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  1. Vectile

    BBC Video of the brawl

    20 seconds in, Lees takes an uppercut by Mansfield No. 8
  2. #1like1prayer #notlongnow
  3. Vectile

    Team for Ipswich

    4 5 1 Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Lee Butterfield Bannan Wallace Reach Hooper Can swap Butterfield for Jones if defense is shabby. Can swap Butterfield for Rhodes or Fletch, pull Hooper back just infront of Wallace and Reach and Rhodes as the poacher. Don't need 2 strikers, Lee, Bannan and Reach all have scoring potential. Not like the 2 forwards get any delivery anyway, play 5 in mid, control the game and play nice football, don't need to cross when we can tika-taka.
  4. Of course he will say that, if he gets promoted then great he's kept his word, but if not he is gone anyway, chansiri won't put up with a 3rd season of so close yet so far. Just a way of him trying to sweet talk and keep everyone happy, he has nothing to lose from it, he knows he's gone if not.