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  1. About 6pm when I’ve finished work I think it was, someone was going in as I was leaving but the whole time I was there no one else came in
  2. I’ve been in twice and both times there’s been no one else in, I’d guess it’s busier on matchdays though. It’s strange that there’s no signs outside to say where it is, surely that would bring in a few more customers
  3. James O'Connor overhead kick against Brentford, I'm sure it was the season we went up and it ended 0-0?
  4. We're Sheffield Wednesday we're on our way back!!!
  5. Derby away 2013-14 when we lost 2-0. Got back on the coach outside the ground then a big line of stewards came up to the side of the coach and started waving at us as we set off. as if we didn't play poo poo enough that game, that topped off a really crap afternoon. Always found police at Ipswich to be a bit over the top as well. Last time I went there they singled out one bloke for standing up. When he asked why they were just telling him the copper told him to wind his neck in or he'd get thrown out which was just uncalled for
  6. It's got to be the championship, or at least you'd hope so. As for how long it will be I think it could be about 2 years, surely the pigs can't keep failing as badly as they have been?
  7. From what I saw one of them called him a d**khead and a tw*t, the other one was calling him a monkey and all the other usual things you'd expect to see from someone like that
  8. I know a few people who started supporting the pigs when they had their one season of glory, ( ) and amazingly enough still claim to be fans but never go anymore. How anyone can go from supporting us to them is a mystery
  9. Derby away, no doubt about it, seeing that many Wednesday fans bouncing was amazing
  10. he was rumbleing cack, even I know that and I'm named after him! :st2:
  11. Not nervous at all, even if we lose we can still stay up so there's nothing apart from poor banter from the dingles to worry about
  12. Kirkland for me although you could argue for any one of them today, it was a really good performance from the whole team
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