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  1. . Please ensure all my data held, is cleared. Thank You.
  2. Please just tell me how I close my account, you can do that much can't you ?
  3. Don't be so condescending. I don't do "wooshed". and there is no intelligent purpose to this thread. You delude yourself somewhat. If this is the standard that this site aspires then I'm out. Just tell me how I close my account please.
  4. Yep us pensioners love pizzas, burgers,,hot dogs, chicken nuggets and the likes, trouble is that we can't get near the counter for all the kids and young 'uns in the queue. As for vegan options, us pensioners ain't interested in that , as we are mostly well past trying to stay healthy....of course my emoji's teeth are false !!
  5. I had read the whole inane thread "mate"...and what I read from your contributions are mainly sarcastic innuendo riddled rubbish, which proves absolutely nothing, about ALL season ticket holders opinions about fellow fans. You are trying to tar all season ticket holders with the same brush, which is insulting, like I said. Don't try and pigeon hole everyone just to score points.
  6. No sorry Abdi is off limits for the time being. He works in the chairmans entertaining area on matchdays, waiting on table, trying to earn himself a new contract evidently. He should be good after all the time he has laid on a table in the injury room.
  7. Its a Hmmmm, which means that I've not noticed the queue for it ?
  8. Just had a thought Maxine. If this idea takes off, then we can utilise Fox,Boyd and Jones as Pizza Runners too, they already have the right kit . Afterall, after last nights performances they aint going to be playing on match days very much anyway. Could be a slight hiccup though...Jones is so slow on his deliveries the pizzas would be cold by the time they reach the Kop. Fox would get outpaced by the demand and Boyd would just go missing and be no use at all. Sorry to get back to football matters.
  9. Of course stripes only on the front, got t leave space on the back for my advertising ….. every penny of income counts.atm
  10. If they charged any less we'd have all the kids high on sugar all game. We'd have the parents up and down trying to get 'em back into their seats.
  11. Like it !! But can't I have a blue and white striped uniform ??
  12. Oh God !!!! Don't get "em going on prices again...…….PLEASSseeeeee.
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