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  1. Wildsmith 6 Palmer 5 Iorfa 5 Borner 7 Pelupessy 5 Bannan 6 Harris 6 Murphy 7 Luongo 6 Da Cruz 6 Nuhiu 6 Windass 6 Reach 6 Odubajo 5
  2. I would rather the club raffle off a place in the line up for a fan each week they would probably do better. Nice bloke but probably one of the worst if not the worst i have seen at a club. Sure he blagged his way as a footballer like that guy in the 90s at southampton.
  3. Just announced the 8th Point on plan... Forestieri 10 game ban. EFL are a joke!!!!
  4. Tom Lees was fantastic today. Fessi also good, but Lees for me
  5. The 1 person who stopped the full 90 and didnt follow everyone at half time
  6. Dawson- 5 Palmer- 3 Lees - 5 Iorfa- 3 Fox - 6 Harris - 5 Bannan -6 Hutchinson- 5 Murphy - 5 Reach -5 Winnall- 6 Nuhiu - 5 Rhodes- 4 Borner - 5 Best of dreadful bunch Bannan MOM
  7. That was awful...no desire or passion from any of them. Loads need shipping out Reach, Rhodes, send Murphy back thats to start with
  8. Granted Rhodes has been poor but as has adthe. You cant ingnore Rhodes record at this level them 2 cant play together, get nuhiu off and winnall on now b4 its too late. We are playing the bottom of the league. Rhodes cant play well without service and it has not come
  9. Like shifting 2 wadrobes up top. No pace whatsoever. Not a shot on target yet except reaches post effort. Awful. Get nuhiu off
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