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  1. Not only that they have bigger store than us, they are also relegated before us. Their honor's board is getting full quickly.
  2. So we start next season with -12 and Forestieri gets six game ban then?
  3. This clears things up, thank you.
  4. I'm not saying that he wasn't. It's just annoying that they don't apply same rules for qualifying and for the race. Some drivers had their time wiped for getting out of track in curve 4, but they didn't apply any kind of punishments' for same offence during the race. If race controls was going to allow getting out of track during the race they should have made it public, I had impression that Max wasn't aware that he can go out of track in curve four.
  5. It wasn't error really. Turns out race officials said that going off the track will not be tolerated only during the qualifying sessions and only after Red Bull complained about Hamilton going off the track at that curve officials decided that they will not tolerate it anymore. Hamilton went off the track 29 times by then and he gained about 6 seconds advantage. I don't understand why Max gave position back if race officials didn't demand it from him.
  6. Funny thing is, he can't do much about goals that he scores for us too, they are all by accident.
  7. Same Giddings who asked Jos 20 times if he fears for his job?
  8. Blame UEFA for that, every handball leading to goal means that goal will not stand.
  9. So Coventry to bear Brentnford and then busy Bees will get on winning ways against us... Never in doubt.
  10. Looks like his website is down and he also deleted his twitter account.
  11. I'm good thanks, hope you are staying safe too! Trying to imagine Dom or Andy struggling to pronounce Halilhodžić
  12. I agree with you, besides with Chansiri offering contract only until the end of the season it will be hard to attract someone serious. I wouldn't mind sticking with Thommo until the end of the season and if we stay up we can try to bring in someone like Ivan Jurić. I know I'm just dreaming because he's so used to Italian football.
  13. On the other hand, wikipedia has https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henk_ten_Cate listed?
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