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  1. I hope they can make my dreams come true soon. Like you, too many bad memories stacked up over the years, it must balance itself out.
  2. We have been haggling over this lad, so hopefully the fee won't be so high and if our new manager rates him highly, then good, lets be having him. A leader too. is a bonus.
  3. Rodwell

    Have we not learned our lessons ? Injury prone, non tackler and over rated. No to Rodwell
  4. For me Loovens should have been out of the picture last summer, being too slow in his running and cumbersome in his passing. ideally the issue should have been sorted then, by bringing in someone else of lesser years and I would have persisted another season with Sasso, who was showing some signs of settling and improvement, albeit he did have a habit of making a mistake in some games. CC showed too much loyalty to Loovens and is the reason why Fred did'nt feature, he made the choice that Van Aken was better in moving the ball, but he too has a mistake in him, at this stage. But with experience and coaching nothing that won't come right. Same a Sasso really. If we had kept Sasso we would have saved on the fee we paid for VA and had the money still, should Fred prove his worth.