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  1. This is the perfect response! Why oh why do we care so much about this "media bias" which to my mind doesn't even exist. Its a small club mentality we need to get out of. As others have said, we need to produce on the pitch so the media cannot ignore us, until we do that, then yes we will get less exposure than Chelsea!
  2. Agreed, it will not be an easy game, just don't think a full strength side is appropriate for this one. A mixture of youth and first teamers with some of the big players on the bench seems likely to me. I haven't seen what sort of teams Bruce has put out for FA Cup matches in the past.
  3. So what do we reckon the side will look like for the FA Cup tie then, under (sort of) new management? I am expecting either Wildsmth or Dawson in goal (Bruce will know all about Westwood anyway), and would think Baker, Thorniley and Penney might get starts at the back. Maybe Pelupessy back in the middle and Winnall to get a start? Would be good to see a couple of the other kids on the bench - maybe Borukov for a subs place? Can't see any value in playing Reach, Bannan, Fletcher from the start.
  4. Just shows Jos hasnt got a clue what his best team is, I think we have all worked that out by now.
  5. Could we earn more money from a real sponsorship deal rather than having your surname on the kit? If players such as Westwood, Hutch, Boyd etc. were not part of the plans for this season, and given we were under FFP, why were they not sold in the summer?? (this point has been really bugging me)
  6. I will be in Amsterdam on Friday evening and should I wish to put myself through the torture of the pigs game I wondered where would be a good bar to watch it? Ideally near a coffee shop in case it all starts to go badly
  7. I was in the Trinity Road Stand and it was noticeable how quiet the Holte End was. Live in the Midlands now and have been to Villa Park a few times and that was as quiet as I have ever seen it. I think the fans have had enough of Bruce. The Owls fans opposite where I was sat did us proud though, plenty of noise from over there!
  8. Thats very good to be fair - even if it is to get loyalty points
  9. Absolutely, it is great to see our youth teams doing well. We need to make sure we get the most promising ones signed up to proper professional contracts in time!
  10. Cattermole is like a throw back to 1970's players and not just because he wears his shorts up to his t!ts. He leads the drink culture at Sunderland and has shown no leadership qualities over the last two seasons. Add to that his poor fitness and disciplinary record and you have a player we definitely want to avoid! Can't see Jos looking at him. Honeyman on the other hand, that lad could be useful.
  11. Its basically him or Reach. Nobody else who has played well this season has managed more than about 10 appearances.
  12. 4 - I appreciate the injuries are making it a very challenging job, but the lack of fight is inexcusable and he seems too passive.
  13. Un-effing-acceptable. As soon as we concede the first goal you know we will get nothing. We have no fight, no bottle and with the injuries, no quality. Very difficult to see where the next win is coming from.
  14. Strange that Rhodes and/or Boyd didn't get on - nex tgame is the cup right so nothing to save them for?
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