the 5 he did , I just wish they finished it with a better film than this .
  15. If we had not practiced that new formation we might have not kept a clean sheet and won. So it was a great call by DM. words are being twisted and taken out of context now to abuse the manager it is very sad to see.
  16. Saw it tonight. I love bond films but this one is at best mid table, and in my view the worst of the Craig films. It was a film too far , and suspect he will probably regret doing it.
  17. The club has had as bad an 18 months as almost any in the league. The pandemic, players not being paid, points deduction , relegation - it has been arguably as bad as it has ever been. There is still a fragility in the squad - we still haven’t come back to win since pre pandemic- and that will take time to get out of the system. This will take time. The manager and players are getting there .
  18. I certainly don’t subscribe to the chronic group think on this site , a strange group that seem to revel in hammering managers even when they win. The fact we had two threads on this site criticising the way the manager speaks yesterday, despite a 3rd win in 4 games , is telling and you are as bad as anyone in that group think gang. I have posted on this site for over 20 years, I will continue to post in my own way. Thankfully one of the features the site has which it did not when I started using this site is the Ignore feature, to which you have been added. I would suggest you reciprocate.
  19. We got Hutchinson back and went from 23rd to 24th. lee ended up in league 2 football. we made the right calls .
  20. 3 wins in last 4 . Well done to the manager and players.
  21. A clean sheet and a win. all team goes home happy . the perfect afternoon .
  22. A great couple of weeks beat Wigan beat Bolton beat Mansfield
  23. Not an easy call for starting keeper, has been very solid albeit v an average Bolton team.
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