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  1. Top man is Jordan Rhodes. Letter to a fan who was bullied. Hope he comes back next year and proves the doubters wrong.
  2. schapmanowl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Changed my mind now Aarrons for reach and fessi for joao please
  3. schapmanowl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Pelupessy off for Aarons. Bannan back in middle. Fletcher off for Forestieri and Joao the target man insread please
  4. Drops fessi but never drops pelupessy. Id rather have hutch with one leg than him, one of the worst i have seen
  5. schapmanowl

    Carlisle -V- Wednesday - Fa Cup OMDT

    Awful. Jos has some work to do. Pathetic this bunch. Another fixture is not going to help with so many players being out. A lot of players need moving on. Regardless of the injuries the side put out should be comfortabling winning
  6. schapmanowl

    Who Will He Come For?

    Bannan and Forestieri nailed on will be off to Swansea in January me thinks
  7. schapmanowl

    Conor Hourihane

    Just been tweeted
  8. This or possibly hutchinson cb
  9. schapmanowl

    Former loanee in talks

    It's obviously Michael reddy then surely
  10. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but me and a couple of fundraising enthusiasts have arranged a charity match at Hillsborough at 9.45am on Saturday the 10th of May if you fellow Owls would be so kind to donate and help reach our 500 pound target for Cancer Research UK WAWAW £5 entry on day to watch or if you cannot attend you can donate via the link below. Thankyou very much for your generosity you can donate here please www.justgiving.com/Stefan-Chapman LETS BEAT CANCER!
  11. Well least this has moved us all off the wickham saga
  12. Semedo was best... we will miss.him
  13. schapmanowl

    Relegation dog-fight

    Bolton there dire