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  1. New as in his first two years were reasonably successful and he had no reason to believe he was doing anything wrong. Most of us saw the decline in season 2, even with a mainly fit squad, and yet we were still reasonably successful and you can forgive him for still thinking he must have been getting something right. The truth has well and truly hit home this season and this is when he needs to learn lessons. So, although he has been here for 2 1/2 seasons, he has only had this season so far to realise that he is getting a lot of things wrong and is paying the price. Hence the somewhat panicky kneejerk reactions to criticism. The acid test is whether or not he learns from his experience so far and is not convinced, or does not convince himself, that all of the problems we have seen building are exclusively due to the number of injured players. Whether we like it or not, how we do next season will probably dertermine how good a chairman he will be and everyone will have their own personal opinion of which way it is going to go. As supporters we have no option but to get behind the team and hope that he gets it right. That's the reality of modern football ownership. Crazy as it sounds, it may have panned out better if this season had been his first. At least then he would have been in no doubt about how steep the learning curve was going to be.
  2. Totally agree. I guess he is new to all this and, hopefully, he will get it right in the end. Seems an honest open guy who wants the best for the club.
  3. Nice shirts. We should look at using that design again.
  4. And God forbid that we should give " a huge benefit to those that can't afford ST"
  5. So. Based on two posts you have been able to fully dissect this idea, accurately assess the minutiae , create a model of how this could be developed and, on reflection, have decided that " It's a stupid idea and won't work" . We are desperately in need of Brexit negotiators; perhaps you should apply. I am fairly sure that someone once said "A telephone that you carry in your pocket which allows you to access information on just about anything from almost anywhere in the world in seconds? By all means get one amongst your mates but the idea is stupid." Thank heavens there are people within the telecommunications sector with the foresight to see possibilities, the gumption to try and do something about them and a willingness to get involved in causes that they care about (while everyone else sits on there arses and moans) in order to bring about changes. If only we had someone like that on this forum ...... oh!
  6. http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/boro-must-starve-nemesis-atdhe-9948441
  7. Wouldn't just blue stripes look like a Chelsea shirt?
  8. Should have gone for hummel shirts for a bit of class
  9. Pigs United went to town To play a game at Wembley As they always do They fu***d it up Cos they're in the shadow of Wednesday
  10. Totally agree. I think we should have another go at putting away support in the lower west and making the upper west a place where season ticket holders from any other stand and those paying on the gate can go a sit where they want. The front of the stand could be netted to satisfy SYP
  11. ahh the old I know what your thinking better than you do smug chestnut For f*cks sake. OK, my turn to flounce. There were hundreds of people walking out of the ground yet it is the people with perfectly valid reasons to do so that see fit to take the opportunity to spout bile. Nobody has a problem with people leaving for the reasons stated, I've done it myself. The fact is that the vast majority of those leaving did not have small children in tow. The embarrassment, maybe pissed off would have been a better expression, stems from the fact that, on this occasion, we were beating one of the best squads in the division comfortable and in style and yet these people could not be arsed to watch 'til the end and show appreciation to the players for what was a great performance. There aren't many clubs where this would happen. For years I have put up with the same people arriving 5 minutes late, going to the bar 5 minutes before half time, coming back 5 minutes late for the second half, going for a wee wee during the second half and then leaving 5 minutes before the end. Each time shuffling down an entire row blocking peoples view. Yes people can do what they want but it doesn't mean that I can't be embarrassed/pissed off about it. And if the replies to my comments and this post itself is not proof that people on here are easily wound up, I don't know what is!
  12. Not really. Just enjoying the flouncing You guys are so easy to wind up
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