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  1. Point away unbeaten run carries on we are moving up the table.
  2. a nightmare lead. Chris Turner has gone behind the sofa to hide. But lets face it, this is Wimbledon not Juventus. Another win banked and We go again!
  3. It’s Wimbledon ffs. I swear some of our fans have gone soft. Getting run ragged by Wimbledon ? We are Sheffield Wednesday not the dog and duck FC
  4. A fourth win in 5 today , we are a much better team than this rag tag outfit. A win by two goals for us today
  5. We completely collapsed under Pulis after a decent start under Monk. Appalling manager and rightly fired very quickly.
  6. This is getting beyond a joke. are you seriously suggesting the players will be going to bed shivering with terror at the thought of defending corners against afc Wimbledon. we are Sheffield Wednesday FFS.
  7. It’s AFC wimbledon FFS What are you on ? we have 3 wins from 4 inc winning away at the league leaders.
  8. Above Skyfall is a brave and bold call Felt a long way short of that
  9. OHMSS is a marmite film mainly due to lazenby and I understand that. To be it is peak bond. It all came together in that one film. The ski stunts, perfect baddie in blofelt, the cars, Diana rigg as Tracey bond , the music and the ending. To me it is head and shoulders over any other bond film .
  10. 3 0 to the mighty owls. its afc Wimbledon - basically a start up conference team who have got lucky- not the Barcelona 2009 vintage team.
  11. A losing hand. wimbledon 5 - 0 sheff wed
  12. We will slaughter all 3 of these minnows and get the 9 points. We are Sheffield Wednesday FFS.
  13. We should scrap these press conferences and just send a written update on injury status for players. There is nothing the manager can say now without howling protests at every word he utters. He would be better off spending the time he wastes doing these on something else.
  14. Ian turner after our keeper Lucas did his cruciate. Everton recalled him with 2 games to go and put him into the first team where he dropped a howler vs man utd We had to use Adamson vs Birmingham which was a must win and he dropped a howler .
  15. We were fantastic from the moment sturrock left. the run up to the Birmingham game, by when sadly Everton had recalled the outstanding goalie turner , was the best football we have played this century. We got something like 26 points from 30. It was so good to see us compete at that level as every other season in the championship had been awful up to that one .
  16. The decision to use that music was a joke. It is a very powerful and emotive piece of music from what many, including me, regard as the greatest bond film of all. They clearly wanted this to be an OHMSS 50 years on but the new film is a shadow of OHMSS. To me the film smacked of Craig having dictated the whole thing. He clearly was not up for film 5 , and I suspect therefore leveraged the situation to say - I'll only do it if..... Hence why we had a bland female lead, a bland baddie, and leaving the series in that way. The whole film was about Daniel Craig and there is absolutely nothing at all memorable about anything else in it.
  17. What a time to be alive. I will say that possibly 2006/07 in that kit is my favourite season for the last 25 years. We started appallingly under Sturrock and I would have bet my house on us going down after the thumping by Colchester. We were skint and the players looked like League 1 players. The run under Sean Mcauley and Laws for the rest of the season was the first time since relegation in 2000 that we looked a good team that could compete in the championship. We played terrific attacking football at times . Memories!
  18. A good keeper with a long standing weakness of saving shots close to his body. Sort that out and he would be an excellent keeper, and I have always thought with the right focus and in particular using his feet more for saving shots closer to him we could sort that issue out.
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