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  1. This old formation was based on the ebb and flow of a game. Some of the positions were static throughout the game specialist defenders in both full backs and the centre half ( he would go up for corners and some free kicks) but rarely in open play, apart from Peter Swan on the odd occasion . Other static positions were the two wingers and the centre forward. They were specialist goal scorers and crossers of the ball, with the ability,strength and speed to go past defenders to do so. A centre forward nor wingers would help out at corners or free kicks, but they would be ready to receive the ball to start the next attack. Occasionally , wingers would swap wings during a game. The players who provided the "engine" to the ebb and flow were the two half backs and the two inside forwards, with the half backs having an eye to help defend, break up attacks and provide the stimulus to turn defence into attack, getting up to support the attack whenever possible too. The inside forward did the chasing back when an attack broke down and even some defending deeper when his team was under pressure, trying to break up their opponents attack before it got going so to speak. All four of these players, provided the ability to shoot accurately and pass well for their attackers, they were the main providers, along with the wingers. Within the half backs and inside positions, you would find players with an "edge" or doggedness to their tackling ( Hunter, Harris ,Bremner, Stiles, Tony Kay ,Gerry Young etc etc) and others who silky skills, fast feet, quick footballing brains ( Tom McAnnearrny, John Quinn, John Fantham, Bobby Charlton, BobbyTambling, John White, George Eastham,Jimmy Greaves, Denis Law etc etc.) It was uncomplicated football, with a blood and guts, ebb and flow style to it, with many more individual contests going on around the pitch. It provided many more open and exiting games on a regular basis. Everybody knew their exact jobs and in the main, were specialists at it, with a few adapting between positions. There were some who could play a few positions really well however (Madeley of Leeds)
  2. Unusual Hillsborough food/drink.

    Not exactly on topic, but forgive me. When I lived on Merseyside many years ago, I and 3 mates went to watch Wednesday play Everton at Goodison on a Boxing Day, taking with us ample supplies of mince pies and hip flasks filled with our favourite tipples. It just so happened that our mate, a Chief Inspector with Merseyside Constabulary and in change of both football grounds in Liverpool on match days had spotted us on his cctv monitors at half time. He came down from his box in the ground to say a friendly hello and I thought I would be a good mate and gave him a mince pie. As he woofed that back I got my hip flask out and thought nothing of offering him a drink of whisky, which he inadvertently took from me .. The look on his face when he realised that Goodison Park did not allow alcohol in the seated area and he was in uniform,was a picture, we all saw the funny side (except him). Fortunately not a drop passed his lips before he realised. His Number Two back in the box had spotted him and asked him over his radio, if was enjoying himself and asked him to take some back up to others in the box in all fairness. There were some unchristmas like remarks from him as he left us and reminded us that the beer was on us at the sports club that night. Just thought I would share that little true story about light refreshment in football grounds.
  3. I thought Nuhiu did "OK" last night and tried hard. My problem with him is he goes down looking for fouls to easily. For a very big lad, he falls at slightest contact and refs have cottoned on to him.
  4. Glenn Loovens takes a tumble

    Loovens is a real liability and I've said it for a while, he's too slow in both thought process and bodily. His passing is pathetic really for a professional footballer at any decent level. He could have done a number of things in that situation and safety first should have been his only call. He could have simply headed it out for a corner easily, or booted it to row Z or at least have got himself goalside and tried to take Sears out wide by closely shielding the ball from him. He may have got a small touch in the back but he went down far too easily, he is supposed to be a defender for gods sake not a little lad. He's not the only Wednesday player who too easily hits the deck on any contact whatsoever, no matter how minimal. Pudl,Fox,Rhodes, Big Dave for example. I'm not saying they are divers, but they do go down easily at the slightest contact.Whilst I write about the lack of physicality/strength within the squad with some players lightweight in the tackle ie Reach, Boyd, Fox and some who avoid heading the ball whenever they can again Fox,Palmer and Reach, I wonder how Jos is expected to put together a team that relies upon good defensive technique ? He just does not have the players for it. In this regards Hutchinson has been a huge miss recently. I know it too late to say it, but the release of Sasso last year was a mistake. He may have made the odd error, but at least he took the initiative and got stuck in with both head and boot.
  5. First things first, we need to part rectify our poor transfer policy from the passed two seasons and sell or let go of some of the really high earners. The Rhodes, BB, FF, Hooper, Westwood, Loovens, Abdi, Wallace, Jones, Boyd Matias and Reach types should all be considered for "disposal" and try to retrieve a min of £8m from sales and remove at least half of that figure say £4m from the ongoing wage bill. hat is providing a) we can get some offers in the summer and b) if the players will be prepared to move on or want to sit around for their big fat bonuses to materialise. We need to turn the taps off big style, before its too late. Despite holding season ticket prices at last seasons price etc, we cannot expect the club to continue to sign players at over priced rates and make more of an effort to scout lower leagues for affordable promising players, continue with the introduction of our younger lads (not totally rely upon them as at the moment) give them a chance and mix them in with the the likes of Lee,Lees, Pudl, Joao and some of the higher earners not sold, hopefully keeping Reach and Hooper ,if possible.Hopefully Jos can get his hands on a couple of useful younger German players. As for getting in more revenue from our supporters, the quick hits are bring back quality stripes on home kit , reduce box prices by 25% to fill them and not let them stand idle, reduce drink prices by 20%. We could try running an concert/event season (5 shows ) throughout the year ie. pop concerts/ boxing wrestling etc/ military tattoo, American Football....timed to suit the pitch or even use Hillsboro Park for a fee. More "Evenings with old players" question and answer nights. Package long weekend/weeks holiday when we have our pre season tour abroad. Our accounts show that Mr C paid only £1.2 m for the stadium sponsorship in the 12 months. Surely we could get a proper commercial sponsorship deal in place for say £5m over 3 years, with an increase built in should we get promoted. Mr C can find other routes in for his monies. Or go and talk to his big brother to get John West involved. We can do a lot better on the advertisement boards around the pitch. Other clubs seem to have many more advertisers than us. Just thinking aloud here, to ease the pain of reading the accounts..
  6. That looks like a 4-2-4 line up ?
  7. As I said...It was a foul imo and perhaps worth a booking.....not a sending off (unfortunately). I was at the game and only got one view of the tackle (same as ref) but instinctively thought it was a foul as I could not see any change in the direction the ball travelled after the tackle. 50-50% on whether it was a good goal scoring opportunity....but it was a foul for sure at first viewing.
  8. I agree with this. Their free kicks into the box were very good.
  9. We were sat in the South and right in line with that Terry foul. It was a foul imo and should have been given, but it was questionable that Terry was the last man in their defence, as another defender was in line with him, having caught up with the play and was not that far from Dave and Terry, with still a distance to go to the penalty area, so not a certain opportunity of a goal. That was a 50-50% decision in my book. But it WAS a foul BUT if it was NOT a foul,in the refs eyes, then the ref should have booked Big Dave for diving, but he didn't do that either. ODD ?
  10. I was at the game on Saturday and I must admit I cannot remember a more one sided refereeing performance in all my years. It was a complete mystery, both in the bookings and the fouls given. It is nearly impossible to only give away only one foul in a whole game ( 90 minutes of a contact sport). Not going into each individual foul, but just to say that there was no aggressive play by either side and the strength of tackling was very similar. How the ref arrived at his decisions, only he will know. We can only hope that the referee assessor was more balanced in his report on his performance and reports the facts correctly. Not that the FA will do anything, but will perhaps stand him down for a while.
  11. Not so sure that is the only incorrect fact in your story......since when have dollars been the currency of Holland ?
  12. One thing in common...

    McCalliog was bought from Chelsea for £37500, a then record transfer fee for a teenager.
  13. One thing in common...

    Both the most expensive teenage player of their time ?
  14. Given their and our clean sheet records, nailed on 0-0 draw tonight.
  15. Tom Bannan & Barry Lees

    We have to remember that the both of em have got to get their fitness up to the new required levels first.They cannot expect to just walk straight back into the first team. Jos may well have different ideas on the matter. He is looking at his players without any preconceived set views on them, until he has seen them perform for himself. It does not matter what we think.