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  1. George Eastham (Arsenal) George Best (Man Utd) Ian Wright (Arsenal)
  2. Whatahoot

    800k for Fred

    How right you may be. Offer £350K and no more.
  3. Whatahoot

    Jack Marriott

    IMO ....we should sell someone before we go splashing ANY cash. Sometimes the grass is not any greener elsewhere. Sometimes we are like kids in the caddy shop.....ooooh can we have him, ooooh can we have him on the top shelf and oooh I just love him. Lets do sensible transfer business as a pre requisite , as we have already seen the results of reclkless spending for spendings sake.
  4. Whatahoot

    Jonas Lossl

    This suggestion is just ridiculous ! Just typical of some of our fans who have not cottoned on to either our financial plight or what positions really need strengthening. ONE LAST TIME......we do not have the money to spend on needless players, spend the little we may have on REAL needs. Doh !!!
  5. Whatahoot

    Offload dilemma

    Best hope of getting rid of some of the deadwood players (Abdi,Rhodes,Fletcher,Palmer,Fox) is to try and loan them out and even if we have to cover a portion of their wage, then so be it. None of them will leave for less wages, that is for sure.
  6. Whatahoot

    ffs Wednesday

    Liverpool v Nottm Forest (Semi Final) Announcement of Bribe Scandal (60's) V Everton (FA Cup Final loss '66) Loss to Arsenal (FA Cup Final) Loss to Arsenal (League Cup Final)
  7. Whatahoot

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    Having made a breakthrough this season, Lucas Joao has the perfect platform to make a big name for himself at Hillsborough. Hopefully the patience shown in him will pay off big time next season. There is more to come from this lad.
  8. Whatahoot

    Happy Birthday Big Jack!

    Once bumped into him and his wife in Pepe's restaurant in Jalon Valley, near his holiday place in Moraria, Costa Blanca. Top bloke. He is proud and has very fond memories of his time at Hillsborough.. Hope you are still catching the rays and the fish out in Spain big fella. Thanks for your time.
  9. Whatahoot

    PL U23s and Fringe Players

    Tosin Aberabioyo is a monster of a lad, physically and has played for City's first team and England U21 a couple of years ago. I came across him whilst scouting over here in the North West in a game v Liverpool's U23's, he was very good that particular game and I reported back in very positive terms..Like a lot of these players, the issue is, have they got further development in them. I'm not sure if he has been out on loan from City since I saw him or if he has got any closer to their first team squad. I would stick to young loan players who have already been out on loan to at least Div One/ Championship level and proved themselves and want to broaden their experience or breakthrough into a team that seems to be going places.
  10. Whatahoot

    Dejphon Chansiri club statement

    Can anyone tell me if Mr C took his son/children on the pitch after yesterdays game ? Saw plenty of players kids on there with their dads. If the young Chansiri's did not appear, should we read anything into this ? Not seen them amongst the mascots or at games of late either. Mr C's statement, also refers in the last paragraph to our fans and not "we fans"...has something happened to the Sheffield Wednesday Family he has referred to in the past ? It could just be that he has been through a very testing season or I am being too sensitive , probably the latter. Anyway, good riddance to this season, bring on next.
  11. Whatahoot

    Rate the season

    Given the high expectation at the start of the season and the ultimate final position (the real gauge of the season), the continued failure of Rhodes as a goal scorer, the bad taste left in the mouth after CC's release and the out coming revelations on his fitness training and poor tactics, his failure to involve our younger players, the revelation of a £20m loss in the accounts, the split in the fanbase caused by several factors, the notorious injury list (for whatever reason) this has been a very poor season by any measure. Latterly we have seen an emerging picture of hope, built up by an open and honest head coach, who is prepared to put his faith in younger, fitter players. Unfortunately, in my eyes, this vast improvement came too late in the season to mask the BIG problems that emerged up to Christmas. A very disappointing 4/10 IMO.
  12. Whatahoot

    Looks quite busy for Sunday...

    I will not be travelling over 150 miles on Sunday to throw beach balls around, watch a player going through the motions because of sentiment or watch the Norwich fans have a good day out !! I want to see a young eager team play at full pace with determination and see if they can handle the bigger stage. I want some of the senior players looking over their combined shoulders to see the strength of our young guns chasing their places and have them thinking about that until they come back to pre season. You have your sentiment, but I will be wanting something else. I do not want Norwich supporters returning home with a smile on their faces, but I want a smile on my face as I travel home, Being a s/t holder I have not always made the long journey home with a smile this season and Loovens, I'm afraid will not do it !!
  13. Whatahoot

    Looks quite busy for Sunday...

    As far as I am concerned he should have left last summer, not this. As far as a has been is concerned.....to Sheff Wed that is exactly what he now becomes. No special treatment should be afforded to him or any other player leaving, use the occasion to play in front of a larger crowd to the benefit of the youngsters. No sentiment.
  14. Whatahoot

    Anyone disagreeing?

    Player of the Year without a moan from me. Played in a number of different positions, under different systems, under different coaches and played by far the most games, giving never less than full effort, whilst,more often than not, giving a consistent good level of performance. Nobody else can lay claim to those things all together this season. No brainer really.
  15. Whatahoot

    Looks quite busy for Sunday...

    Sod thinking about playing the likes of Loovens and Hirst on Sunday, I want to see the future of Sheff Wed, not the has beens or might of beens. I wouldn't mind watching 3 young guns start and another 2 on the bench against Norwich.