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  1. Top 4 will get you in Champions League groups stage, FA Cup winner and one more go UEL group stage, and one team goes to play offs for UEL. I'm not sure if League Cup winner or 5th in the league will be in play offs though.
  2. Don't like the fact that Spurs are coming here... there will be Danny Rose talk all over again. I hope HK9 can grab couple of hattricks in those two games though. I wanted Man City with RS in group, always wanted to see double figures on score board.
  3. Iorfa is suspended, if we play him they get 3:0 by default, that wouldn't be good start of the season.
  4. Next they will ask us to pay them and they will take Rhodes.
  5. I guess next year we can expect BREAKING NEWS - 9 Game ban for FF and 25k fine, just to keep progression. How many times can they punish him for same thing if he was found not guilty in court?
  6. Wonder if its Wednesday or Newcastle fans who did this to twitter...
  7. I was told it's phrase that husbands say to their wife when they want to go out and have one or few Newcastle Brown Ale
  8. Ashely does what NUFC fans don't want all the time.
  9. I was 100% sure those are fake... they are playing in them against Roma now.
  10. Juventus is fake, it's fan\s joke because in last 3 season they had less stripes on shirt.
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