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  1. Where is Hutchinson is he back in the stiffs with westy?
  2. Maybe Johnson has been raking 30 yarders past the goalies all week in training, we will never know. Sow looks like a non manager sanctioned buy to me ( two others in same boat )
  3. Watching Boro v Cardiff on tv as locked in home due to Rona . Cardiff remind me of the Pulis Wednesday last season. They are in massive trouble on this evidence.
  4. Very comfortable win today - its Lincoln at home after all. Ideally a narrow 1-0 or 2-0 and play second half easy so we keep fresh legs for harder games. No need to fly around and risk injuries against a team this poor. Do what we need to do, get the points, rest up and go again!
  5. Kuqi had a very good career after us - decent player who worked his boots off,
  6. another good performance, our unbeaten run to continue as we edge towards promotion. 3 points. 2 nil Wednesday.
  7. Be interested to see who decided on him, Sow and Kamberi, maybe one or two others as well. Certainly some old and much loved friends between the ownership , management and advisory people at wolves and Sheffield Wednesday.
  8. Absolutely pathetic. one of the worst posts in history on owlstalk.
  9. Cost the barcodes what, 7m to DC in compo per our accounts. 8m pay off for brucey assume decent wages of 2m ish a yr They have paid out circa 20m for two years of being managed by Steve Bruce.
  10. No one in history thus far has ever used the phrase 'Yet more point away from home'
  11. The positive from last night was yet more points away from home.
  12. Spot on. Another dragon slain. Another demon banished. Another ghost from our past exorcised. Only one loss in 6 - unbeaten in many weeks away from home. We go again.
  13. Another brilliant point away we go again we are virtually unbeatable now . Only one defeat in 6 ?
  14. We should do this exact thing yes as punting it long for years with Tom Lees and various others walloping it into orbit has been a resounding success.
  15. He was in hospital with serious COVID at a time when players were not being paid. There are 'challenges' and there are ' challenges'.
  16. The legendary 'ball playing centre back' has returned as the answer to our prayers!! As it was under Carlos and many other managers over the years. Where art thou Joost, your servants await?! A mythical creature, half man, half horse, half Beckenbauer and half Baresi, this chiselled and magnificent beast can spin on a sixpence, ballet dance past any attacker and can gracefully clip 60 yarders at will to onrushing attackers.
  17. This could be a cricket score amusingly
  18. Bar code fans turned already. brilliant.
  19. Joelinton . A truly diabolical footballer. LOL great strike 1 1
  20. He was ok technically but lacked an engine when I saw him play. He might do ok in a slower paced league overseas. right to release him.
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