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  1. This suggested solution is not meant as a "Mr Chansiri has made the policy decisions these past 3/4 seasons, he stands to benefit most and he has made mistakes, so he should pay scenario" its more of a "where can we realistically and reliably get sufficient cash from to rectify things to the satisfaction of the EFL and their P&S regs ?.. approach". The whole idea of the P&S regulations is to try and avoid clubs going into Administration/Receivership/Liquidation, stopping any ripple effect to other clubs,creditors and fans. So to my mind, clubs that have wealthy owners should be allowed to strengthen their balance sheets and enhance their ability to pay creditors by the introduction of permanent capital (not loan or debenture monies that can be repaid, with interest, in the future) increasing the net worth of the business and at the same time ensure any debts can be met immediately from cash balances and reserves..The EFL could even stipulate, by adding caveats, that these cash balances are kept at certain levels, to ensure the previous years loss is forward covered. More than that, the EFL should stipulate,e that no chairman can take a legal charge over company assets (ie ground and training ground) and thereby prefer themselves over ordinary creditors. From what I can see, only a massive fire sale over this season and next could resolve the P&S requirement and significantly make a difference). There is no certainty of this coming off (Westwood situation) Low valuation of players under fire sale.We cannot raise enough from further commercial income ,ticket income etc. Recovery of cash is uncertain. So my suggestion are these ...Make Permanent Capital Injections and not sponsorship and crazy scheme injections. a)Wednesday sell the ground and training ground to Mr Chansiri's property development company for say 30 million (true commercial valuation) and he creates a 150 year lease back agreement at commercial value. OR b) Mr Chansiri immediately turns his outstanding loans into permanent capital ( requirement of EFL in QPR case recently), plus he immediately (this financial year ) makes a cash inject via purchase of further fully paid up new share capital, to the value of a minimum of say 30million, which would cover additional losses (including projected losses to Dec 2018) that have not already been covered by his loan monies.This should leave a cash buffer to be held as balances going forward. Mr Chansiri should volunteer this action now, before the EFL come knocking, it would look so much better. The above does assume Mr C has the cash available, as he has said he has. If he has, then this would be a far more certain way of bringing Sheff Wed'd finances into balance and then ensure adherence to the well intended P&S regulations. Desperate times desperate measures.
  2. Lets hope that Rhodes does the business big time down in Norwich. That might lessen the burden on the probable sale of any of FF BB AR in January/Next Summer. If he cracks in the goals for Norwich, they could put an offer in for him in January to make the transfer permanent before any mad scramble next summer. IF IF IF flipping IF.!!
  3. Stuart Hall...now there's a man who should have tried to stick his hand up a real lion arse and saved the justice system all the trouble.
  4. I must admit that I was surprised that we kept hold of both BB and FF. I'm not sure that we have only delayed the inevitable come January, there may well be more suitors around for them then, who might just pay a reasonable fee in order to achieve their own ambitions. Its a tall order to expect this squad to get near the top 6 imo. Time will tell.
  5. Was he the one who stuck his hand up Lenny the Lion's arse way back ?
  6. At this moment in time we are skint. Do you honestly think we will turn down decent offers for BB or FF if they come along in January and we are not challenging for top six..Do you not think that we should accept a loan and sign permanently type deal for Westwood if on offer from someone.? Trust me, we are skint.
  7. You think I want to hear that Wednesday cannot spend more cash, because we are skint and breaking FFP rules. ?
  8. Currently we have more going out than coming in ( legitimately) so if that's not a good definition of skint then I don't know what is.
  9. Whatahoot

    Phone call from ticket office

    Can't really see what the problem is. Wednesday fans all stand up at away games in any event, no matter if they have paid for a seat or not. !!
  10. Whatahoot

    Phone call from ticket office

    Well if that's not having a go at the club, what is ?
  11. Whatahoot

    Phone call from ticket office

    Thanks for the info/update. Somehow I seem to have missed some of this .Perhaps due to living out of the UK for over 10 years and trying to put the Hillsborough disaster to the back of my mind over the years.Anyway thanks again.
  12. Whatahoot

    Phone call from ticket office

    I could have said that I have been to every away game this season, but I thought that was pretentious.
  13. Whatahoot

    Phone call from ticket office

    Thanks for that. Is this something with a time limit attached or do all other clubs conform out of choice. Why only Brentford continuing with it ? Surprised other clubs don't give some space to "safe standing" as there is some support for it.
  14. Whatahoot

    Phone call from ticket office

    Ooooooh…..sounds great. Surprised they have a "standing" area given the number of boozers around there. Might get there one day.