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  1. DJ is absolutely right. People forget how many variables there are in football and assume it is all down to a manager/player doing/not doing something. It is not Football Manager, you know.
  2. He scored as many goals for us as Jeffers. Ironic.
  3. Quality, man. I had forgotten about that one. Thanks for the reminder.
  4. All the more surprising that Beevers has been used in that position.
  5. Just hope we won't concede early on as we have done against the other top-placed teams (Pigs and Huddersfield).
  6. He is Icelandic - Danish media reports suggest this guy is touring around looking for a contract. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stef%C3%A1n_G%C3%ADslason On this one, it is suggested that he is willing to play as an amateur as clubs are unable to sign him. http://www.bold.dk/nyt/Wednesday-tester-ex-BIFer
  7. Spot on. His passing was abysmal.
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