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  1. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    Fingers crossed mate. If its your usual bar, then you've got to show yer face.
  2. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    Why are you viewing in a "pig bar" are there no neutral pubs with it on ? I know Nerja is only a smallish place, but there must be somewhere better, or is it normally your regular haunt ? Why so many Unitedites there, Nerja is quite posh ??Sounds like a nightmare and I do wish you luck.. Get some San Miguel down and don't put up with their crap.Them who laugh last laugh longest remember. Is this bar near the Hotel de Europa, Balcony de Europa, we will come over and give you hand, if they give you a hard time.
  3. Hutch abdi loovens

    Lets run a lottery on which one of the 3 will be first back on the injury table, especially if they are brought back before they are fully fit.
  4. Club 1867 Membership Now On Sale

    Won't take much for Wednesday to man the phones on this one me thinks.
  5. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

    Count me in and push to get the Hendo's restored to the ground please. Felt sure someone in the South Stand would want prawn as their preferred filling !!
  6. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    Just done a little research on Dean Hoyle, Huddersfield owner. Since he took over the club (cost not known) he has invested 34 million to cover trading losses up until May 2014, with the club expecting to lose a further 6 million for 2015, which he has covered too. Gate receipts and season ticket sales were down by 6% and walk up sales down 16% in the last audited accounts, despite holding prices. So without Hoyle they would be in a financial mess. These losses are before transfer payments and development at their training ground. So he has put in a significant amoun, which should not be underestimated. These figures are given in the Huddersfield Examiner (newspaper) if you are interested. Still the truth is we don't actually know the exact amounts either chairman has put in, we simply don't know, so why guess ??
  7. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    You can have your opinion, but better to deal in known facts and not just guess ?
  8. Set off at 8-30am, drive over from near St Helens and hope that traffic conditions are calmish, so can arrive by noon. Hope for pleasant drive back having got the result.
  9. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    And you and I will never know how much their owner, who is personally worth in the region of 300m pounds, put in to support the club, will we !!
  10. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    I don't think our prices are sickening, just market driven. Not sure that we need to be proud of our ticket prices, but we do need to understand ,that in order to compete with clubs in the Championship who have parachute payments or very rich owners,then we need to charge what the fan base can monetary support. Blackburn charged the lowest ticket price in the Championship, they got relegated. I, somehow don't think that you have a season ticket PURELY for your stated reason, but because you enjoy going AND you can afford to pay the market price.
  11. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    The financial/marketing judgement and positioning of ticket prices for this derby,is obviously just about spot on, given the club has just about sold out a TV game. We may not like it, but that is fact. It is also stated policy by Mr Chansri, that he wishes to see the club generate as much income as possible, whilstever we are not in a position to match the finances of our Championship rivals. The stated aim of promotion has to be paid for and not only by himself. Things may change for the better for fans, if and when we arrive in the Prem.
  12. Steel city derby stats thread

    Agh !! now you have spoiled it for all of us
  13. Steel city derby stats thread

    Put it down to big match nerves on behalf of OP. Strange though, for someone who likes stats, can't get the day right. ?
  14. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    I am surprised at the number of quotes on this thread that are allowing themselves a negative outcome to Sunday. I don't honestly think that I have ever, in all my 55 years+ of being a Wednesdayite, approached a game,big or otherwise, without thinking we shall be alright on the day. It may not have turned out that way, obviously, but before the game its got to be positive thinking and full support during the game. I've been to loads of derby games in my time and negative is not the way to go. Some need to get some balls I think. C'mon Wednesday.
  15. Increased capacity

    Better get some more pies ordered then.