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  1. I remember similar incident in Baku, except it was Lewis who was testing Vettlel behind safety car. So Max now has two investigations?
  2. This is joke, they are NEGOTIATING like in market place? Why Ocon loses position?
  3. Not fan of changes on car being allowed during the red flag.
  4. It was Trotters three wheeler
  5. DAS should have been banned last season, if Ferrari had they would be labeled as cheats. As for the Mexico race, commentators over here said that engine cooling is better for RB at higher altitudes, where the air is more rarified, expect the same advantage in Brazil.
  6. Except we (Jets) can't really tank the season.
  7. Which one? First one was actually poor IMO, he barely go the ball that one like half meter below crossbar and meter and half away from his left hand post. Second one he just go lucky that ball hit him. It would be embarrassing if he conceded from that free kick, his reaction was late.
  8. Tram and bus lines are alright at matchday over here.
  9. I'm sorry, but your police cares about "human rights" little bit too much... Just stick in and kick the hell out of hooligans. Some will say that video below is brutal.. but sometimes it's necessary.
  10. He comes here sometimes to watch Red Star, made few videos too.
  11. He did, Medvedev didn't give Novak any chance, it's safe to say that this is his least favorite slam. Good thing about this US open is robotic line judges, Novak couldn't hit anyone this time! To be honest, it's time for new generations to shine. Novak, Rafa, Andy and Roger are in game too long. We should consider ourselves lucky to witness big four and some unforgettable matches between them. Del Potro and Wawrinka deserve mention too. It doesn't really matter which one was personal favorite, I don't think that we will see so much quality in one place for such long period anytime soon.
  12. He didn't have crowd against him, it may be odd but he gets energy from that.
  13. Perfect match for Medvedev tonight, it's up to him to lose this one. Novak couldn't handle the pressure of calendar slam.
  14. Keep jinxing Whatever happens in this match, he's GOAT for everything that he did on and off the court including millions of donations to various countries during pandemics.
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