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  1. There is a lot of people here ranting about Laws and how he will relegate 2 teams in one season. What no-one has really picked up on is that both sides Alan Irvine has managed this season are also in relegation trouble.
  2. We have not had a pot to wee wee in for a whole decade. When by managerial miracle we happen to find a decent footballer for free we sell them anyway. All managers at this club has overachieved aside from Turner, Laws included.
  3. Laws changed this season, and I would love to know why and whether the Board had anything to do with it. Laws was brought in originally on a ticket of Clough style football and management - but the reality was we actually were pretty tight and defensive. Remember, our defensive record at home last season was exceptional. The great run we had under Laws in 2006/2007 we were not hammering teams in the main but playing some steady, defensive stuff with a bit of flair every now and then. The times we blew teams away under Laws before this season - especially away - we hit teams on the break after playing pretty tightly. Burnley away, Leicester away (twice) are examples of this. This season we were a different animal and you could tell that from the opening game. At no point under Laws did I see us winning 1-0 this season. For some reason Laws changed the way we played and must have changed the way he coached the team. It can only be down to: 1. Laws felt playing in the style we had would only get us to mid table again so gambled on a more attacking style 2. The message from above was to entertain to bring the fans back so he set us up to be more attacking. 3. He thought having better players would mean we could play a more expansive style of football. Whatever the reason - it didnt work. He made the same noises about attacking football when he took over at Burnley and it is having the same results.
  4. We are currently in our natural position in the grand scheme of things - that is, in the bottom 4 teams in the Championship. Since relegation from the Premiership, and not including this season, our average position in English football is 21st in the Championship. We are bang on average once more, give or take 1 place. As correctly identified by the minority, the 'blame' this season is no different to any other season since relegation, as we are having almost the exact same season we have on average every season.
  5. I think it is currently 6 million. The squad Turner built in summer 2004 was based on a budget of 2 million. This was supplemented as the season went on by director loans for loan signings once Sturrock took charge I believe. We were therefore around the 2.5 million mark in total the last time we were promoted. Sturrock worked to a budget of 3 million in his one full season in the Championship. I believe 4 million spent wisely will make us very competitive in the division below, given the likes of Sflaphorpe have come up from that league on a lot less.
  6. Allen was in role for only a couple of years when the balloons came out. Make no mistake, if we are sitting in League 1 with 15,000 supporters watching a wee wee poor team of players losing at home to Rochdale - the drums will be beating and the balloon shops of Sheffield will be stocking up. SWFC fans are very tolerant, quite apathetic - they won't take too kindly though to no investment and relegation. This season has been the perfect storm - it is almost beyond belief we are in this position. For the first time in years we have sensible, progressive leadership and a half decent playing budget, plus (unusually for us) a decent start to the season. If you would have told me after the beating we gave Sflaphorpe that we would be in this position I would have called the police to take you away.
  7. I am very confident we will stay up - no need to panic and certainly no need to get the league 1 map out. Watford and Plymouth will be joining the Posh in League 1 - we have been here before and every year aside from 2003/04 we've got out of it. Before Leicester away I had written us off but we turned up and battered them stupid. I think the experience of having done this before will get us out of it. I personally think we need only 5 points from the 12 available to stay up, and we'll get them with a win and 2 draws in our final 3 games.
  8. Even if you were 4 years old this would be the case.
  9. 100% correct and I have maintained this for a while now. Irvine should give chris turner a call over the summer as Irvine needs to do the same job Turner did for us in summer 2004. The wage bill should be slashed to 4 million per annum, and only players under 24 years old signed up for next year. Tell the 'investors' to do one and lets crack on together and sort this club out.
  10. Bang on. If we do not get investment to increase the football budget the wage bill for the first team squad should be immediately cut to 4 million pounds per year. The remaining monies should go into finally sorting out our development, recruitment and retention of our youngsters. 6 milion or 4 million won't make us fight it out at the top - we need to have a long term plan to bring better players through the system, and divert the monies to do so.
  11. Intreresting how this very poor manager secured all 3 of our best finishes in this league since relegation, including our only top half finishes (2 out of 3). If Laws is suited for League 1 or 2, it makes Jewell, Shreeves, Yorath, Turner and Sturrock unemployable. Irvine has started well and looks like he will do the same thing that Shreeves, Yorath and Laws did - ie take on a team going down and get us to stay up. If we struggle again next season he is no better than what we have had before. If we finish top 10 - maybe we have ourselves a manager.
  12. I think you (and the others on this thread) are off the mark a little. Aside from a few years in the early 1990's under BFR and TT, our tactics involve launching the ball forwards to our strikers. As such, a striker holding the ball up well is very important to allow other players to support you. If you go long, unless you are playing against a mug of a defence, the ball isn't going to land in front of you to run on to. Instead, you are going to be competing with the centre back to gain possession of the ball - inevitably this means you turn your back to goal thus holding the ball up. If we play long ball and don't have a striker who can hold it up we are screwed. BTW it is not all about height - the best we have had at this in recent years was Deon Burton, who time and time again could turn an aimless long ball descending from 100 feet in the air into a SWFC attack.
  13. I am not sure Nolan is up to it long term - we need better quality back there than him if we are to push on, despite a decent performance (against lets face it a sh*te team last night) If we go down - then keep him as he is a decent Lg 1 player.
  14. Has ever a player had an infuence as great on our season as Darren Purse? First part of the season I would say he was responsible for at least 15 points being dropped - made every single mistake a centre half could possibly make in a career in the space of half a season. Slow, out of position, diving in too early - wretched. Under Irvine he has been the reason we have a chance of staying up.
  15. One of the few highlights of the last decade was the magnificent League Cup quarter final victory masterminded by Yorath against Vialli's Watford. A thumping 4-0 win for the mighty Owls, featuring some fantastic goals by Hamshaw, Soldvett and O'Donnell, in front of a great crowd. I predict a repeat tonight. 4-0 Wednesday.
  16. 'Investment' is a false god. As I have said before, all clubs eventually are a sum of their parts, their parts being their fan base. We don't need 'investment' - just some forward thinking and a sense of unity.
  17. The 'investment' thing is holding us back and has done now for an age. It causes the club and the fanbase uncertainty and stress and makes it impossible for us to have a solid, long term strategy based on the here and now rather than speculation. Forget it all and lets just crack on - slash the wage bill, sort out the acedemy and lets look 5 years from now and not all about tomorrow.
  18. The best thing you could do for this club is sack off the investment process, cut the first team squad salaries back down to 4 million and spend what we have left on finally sorting out our academy to produce some real talent. 6 or 7 million on wages and fees for players we sign isn't enough to take us up. Preston are north of 10 million and are mid table at best. The only way we are going to succeed on a sustainable basis is from the academy, and signing the occasional young gem as Turner did. It is a long term game.
  19. It is the whoring of this great club to any punter who flashes us a pound note that has led us to the pit of apathy. I couldn't give a flying f*ck whether Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Billsaja, Bill Beaumont or any other rocket polisher wants to invest in us - the club is better running itself with supporters at the helm. Strafford knows this and constantly bangs on about it - albeit with dilution of us welcoming investment. The sooner someone comes out and says we are sticking the fingers up at 'interested parties' and cracking on ourselves, the better. So for anyone 'interesting' coming on Wednesday night - buy a ticket like everyone else and I will see you with a pie and a tea in the South. UTO
  20. It is a myth that bigger crowds result in better performances so I do not know why people are getting so carried away on this thread for one match. Our best performances of the season at home have been in front of some of our poorest crowds. Taking 20k as the benchmark, we have won 50% of home league games with under 20k there compared to winning 31% with over 20k there. The crowds make a difference to our budget which is a different (and better) argument as to why people should attend.
  21. We have scored in only a third or so of our last 20 games. As such, 1-0 down means we have a very high chance now of being defeated. Our defence is sorted out now. They dont concede many (reading aside). Our midfield battle and occasionally create. Our strikers simply are not good enough and will relegate us.
  22. Evening all. A bad start but at least we haven't conceded. I would take 0-0 tonight all day long. Lets try and keep them quiet first half and not concede.
  23. For the uninformed fan (ie all of us) this whole thing is a nightmare. We have one side saying everything is fine and dandy and at a sensitive stage, and at the same time bills (who deserves the credit for the Sheard issue) who is raising question after question about what is going on.All we as fans ask is this - please, please check and recheck this deal out for us, and if it smells even slightly, walk away. The club means too much to us to make a mistake on this.For any party out there who decides to have a bit of fun at the expense of our great club - like the Notts County lot - you really do not want to see the consequences of having 30,000 very angry Yorkshiremen wanting some answers.
  24. I have a lot of respect for Kuqi as he has had a good career despite having no footballing talent whatsoever and being over 50 years old. Everything he has achieved has been through pure graft.Some of his finishing when he was with us was laughably bad.
  25. It was a sickening beating we took at VR - I fear Watford if they play like that again/ we defend like that again.
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