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  1. Vectile

    Megson back in

    @Simaniac Owl
  2. Dawson Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney Bannan Pessy Matias Reach FF Joao/Fletcher 0-3 Matias, FF, Dawson to score :D
  3. Vectile

    4 4 F*cking 2

    Westwood Baker/Palmer Lees Hutch Pudil/Fox Pessy Reach Matias/Joao Bannan FF Hooper (when fit)/ Nuhiu (Form atm)/ Fletcher
  4. Vectile

    BBC Video of the brawl

    20 seconds in, Lees takes an uppercut by Mansfield No. 8
  5. #1like1prayer #notlongnow