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  1. Kind of like Forest away kit, and it's same manufacturer as ours
  2. It's a Temple of Saint Sava, built for nearly 70 years and has capacity of nearly 7.000 people. It's one of landmarks here.
  3. I was just thinking the same, what their hands looked like after this race?
  4. You are now in team red I adopted you. Soon I will adopt Darra to #Nolefam too
  5. Groups G and H will probably be most competitive.
  6. Copy from last World Cup, Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia... Now just need Costa Rica to qualify
  7. Serbia in group B and I will be happy
  8. It felt like it was 1919
  9. I will try not to get too excited, it's only first race, but those red cars are amazing Don't remember when was last time Ferrari had 1-2!
  10. Looks like all cars with Merc engine are in slight disadvantage.
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