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  1. Scram is absolutely bossing this thread.


    Some people can't see the elephant in the room. They sincerely believe that, like a chess player, a manager can dictate how the game goes by making pro-active moves that all but guarantee the outcome you want. 


    I still believe that a lot (by no means all, because there is more than enough to reasonably complain about) of negative reaction by fans is no more complex or substantial than a toddler throwing a tantrum in psychological terms.


    DJ is absolutely right. People forget how many variables there are in football and assume it is all down to a manager/player doing/not doing something. It is not Football Manager, you know. 

  2. The way Dave Jones sets up his teams our fullbacks need to be comfortable on the ball and decent going forward.

    This is why Reynolds will struggle at left back with us.

    All the more surprising that Beevers has been used in that position.

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