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  1. Maybe a new coach comes in to support ole on the training pitch. Agree with many of points on here. Man Utd seem to be a play thing of the super agent. Spurs, Chelsea, wolves and others also caught up in all of that . It’s a dangerous place to be for a club. Read a good piece in guardian that having Ronaldo stand around.up top and not pressing has left next layer back - rashford, greenwood etc- not knowing what to do out of possession, and that is causing the gaps in the team.
  2. The car crash turned a slow player into a very slow player, he wasn't the same footballer after that. He did have a good run in the team a couple of seasons later when Hirst and Bright were both starting to break down more often, and Warhurst had been sold to Blackburn. We had Jemson and Watson up front for a long spell that season and they both did pretty well together. Watson worked hard and did Jemsons running, Jemson got into good spaces using his footballing brain.
  3. the best game i have ever seen at hillsborough. I was sure we were going to lose it with 20 mins to go, it was a real topsy turvy game. we then just started battering them and it felt those goals were coming. Had Jemson had pace he would have been a great player. He was quite a clever footballer, might have suited todays 'number 10' position as he was very good at finding space and decent on the ball.
  4. You should never, ever rely on centre backs for attacking play. The other 8 positions on the park all have a role to play in attacking. Centre backs - stick em forward for set plays, but apart from that centre backs are there to defend and to set the rear line of the teams positioning on the park. I literally never want to read or hear about attacking and centre backs. How bad must your other 8 players be?
  5. At the heart of the team remains a lack of confidence, a fragile mentality and technical issues (worst one being lack of pace in attack) that mean we struggle to score goals. Last season was the ultimate disaster of a season in every single way - we finished in last place, players not being paid, 6 different managers, our manager was very sick with COVID etc etc. It will take time to put that behind us. It will take us some time to wring those big issues out of the squad, possibly like last two times we came down to this league it will take us at least a season. It is frustrating, and the manager is clearly making some mistakes, but this season we probably do need to lower our expectations a bit.
  6. I would happily drop 3 of our forwards and play salah . We would be better with 9 men including salah as a team in this league . He is ridiculously good.
  7. I would go for some real random name Lou Macari Ronnie Moore Micky Adams Nigel Worthington Pepe Mel Dean Saunders jim jefferies
  8. Monk was an ex SWFC player of course. We need to go back to the foreign mercenary manager if we do move on from Moore, not the boring British tracksuited type.
  9. Cheaper tickets down here, makes a big difference . Families can see games for a good price. It’s great to see.
  10. My high levels of reservation about bringing Hutchinson back was the situation we now find ourselves in. I played probably a thousand matches at centre back from 12 until 38, it’s the one position I can see things clearly on when I watch games. So much of it relies on you knowing your other centre back. You know the quirks some have , the situations you know they hate, where to pass it and how quick, and how they defend against both pace and strength. Hutchinson is excellent but he is in and out like the Hokey Cokey with niggles and so we have new defensive partnerships all of the time: I can tell you that is horrible as a centre back. moore needs to stop messing about with the defence asap.
  11. Early days still so not in favour of firing the manager. We are not playing with confidence out on the pitch again which is the same as the last few seasons. The legacy of what was probably the worst season in our history last season is still there in the boots of the players. It will take a while to shake out. We clearly miss 3 of the better players we have - Luongo, Hutchinson and Windass- hugely. The latter is a fast and hard working attacker in a different league to the average Gregory and , by the looks of it sadly, the busted Berahino. I am no fan of Hutchinson but I will certainly admit that at centre half in this league he is excellent. I do think with Windass back this team really improves. If one of the goalies finds form on top of that i see us turning these draws Into wins and making progress up the table.
  12. Another mistake today. We can chop, change and mix and match the 10 outfielders all we want but we are yet again in a season where we don’t have a good goalkeeping answer. More than anything that will really haunt us. The number of important goals we are conceding from poor goalkeeping is a joke. I would be trying to get a goalie in for January. It’s only a matter of time before the call for ‘westy’ to return is coming.
  13. I re watched Quantum tonight, again stuck in due to COVID self isolation. it’s a much better film than I remember: it’s mercifully short compared to the new one and the action scenes are excellent. The plot is good, the baddie decent. it’s a much better film than the new one , which I do think is the weak one of the 5 .
  14. Remain unbeaten. Quick dust down , go again.
  15. The goalie has given Danny baker enough for his Christmas video already this season. Woeful goalkeeping.
  16. Unbeaten run looking good to be extended. very good point if we see this out.
  17. Two nil is a nightmare lead so rightly we are not going there today and sticking at 1.
  18. Another clean sheet in that half, on course to keep our unbeaten run going. Kept energy for us to come out to the sound of trumpets in the second half.
  19. Wish I was there but in self isolation still from the Rona . good luck wednesday and hopefully another game added to our unbeaten run.
  20. Boro been very good Cardiff have been truly truly awful . I bet mick quits at full time they have been abysmal
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