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  1. belgrade_owl

    Academy Coaching Vacancies

    Just give the job to King Kevin
  2. belgrade_owl

    Monstrosity of a starting line up

    True, we will probably see 5 changes next Saturday too.
  3. belgrade_owl

    Monstrosity of a starting line up

    I guess you should pick the team based on whatever. He sees players in training every day, I guess he knows something about them... perhaps more than you do.
  4. belgrade_owl

    Cardiff in for FF

    Chairman didn't say that there will be points deduction, he said that he doesn't fear the financial fine, but he is worried that EFL may deduct some points, that how I understood.
  5. It really IS a candy though :/ Good one too
  6. First league win this season with Nuhiu in starting XI, Jos out
  7. It may still get abandoned due to heavy snowfall
  8. Someone posted earlier this season that we haven't won league game if Nuhiu was in starting 11.
  9. belgrade_owl

    Craziest line up ever

    So he has played 3 games in 7 days before this one.
  10. belgrade_owl

    Craziest line up ever

    Perhaps he is tired, and we have another 5 games until March 10th
  11. belgrade_owl

    Craziest line up ever

    He is resting some players for Aston Villa
  12. belgrade_owl


    This match was shown here too, and with my local team wearing blue and white I wanted Wednesday to win, and now some 25 years later @Darra @Lee A @southportdc @mattitheowl have to deal with my nonsense darrad
  13. Well we are just 2 games from Wembley since semi finals are played there too, just need bit of luck in QF draw!
  14. Don't know if those are accurate http://www.espnfc.us/player/98136/jordan-rhodes