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  1. A real fly in the oinment would be a United promotion and we miss at least the play offs. They charge much lower prices on nearly everything and could continue to do so if they got to the Prem. We would then have a lower product base, on all aspects of what we do AND charging top prices, which really would not be sustainable for very long. Not forgeting that we are a two club city and I suspect any increase in support numbers, sponsorships and commercial income would go to S2 and not us. Those heavy prices we are charging would really come back to bite us in terms of s/t sales and commercial sales, very quickly.
  2. January Transfer Window

    I don't want any new players in and DC has made it clear that nobody near the "first team pool" will be moved on, so injury cover apart (loan) I would be happy with what we have. Just sort the George Hirst situation out to our benefit in January.
  3. Alan Biggs - Tipping Machine

    Tipping machine !...I've heard he is tight fisted.
  4. Hillsborough

    So long as we all know which stand is which and where it is, whats the difference . Leave as is.
  5. Wednesday night games

    Given our name, you would expect us to play mid week on Wednesday night's. I'm not sure why we play on Tuesdays, is it better because of recovery time for weekend games, but this is mitigated by time to recover from a Saturday to a Tuesday (swings and roundabouts) Something to do with pay days ? I really don't know, but would prefer a game on a Wednesday night, as you know the Tuesday results when you play your qwn game.
  6. Basically we are in the top quartile of every section of charges for cost of football,replica kits and commercial activities (including cost of a cup of tea). But I would bet we are in the lowest quartile of income per head of population as an economic/geographic area. ? Sustainable or make sense ?
  7. But you have to admit that CC approaches his press conference duties like a "groundhog day" routine. Very repetative, same phrases ( language difficulties apart), same excuses. The only one that has ever caused a stir was the infamous 20 pound note episode. They are on the boring side. "shakes head"
  8. Pale into insignificance compared to overall cost. Liverpool did it recently to redevelop Anfield.
  9. Whilst I accept the main body of Statement 9, I do have some misgivings on some of the contents of his final paragraph. "I do not like to look to far ahead" " Focus on one season at a time " "I am very aware of our heritage" Surely he should be working to a 3-5 year plan and have a joined up strategy for all parts of the club ? By focusing on one season at a time, does this lead to buying unnecessary players and a team needs building over a longer period than one season ? Does this mean he does not take into account the potential of George Hirst ? Does not our heritage include stripes on our shirts ? Why did he elect to go with the current strip on our 150th Anniversary Year and not a strip that had stripes, which had been worn for over 125 of the years before.? He does not look very far ahead when he immediately puts his prices up on everything, without any success having been seen first. Don't jump on me for pointing out some contradictions here.
  10. My ideal scenario would be for the club to buy the row of terraced houses and utilise land behind the North Stand and develop the existing site whilst ground sharing somewhere else for 18 months.Sort the river problem. Build a new 50000 stadium, but the ground to be squared off to Penistone Road. Move Megastore to site near the new ground, near 4 lane Ends Chippy on Leppings Lane or across Penistone Road to small trading estate. I would not like us to move from the Hillsborough area, our traditional home, but I see the need to drastically update.
  11. Stars In Stripes.... Pt 2

    I've seen many right backs at S6 ....Peter Johnson, Wilf Smith, Peter Rodrigues, Mel Sterland, but for me Roland was our best and a loyal servant too.
  12. my problem with the club and its running of the commercial side is that it wants its increased profit "now" instead of taking a slightly longer view. It makes sense to me to build up the demand for something first before increasing prices. DC says that the demand for the boxes, prior to his arrival, was only about 60% at lower prices. But that was against a backcloth a team over performing on a very low budget, with little expectation of promotion to the Premiership etc. If he had kept prices at previous levels and allowed market forces to take effect, he would have had much better % take up of the boxes. When 100% is reached, then make some increase on price gradually and build your client base and demand at the same time. This would have shown what the price should be set at....(market price). Instead we have frightened off good clients, who can, if they are not allegient to one Sheffield club or the other particularly, go and use the facilities of UTD or indeed another sport or entertainment outlet (horse racing,rugby,theatres etc) If DC is in it for the long haul, why does he need to go for the "mega hit" all the time. I understand the pressures of Financial Fair Play regs., but are we not building a sound sustainable club into the future and not just something built on short termism ?
  13. Anyone wondering down to or near the ground with a rucksack, when rucksacks are banned, would stand out like a sore thumb and security people/police have a better chance of spotting them. Your idea of closing Leppings Lane/Penistone Rd. to traffic would help though. Convenience is a poor second to saving lives and injuries. Lets be sensible about this and just do as the club is asking for everyones sake.
  14. Security is above everything else these days and quite rightly. Don't think about inconvenience, think about all the kids that would be left without a parent or all those that might not be able to carry on doing their jobs, if there was an attack of some sort. Just do as the club asks.