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  1. I could give you a long list of caretaker managers who have done well at a club and then been given the job full time only to be useless when appointed permantely. Stuart Gray in fact has proved this at Southampton and Wolves. He was also one of Northampton Town worst ever managers. Rob Kelly at Leicester did brilliant as caretaker but then didnt produce as manager. Roberto Di Matteo at Chelsea. Stuart Pearce at Manchester City. The list could go on and on. Caretaker managers for some reason do not produce once they are appointed full time. The reasons why fortunes change whilst they are caretaker is because the players are playing for their futures as they don't know who the new manager will be. This is why Milan is taking ages to appoint a manager to keep the players on their toes. Once Gray is appointed we will see the Dave Jones lacklustre performances come back. The problems will resurface and that is why we need a new manager all together. Efan or Ince is fine.
  2. I have often wondered why we let the away fans sit behind the goal. Especially when in League 1 or The Chanpionship. Surely we should stick them in the corner. Hate we way you look at it would be an advantage to is to be kicking too our fans in both houses and help make Hillsbrough more of a fortress. It's the reason why our home form in the last ten years is in the top ten worst records in the Englisg league. Discuss
  3. What a strange situation. What on earth happened with Dave Jones and Chris Maguire? I think we all suspected. Maguire was a decent player and we only had his brief substitute appearances to form an opinion. He always looked good when he came on and you could tell he had that bit of ability on the ball that made him a different option to the pure pace of Antonio,JJ or Helan. How on earth could Dave Jones justify his treatment of Maguire.
  4. Once again dropped for someone who is not better than him. At the game this new cb is worse then Zayatte!!!!! Can't believe it how is he starting. Fuming
  5. 3rd game in a row 3rd win in a row?
  6. Heard from a man in a pub he might be out start of Feb?
  7. It is time for Milan to appoint Stuart Gray as manager until the end of the season with a view to a further season if he keeps us up playing as we are now. If we play like we are now until the end of the season we will be comfortable. In fact Jones started getting results this time last year but we were playing terrible football and grinding results out, Gray at least has us playing more expansive at home. The main reason we need him confirmed as manager is simples. If we are after a few loan players until the end of the season and they have a few options, I think they may want to stay clear of us due to the uncertainty of manager. A player does not want to sign for a club when they think the manager that brings them in may leave the game after. What more can Gray do in all honesty.
  8. Just been released by Southampton. Decent striker at Championship level.
  9. Answering his critics. Other then a shaky 20 minutes due to rustiness against Leeds we have won both games he has played. No coincidence and we scored 10 goals. Keeps his shirt for me.
  10. We won 6-0 and Llera was a part of this result. Like I say we win more games with him in the team then without. He will get beat for pace from time to time but he wins all his headers and tackles. What do people expect from a back up centre back???????? As 3rd choice he is more then capable.
  11. Owlstalk in Leamington post agreement shocker.
  12. Get rid. No point in extending his deal. What is the point. We have Lee, Semedo. Coke, Corry and Rhys. We also have Prutton who could be back soon. Use the money elsewhere.
  13. After the Blackburn game I was adamant I didn't want Gray in charge of of great club. It was a miserable game and by that point, with the tepid displays of Jones era still in mind, I wanted a clean slate. I was probably being a tad impulsive. Points away at Blackburn and Charlton now look good because Gray was positive in the two home games against Blackpool and Leeds. As long as Gray tries to win every home game by ring attacking I can't complain if we set up for a point away from home. The Leeds game is enough evidence that Gray is doing as good a Job as anyone we could bring in would do. People are saying well Leeds were down to ten t%ats. We should have been 3-0 up at half time anyway. Look at when Yeovil went down to 10 earlier in the season. We couldn't beat them. So Gray deserves enormous credit, wether Weeeds had 10 men or not. The balance of the team is the best I've seen it In years. What I like about Gray is spots what we've all been saying for 18 months. That we need legs in the middle and wingers with technical ability. When you compare Semedo and lee to Oli and McPhail you can see why Jones hot sacked. Enormous credit for going with Magohma. Did anyone realise Magohma had that qualiy? He could be the winger we've been demanding. He had the quality of a Marshall but with more speed. So for me Owlstalkers I would give Stuart the Job until the end of the season with a view to extend depending on performance. Thank you Stuart Gray for giving us all a much needed lift. UTO
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