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  1. Lucas Joao

    Its basically him or Reach. Nobody else who has played well this season has managed more than about 10 appearances.
  2. 4 - I appreciate the injuries are making it a very challenging job, but the lack of fight is inexcusable and he seems too passive.
  3. Un-effing-acceptable. As soon as we concede the first goal you know we will get nothing. We have no fight, no bottle and with the injuries, no quality. Very difficult to see where the next win is coming from.
  4. Strange that Rhodes and/or Boyd didn't get on - nex tgame is the cup right so nothing to save them for?
  5. Stobbs has more pace, I assume that is the thinking.
  6. I'd like to see Stobbs get on this half - from what I have seen and heard he has a lot of pace - get him on for Wallace at some point.
  7. George Hirst

    Sure it's probably been said before, but is the club not cutting off its nose to spite its face by not playing him in the youth teams at least? Surely this reduces the value a tribunal will put on him??? I suppose the argument is we only want to play players who see their future at the club in the development squads but it seems petty on our part to stop the lad having any football
  8. Carlisle

    I would like to see at least 3 or 4 of the U23s in the squad and I think Penney should be starting the game. We need a win for confidence ahead of the derby match, so a whole team of kids is not the way. I saw that Bullen said that Boyd will be fit but I don't want him playing and getting injured in a cup game.
  9. U23s are they that bad ???

    Its a very reasonable point. You see how other teams have started to use their youth teams, if the players are good enough they should be training with the first team and being considered for match day squads. I am happy with the lads going out on loan to lower leagues and getting game time as well, but certainly Penney should be pushing for a squad place (and Hirst if the contract issue was settled - although I think he will leave which smacks of mismanagement). Rule at Wednesday seems to be, if you aren't a goalkeeper, you wont be given a chance.
  10. U23s: Heroes to Zeroes?

    I heard the youngsters have been sent to a factory for a couple of weeks to get sewing next seasons kit together so its ready for the opening day
  11. Risk of postponement?

    Not yet, Still on work calls
  12. Setting off from the Midlands in a couple of hours... it is battering it down here and forecast to carry on until 21:00. What's it like in Sheffield? Hoping there isn't a 19:00 pitch inspection and I have to head back down to come back again tomorrow night!
  13. Green Away Shirt

    Not seen that purple Sanderson keeper one for many years. I have the black and white keeper one in a kids size and a yellow keeper shirt from the 90's. This seasons monstrosity of a home shirt will be worth a bit in 20 years I reckon (although probably still not as much as it costs new in the Club shop!)
  14. Westwood - 4 He should have done better for first goal, though I appreciate he would have risked taking a kick and given how injury prone he is maybe he bottled it in the heat of the moment - also seemed to leave the ball for the second goal, but maybe Loovens shout? Pudil - 4 Agree with some other comments that Knockaert ran him ragged, he wont be the first or last full back to suffer that fate but it was costly last night. Lees - 6 Solid performance, deserved his yellow card. Loovens - 5 See above, not sure if he was at fault for second goal, otherwise solid enough. Hunt - 6 He was doing fine, looked a nasty knock on the knee, bit unfortunate. Palmer - 5 Did ok when he came on but his first touch was found wanting a couple of times going forward (common issue with him). Reach - 7 Best player of the night for me until he got moved back to full back towards the end, he still needs to do more, but I thought he looked one of our biggest threats yesterday. Bannan - 6 Plenty of effort, some good passes, but the lad really needs to be chipping in with some goals for the quality he has. The chance he missed he really should have stuck away (it was similar to Lee at home to Brighton in play-off semi last year and Lee made that look very easy). Hutch - 3 I acknowledge he has been one of our best players this season, but there is no excuse for getting yourself suspended and throwing yourself into a tsackle like that which was out of control and dangerous. Lucky not to get the straight red it deserved. Wallace - 5 Largely anonymous. FF - 4 Not a good night for him. Really should have stuck away the pen rebound (obviously the pen in the first place too). Too much throwing himself to the ground as ever. Winnall - 4 Never got in the game really, lacked service to be fair. Fletcher - 3 Again a stupid red card. I think Stephens was a bit naughty but come on, you have to keep your head when we had the man advantage. Very disappointing. McManaman - fine on the ball but one horrid shot and getting involved in the fighting was daft (4).