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  1. Nuhiu put a great shift in while came on, can see on that basis why he is a mile in front of rhodes. Got to put reach out wide instead of murphy and get 2 up front. Give winnall a run in the team
  2. Is it just me who thinks Murphy dosent offer much really?.
  3. Was really impressed with today. Players showed a lot of character once they equalized. Harris looked awesome, sammy was his usual self, lees was fantastic and lee worked his socks off. Everyone of them looked fitter and up for the challenge and for once we have a lot of strength in depth, just missing another centre half and possibly a winger and we have a quality team. I think we will suprise a lot this season. Top class from bullen too you can see the hunger in him
  4. Feel a bit for Winnall. I am convinced he will be a great player for us but dosent get many opportunities. Obviously ecstatic hoops is back but is it logical to throw him straight in instead of the bench to start. Hope im proven wrong
  5. Jay Bothroyd. Thought we had signed a top player. Turns out he was probably one of the worst i have seen
  6. I cant recall him doing anything in that game. Should have put Matias on instead. Total waste of a shirt. All other played well. Even Nuhiu contributed more in the 30 seconds he was on!
  7. Top man is Jordan Rhodes. Letter to a fan who was bullied. Hope he comes back next year and proves the doubters wrong.
  8. Changed my mind now Aarrons for reach and fessi for joao please
  9. Pelupessy off for Aarons. Bannan back in middle. Fletcher off for Forestieri and Joao the target man insread please
  10. Drops fessi but never drops pelupessy. Id rather have hutch with one leg than him, one of the worst i have seen
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